Wednesday, November 30, 2011

#478 - Weird Dreams

Okay this is a really dumb entry and you can don't read this. I am just recording a weird dream I had today so that when I look back at my archives labelled under 'Weird' or 'Dreams', I can maybe, reminisce?

-Dream start-

I dreamt that I was having some national exam and you know who are the ones taking the exams with me? My primary school friends! And we were in our primary school uniform and I remember seeing Keith and Afiqah in the primary school uniform and we were queueing up to enter the examination hall. LOL.

Then suddenly, I feel the urge to go toilet (what's new) and then tried to get a teacher's attention. The next moment, I was sitting on at my examination seat and then asking my Chinese teacher from primary school, 余老师 if I can go to the toilet. He gave me the death stare and said NO. Like totally stern and then started scolding me saying that no one is allowed to go to the toilet at all when there is national exam. He used to be a kind teacher all this while, and I had to dream of him in the stern face. I still remember that stern face vividly. Wtf I know.

So I started pleading with another teacher and the teacher was this Hong Kong actor (so absurd I know right) and he tried to help me. He told me all the toilets near the examination hall are locked and there is no way I can enter. So I suggested the toilet at the back of the classrooms (you know Kranji Sec's classrooms always have toilets at the corner one? Yupp, that, my dreams very logical in a way one) and then the Hong Kong actor teacher gave me a sad face. He told me the rain previously caused a tree to collapse and block the toilet door entrance so I can't use that at all.

Then I decided to sneak out without anyone noticing. And you know what? When I left the examination hall, I realised I was at the void deck of my house. So obviously I rushed home to use the toilet.

-Dream end-

Thanks for reading it if you happen to even do so!


  1. Inception uh?? You created your own world haha

  2. Wah you actually bothered reading the entry, means so much! Haha yeah, IKR. Must be too stressed from studying!


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