Saturday, November 26, 2011

#477 - Food As Motivation #1 - Ippudo

 *face lika cui after exams*

Ohai lovelayes. :)

Long time since I update this space of mine!
Proper entry today!

After that disgusting Physics paper of mine, I went to meet Raine aka Babi  for our first ever Food As Motivation (F.A.M.) trip (lol say until like some excursion thingy)!
And you are gonna see more of such F.A.M. entriesssss in time to come! :D

We went to the highly raved ramen shop, Ippudo!


 Ippudo Original Gyoza (SGD6)
It was a tad too oily (like you could see the plate glistening after you finished the gyozas) and your lips just got new gloss!
Vinegar dip wasn't strong enough but the gyozas were fragrant. :)

 Akamaru Tamago (SGD17)
Original recipe enhanced with Ippudo's special blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil. Served with thin noodles, Buta Bara (Pork Belly), kikurage and spring onion. Ippudo's original refined modern-style ramen. 

It was hard to take a pretty photo of this. I did my best.

The ramen was not bad, we were given a choice of soft, medium or hard and us being us, went huh?
Then just chose medium and went suaku-ly like "Wah, I didn't know can choose the noodles' level one. I thought beef then can". :/
Love the feel of the noodles, just right!
The soup was pretty salty, and it's the kind that taste fine when you first eat but the more you eat, the less appealing the taste became.
Oh! And the Nitamago (Flavoured Egg) was runny! Love. :)
And and and, omg I can't believe I ate the Buta Bara.
PORK BELLY, in MY MOUTH, down the GULLET, into the STOMACH.
Okay I picked out the fats!
But the pork belly don't have those super porky taste, y'know!!! (Y)

Overall verdict: Well I guess it's okay only. The more people raved about something, the higher the expectations I have for it. Worth coming back again? For the ramen perhaps!

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
33A Orchard Road
Mandarin Gallery #4-02/03/04
Singapore 238867
Tel 62352797


Then we headed to H&M but it was so boring! >:(

Watched this after that where we sneaked in Best Fries Forever's Macho Cheese. 
Very nice and sad love story of two lovers and this movie didn't really have a happy ending.
A lot of coarse language and sexual references.

 Babi with her newly dyed ombre hair.

And we got Sticky!

Collected some stuff from Fancl on that day too!


 Woke up early for Burger King's Breakfast Platter the next day!

Puss in Boots was cute with the *oooh* cat!

Then froyo.

Life's good. :)

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