Friday, October 28, 2011

#469 - Auntie Shufen

Hell yeah, yours truly managed to have breakfast and lunch today without spending a single cent! Pocket money saved for rainy days! :)


There's free exam pack (goodie bag) giveaway today for my course and of course, all of us went to get it!

Then they had free donuts from Donut Factory so I got one to nom for breakfast.
A heart shaped one with strawberry cream and hot pink decoration balls. Yums!

And my course has this buffet lunch 'culture' every Friday (rich asses) and thus I went there with Shu Lian, Sia Fong and Zann.

Dinner is Mum's cooking so no spending also!

Lots of stuff inside the bag!
Exchanged with others and got 1 more pen, 1 more Reader's Digest (different goodie bags gave different month), 1 8 days (October Issue), 1 more Hair Defrizz Serum worth SGD24 and 2 more packets of instant noodles.
Gave away my cup noodles because it's beef flavour. HAHA.

It's good to be cheapos sometimes. ;P

Oooh, new notification on Facebook: NTUSU U-Study Goodie Bag Giveaway!

Stuff to watch out for:
· NTUSU Lecture Pads
· NTUSU Clear Folders
· J. CO Doughnuts
· Nestle drinks

Are you thinking what I am thinking? ;)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

#468 - Hungry

Hungry at 1am in the morning and looking at the food I had at Ma Maison a week ago doesn't help. :(
Second time here and the food doesn't disappoint!
I wanna go there again!

 Cute little key we had to pass to the counter for payment.

Just ranting because my stomach is growling now. Boo.

Alright, click the ads on the top and at the side for me okay! Thanks. :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

#467 - Happy Buys ♥

Envelop Clutch from Xquisis / Navy Blue Bag with Tassels from Gmarket Marron

Navy TOMS from spree / Electric Blue Flats and Grey Heels from MITJU (Warehouse Sale)

 British/American flags rings from Toy Outpost / Moustache ring from Th-Glitz 

 Patrick Starfish Keychain from Mini Toons.

Sony EX10LP Headset from GmarketJwonMS

Happy buys. ♥

Monday, October 10, 2011

#466 - Sushi Cravings

In need of a sushi fix real badly.
To be exact, a Sakae Sushi buffet fix, with its many flavours sushi PLUS piping hot chawanmushi, cold cha soba, yummy tofu, crispy softshell crab temaki and kakiage dribbled with sweet tako sauce!!!
To die for~

I want need to go for Sakae Sushi buffet soon!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

#465 -

Thursday, October 6, 2011

#464 - A Trip Down Truss Bridge with The (Doh) Bitches Part 2

Warning: This entry is image heavy!

Ohai, I know this entry was supposed to up long ago and it's already so outdated but who cares?
The photos ought to see the light because yours truly feel that they're really pretty!

Okay, so the Truss Bridge!
This was way back in July where everyone started scrambling to the railway tracks near their homes to take what is left of the railway station/tracks before the government decided to remove it.

And as typical Singaporeans, we did the same too.
Actually no lah, I thought that the Truss Bridge would be a pretty place to take pretty photos, and yeah, so here we are!

Shall talk less and spam more photos!
You are going to see my face appear a lot of times, muahahahhaha!

Note: Discrepancies in image sizes due to photos taken by different cameras.

Taking photos on the way to the bridge, we went to the one at The Rail Mall! :)

*Notice the man in blue lying on the track to take a photo. o.O*

Lynette brought her camera tripod so we could camwhore lika shiok! :D

Hehe. :>
Loving this pic! :)

Photobombed! :B :)

Ending of this photos-filled entry with a somewhat scary photo:
It was near 7th month that time btw! Haha.

We sure had fun there albeit the hot sun! ♥

Photos credit to Lynette and yours truly.