Friday, October 28, 2011

#469 - Auntie Shufen

Hell yeah, yours truly managed to have breakfast and lunch today without spending a single cent! Pocket money saved for rainy days! :)


There's free exam pack (goodie bag) giveaway today for my course and of course, all of us went to get it!

Then they had free donuts from Donut Factory so I got one to nom for breakfast.
A heart shaped one with strawberry cream and hot pink decoration balls. Yums!

And my course has this buffet lunch 'culture' every Friday (rich asses) and thus I went there with Shu Lian, Sia Fong and Zann.

Dinner is Mum's cooking so no spending also!

Lots of stuff inside the bag!
Exchanged with others and got 1 more pen, 1 more Reader's Digest (different goodie bags gave different month), 1 8 days (October Issue), 1 more Hair Defrizz Serum worth SGD24 and 2 more packets of instant noodles.
Gave away my cup noodles because it's beef flavour. HAHA.

It's good to be cheapos sometimes. ;P

Oooh, new notification on Facebook: NTUSU U-Study Goodie Bag Giveaway!

Stuff to watch out for:
· NTUSU Lecture Pads
· NTUSU Clear Folders
· J. CO Doughnuts
· Nestle drinks

Are you thinking what I am thinking? ;)

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