Saturday, April 30, 2011

#399 - Fat and Broke

Oh no, have been bingeing/binging a lot lately!

Gaining weight and losing money! :(
I wish for the opposite!

Don't believe?
Pizzas and side orders from Domino's on 18 April 2011, Monday.

Creamy Chicken from Pastamania on 23 April 2011, Saturday.

Meatballs from IKEA on 24 April 2011, Sunday.

Sushi Buffet at Sakae Sushi on 27 April 2011, Wednesday.

Xiaolongbaos and ZhaJiangMian from Din Tai Fung and Mango Sorbet and Strawberry from Häagen-Dazs on 29 April 2011, Friday.
(blog about this soon)

Crazy lor!
Money depleting like siao because I keep spending and never save.

Tmrw (most likely) going to Everything with Fries with Lynette and Shawn.
But since I just got my pay *excuses*, it's alright to spend!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

#398 - Happy Birthday

Happy 16th birthday, my brother!
(No photos of his face over here because he refused to appear on my blog, hahahha)

Monday, April 25, 2011

#397 - Singapore Coins and Notes Museum

Interesting museum to visit!
Lots of cool stuff about money!!!

Like eg how your normal paper note contains bits of linen and cotton!
That's the reason why they don't turn out soggy or super crumpled when you accidentally washed them with your clothes and only found out later.

 And some 'rumour' and saying to why our $1 coin is octagon-shaped, like a 八卦!

Spot the difference (except for the year) between these 2 $1 coins!
Answer at the end of this entry. :)

And and I finally know why people paste coins all over their cashier and calculators!
And and and why Thai people don't step on their coins to stop them from rolling away when they drop them!

And and and and there's a small owl at on the US dollar note! Go find go find! :)
Don't try to find it from here.
It's too small to spot from this photo plus my camera not good enough to take so high definition photo. LOL.

Busy snapping all the way when the museum guide explained to us about the history and I realised I took 200plus photos in less than an hour. Crazy!!!

What bird series orchid series ship series potrait series, I just have to see what notes I have.
They might be valuable someday!

This cool machine made us souvenirs. (see below)

Cute little souvenirs for us to bag home. :)

The one on the left is called a blank and this is how your normal coin usually looks like before the design is stamped!
The one on the right is the stamped one, a souvenir for visitors there.

Look at this huge ass $5 coin for collection!
Can't show how big it really is over here though.
It's wayyy bigger than your normal $0.50.

 Okay, that small tiny gold dot over there is worth at least $60.
Put a large version next to it to compare how small it really is.

Had to use a magnifying glass to see the details. O.O

Seriously when it was on display in the museum shop, I thought the card was the main focus and they were selling the card.

Ending with this photo I kinda like because it has Harry Potter inside.
I didn't know Singapore Mint produce Harry Potter Mint Coins lor!!!

Where is D1, D2 and D3???

Answer for Spot the difference: Look at the crest! The left one shows the lions carrying it higher than themselves while the right one shows the opposite. Some people joked that the lions got too tired of carrying it so they let it down! Hahahahahahaha.

PS: I didn't know that there are actually 52 museums in this small little red dot, Singapore!

Friday, April 22, 2011

#396 - A Simple Birthday Celebration

So it was Yunhui's 19th birthday on Monday. 
Initial plan was to have a simple dinner at The Rail Mall. 

Met with Yili after work and headed there!
We alighted one bus stop earlier and that explains why we were walking on such road!

We saw a Porsche there! :O
Never see one in my whole life before, doh!

Wanted to nom at Cafe Epicurious but it was sadly non-halal! :(

And so all of us decided to head over to Dominos which was a few bus stops down!
(Photos got a little unclear after this because I accidentally brushed my finger across the lenses and couldn't wipe them away thoroughly, boo. ):)

They served good pizzas at afforable prices! :)

Classic Chicken was dope we had to order it again!

Gift time which left Yunhui shock by what the 3 of the guys gave her.
Managed to take a few shots of her shocked expression while all of us laughed away!

 The guys got her... CHOYA!

Which was being opened by her and shared a little by us!
Alcohol content 15%!

Group photo before Jiaying left!
 Now we all know never to take a photo from such a high angle!
And one of my contact lens dropped out halfway while I was fiddling with it which explains why I am in specs. :/

Game time with a round of Bang! as usual before we left.

It was a simple birthday celebration cum meet up but it was indeed a lovely and heartwarming one. :)

Happy birthday (once again), Yunhui!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

#395 - [Ad] Garnier Pure Active

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The pranked picture will appear on your wall and Garnier Singapore’s facebook album.
If your friend wants to clear their picture, they need to prank another unsuspecting victim!

Fun? :D

Click on the link below to access and play the game!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

#394 - Just my 2 cents worth

Just need a platform to voice out my opinions.
Gtfo if you're not happy.

Beware of those so-called friends (SCF) who make use of you.

 If you recently have random friends (those you are not that close with/sort of lost contact with),

1. Asking you to go out for lunch/dinner (most common excuse!)
2. Posting on your Facebook just wanting to know how have you been and the reason being they want to keep in touch with you
3. Asking oh-so-much about your job
4. Lying that they got fired and asking if you want to find a job together with them
5. Introducing you some stuff, mentioning that it's hard to talk over the phone about it and suggesting to just meet them face to face
6. Saying they just started a blahblahblah business with their friends and asking if you're interested in making big money

Then congratulations.
You've become a victim, but it's okay, you haven't reach the extreme stage yet.

And so they promote their products etc, you listen.
Well, there is really nothing wrong for someone to promote a product and earn a commission.
Nor anything wrong to tell you more about their job and ask if you want to join.
But when you say "no I'm not interested" and they actually persist on, to the extent of forcing you, that's when it's FYL.
Why you got this kind of friends one.

Complained to so many people about it and it actually felt good, lol.

Mum said such job is a pyramid kind of thing, I think it's called Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).
Some call it the Ponzi scheme.
And some of them could be illegal? (Not sure about that, I read the Singapore Laws regarding it and didn't really understand, so don't take my words for it)
Check whether the company they are in are one of DSAS member companies or not before deciding to join!
Do research to check its reliability!


Why am I so concerned about this?
I have been approached by a few of such friends (like secondary school friends I only talk once or twice with) who refused to listen to me saying I am not interested. And it makes me disgusted how people can resort to such means to drag you down with them. Guess that's what the world outside is like.

Why am I so pissed?
One of my close friends rejected these SCF and she got scolded by them. Wtf, my friend not interested in it you still die die cling on to her and scold her for what. F you.

Why do I keep ranting?
It's super irritating to keep having friends around you pretending to be close to you just so they can benefit. Eh hello? You ownself stupid (yeah I said it) still want to drag people down for what. You orbigood lah! We also not interested so stop it already!

Btw I am not prejudiced okay. I put myself in these people's shoes and thought, well they're kind of pitiful. I am sure if they could, they wouldn't have taken this path. Then I thought of all those methods they did to help themselves and I felt that I wasted time pitying them.

And to those SCF, if you are infuriated, then too bad.
What I am stating are facts, things that actually happened to me and my friends.
If you think I am talking about you, then I am and it means that you're guilty about this.

Well I say, you should let this be an expensive lesson learnt lah, better than losing a friend or two no?

Oh and a certain product from a certain company was banned a few years ago.
So be careful of what you're selling wor! >.<

Anyway, I am not the only one who have been complaining about this.
I did my research and many people have been talking about it in forums, sharing about their experiences regarding such stuff.
Google it yourself.

And some comments in random forums got me lol-ing.
(Just in case you decide to shoot me down, posting comments here by others doesn't mean I agree/disagree with them, I just think they're funny)

"Rope me in for 'talk' Say until like pig can fly. Tell me can earn alot. 2 or 3 mths can drive BMW. Its been a year already. He still driving Getz....."

"To me, it's not how much you earn, it's how you earn it.
I probably respect the fella who comes round everyday to clear my rubbish bin more than one of these as*ses"

(Regarding someone being brainwashed)
"Please WAKE UP!!! u need to go see a doc becos ur condition is very serious"

While some stated clearly what I said was true.

"haizzzz... makes ppl lose friends"

"Quick money earn through it got what use? You lose alot of friends in the process. It's like betraying your friend to sell product for you and "use" them."

"so what if u end up getting wealthier 1 day? but u'll be damm lonely with all ur friends leaving u for u pestering them" 

"i'm seriously sick of my frens or even classmates whom i'm not close at all being suddenly so nice,asking out,treating lunch and stuffs trying to trick u into joining...."

Anyway I gotta say this:
I am not aiming at any company or people in similar companies, I am just aiming at those SCF who actually force their friends to join!
Like those 死缠烂打的苍蝇!!!
Oh and also to raise awareness to my friends who could be possible victims!!!

To these SCF you have,
Money > Friends

They choose to make use of you and your kindness.
Don't be so dumb to trust your friends easily, even close ones.
Don't give them face when they least deserve it.

I am not claiming that such companies makes those SCF lose a lot of friends, it is these SCF that choose to lose their friends.

I will only respect you SCF if you don't do it the dirty way.
There is really nothing wrong for someone to promote a product and earn a commission but if someone says no, stop clinging on to him/her.
There's no point getting someone to join/get something that is of no use to him/her.
Please respect our decisions.

(edited from a comment that so freaking summarize what I want to express)
We hate the way you keep yourself on our toes even after numerous no, even after expressing our massive uninterest in your schemes or products. Call it positive sales attitude if you wish, but that's your positive trait that we dislike.

I see people who are working in such companies trying to defend themselves on forums.
And they personally also think that it's wrong to use force or pressurise friends to join them.
Why can't you guys learn from these people?

Anyway, if you are one of those SCF who enjoy your job and are actually earning $$$, then good for you lor.
Don't say I too biased.

Dear true friends of mine, just be careful.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

#393 - Help!

Updated: Got M401 because M400 was out of stock already! :/

Help! I want to get a bag with super simple design and I can't decide which one to get! Help me decide please or I'd get both! :B I need opinions! 

Right-click > Open link in new tab on the photos respectively to see more details of the bag!
Poll is right at the bottom of this entry!
I want M400 in Tan and M401 in Navy! 

Friday, April 15, 2011

#392 - Fleas

Visited 2 fleas with Yili last Saturday!

The first one was at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road!
Nothing much to see actually except those popular bloggers from Nuffnang!

Went there only because every amount spent will be donated to Singapore Red Cross to aid the Japanese victims. Spending for a good cause so of course support! :)

 Sophie and Qiuqiu, two of them who did our nails. :)

Took photos with them both, 170++cm tall, feel so inferior lol.

Hehe a series of camwhore in the hotel's toilet because the lightings were damn good and of course good hair day! Skip this part if you must!

 Glossy chio hair with @(#&@*^ face.

Lighting too good but we ran out of 'poses' to take photos with thus camwhored with nails! :)

Headed to the *scape flea later! So many stalls there, like 40plus plus, and it was so mad hot I wanna faint. But it was worth it because I got many stuff there and got to see many chio rings! :)

Nomed at Tsukiji Gindaco, the outlet at ION Orchard famous for its takoyaki balls! 


Blog again soon, click the ads, bye! :)