Saturday, April 30, 2011

#399 - Fat and Broke

Oh no, have been bingeing/binging a lot lately!

Gaining weight and losing money! :(
I wish for the opposite!

Don't believe?
Pizzas and side orders from Domino's on 18 April 2011, Monday.

Creamy Chicken from Pastamania on 23 April 2011, Saturday.

Meatballs from IKEA on 24 April 2011, Sunday.

Sushi Buffet at Sakae Sushi on 27 April 2011, Wednesday.

Xiaolongbaos and ZhaJiangMian from Din Tai Fung and Mango Sorbet and Strawberry from Häagen-Dazs on 29 April 2011, Friday.
(blog about this soon)

Crazy lor!
Money depleting like siao because I keep spending and never save.

Tmrw (most likely) going to Everything with Fries with Lynette and Shawn.
But since I just got my pay *excuses*, it's alright to spend!

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