Sunday, November 29, 2009

#170 - New Love

Too cute to be true! :D

I love its shiny nose! :)

And instead of the normal carebear red heart behind, it has a shiny silver one instead. :D

Lovvvvveeeeee it to bits!

This is how big it is compared to the orange one I have!

Woots, so happy! :D

Thursday, November 26, 2009

#169 - Pictures Talk

Remember the bruises I shared on Plurk due to Taekwondo?

Today I found another one! :D

Don't know if you can see the redder part of the skin. Another bruise is 'growing' there. I was rubbing it a few minutes ago, hurt like madz.

Cool right. Both hands suffer from similar injury at the same part! B)

Show you another cool thing. Okay not really cool lah, but I still think quite cool leh.

*Taken using my 2mp camera phone* BLOOD! It's considered a lot, since it flowed out from such a teeny weeny cut. (below)

See that small tiny dot above on the leg? I accidentally scratched the scar and blood trickled out. Yeah! You didn't see wrongly, blood TRICKLED out. I was super fascinated because I never see blood tricking out before. -.-

Sadly I didn't take a photo of it since I was being 'reprimanded' by my friend for being so crazy and was told to get rid of the blood asap. ZZZ. :(

Now let's move on to other miscellaneous stuff. :)

Hehe the egg looks damn nice right! I cooked it leh! So EGGcited about it since this is my first time cooking such a nice nice nice looking egg! :D

I was on my way to school for Taekwondo in the morning and I saw such a pretty sight on the sky.
Love the clouds! Couldn't resist it and thus I captured it down. :)

Hehe I keep smiling to myself when I play with the bangles.
Crazy right. :D

My *sort of* latest buy! Wanted a shoe bag for so long!
And I found a one I like! Orange and black! Love! :D

Kwaiga and I at Subway.
Oh how much I love taking photos under this kind of lighting. :)

Primary school lovelies! Miss them loads! :)
PS: I am like the shortest among them now sadly. :(


I need to memorise the steps for this pattern!!
Oh my poor ping pong size brain... :(

Shall end this random entry with this gloomy looking picture.

I need to clear all these (12 bamboo sticks full of) laundry and fold them luhhhhhhhhhh. Byebye. :( :(

Sunday, November 22, 2009

#168 - The Thing About Trust

It takes forever to build trust but just seconds to destroy it.
How very true. 

We're never so vulnerable than when we trust someone - but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy. - Walter Anderson 

I learnt something today.

Friday, November 20, 2009

#167 - Photos

Dinner at Pastamania with extended SHRIMS SS. (Not all turned up in the end sadly.)

We had a lovely time catching up with each other, fooling around, telling jokes, and playing retarded games. :D

Here are the photos taken using Roger's Macbook, at Pastamania, at the Rooftop Garden and at Tarday's house.

Fail at trying to act solemn/sad since all of us were wearing black/white that day.


The (Doh) Bitches ♥♥♥
Lynette: Beaver, LL, Huangbao, Lynettelove, Xiao Nette.
Raine: Babi, Pigpig, STB/SiaoTeBah, BBL, Hongbao, Babilove, Xiao Qun. 
Shufen: Skunk, Si Skunk, Caibao, Skunklove, XiaoFen.

This is the first photo we took together I guess.(So pathetic, know each other for almost 1year liao, this timing then take photo.)

Why didn't we take one during our first meal at Pizza Hut? :(
Then it was the interhouse games day where we walked around the tracks aimlessly. :)

And then following that, some financial talk where we kept on smelling FRAGRANT scents. HAHA.
(Guess we must have enjoy the smell because we were smiling so happily uhhh.)

Nearly the end of the year...
Next time remind me to get a wig, haha. :D

Annoyed VS okok VS :O
(Obviously Annoyed won. *inserts (annoyed) face*)

All of us looking so drained. OP finally ended. End of torture = tired and relieved faces.

We had so many jokes so many fun so much joy together.

 I remember all the Sakae Sushi trips (tofu), the lunch at Pizza Hut (pepsi), baking session (chaota choc), random eating sessions at foodcourt (Korean BBQ chicken), going to town in uniform (BBB's cover), all the joke about Stroni and N4N1, going to you guys' house to rot (FOZHU). Omg they are love. ♥♥♥

And how Lynette and I always bully Raine all these.*thinks of jia and yu*

So many many things very hard to list down also. And how we thought about our future all these. And how our kids will shun Aunty Raine in the future and (doh) her all these! So funny. *inserts annoyed face for Babi* :)

You 2 really rock my life and I hope that we will stay as friends forever. :)

I love you guys, xoxo. ♥♥♥

PS: We must go out real soon now that Babi's back! I wanna meet up with you guys asap okay!  
*thinks of Soba*

Anyway, we need to take more photos luhhh! :):)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

#166 -

Hello world, I am so bored that I resorted to blogging. ZZZ.

It was my last resort. I had nothing to do. Facebook is getting boring. Plurk is inactive at this timing. Twitter is also the same. Oddee has no new updates and I just cleared my Email Inbox. I am lazy to reply to tags to complete 09S22's entry to reply to people online and most importantly to start mugging.

Sigh. People around me all mugging like madz and I got a friend who just completed his Math's revision papers for this holiday. So siao on until I am going crazy soon. I really need to get the momentum to study. Today I saw a group of Ah Beng, then one of them was like 'Next week we need to chiong study le!'

Wah. I feel so sad manz. Even they know the importance of studying. Sobz then me like slack stone slack stone.

Pardon me for ranting, I am feeling so tired now I type whatever that comes to my brain.

Today's training started with skipping. I think I died there. Lol, so nauseous and everything. I thought my lungs gonna come out. -.-
Last part of the day, we had speed training. I think my stamina dropped le. :( Now get tired so easily and I nearly fainted today lor. Kept seeing white circles and flashes of light. SOBZ.

Okay. Nevermind about today, let's talk about yesterday. :)

Caught 2012. As expected I cried. ZZZ, sad mahz.
Haha but overall yesteday was a great day spent. Happiest day of 2009. :D

Haha sian now I gonna stone soon. I want to sleep badly, but I know if I were to sleep now, I'd wake up with migraines one lor. :(

Why my body like that one. Cannot cooperate at all. ZZZ. I already very sian le, then the weather so emo somemore. Sian zi dua du.

Tmrw still got dinner with extended SHRIMSSS leh. Don't feel like going now lor. Somemore I hate being the one who is in charge of planning. Me and Yunhui actually. It's like people just want to meet and then they just approach you and expect you to plan or come up with something then they attend. WTH. Take us for granted somemore. Whine here and there say cannot make it whatev shit. Go plan yourself lah. (This part not reflected for this meeting, is for last time one. Just want to rant it all out first.)

I also human right, keep on asking me to do this do that. NB. (annoyed)

Sian I am getting sleepier and sleepier as I typed this.

I can't believe I got so bored until I went to google how to kill brain cells. -.-
But I learnt something lah, that is if you keep on shaking your head rapidly, you're killing brain cells in the process. Cool huh? So next time if you listening to techno music, remember not to shake too much wor! LOL.

Woah and this entry is so freaking wordy now. I guess I shall end now. Tired ttm but with nothing to do. Maybe I should go mug?

Haha I think I am joking. I think. HAHA.

Anyway, I haven't been exercising for so many days and I realised I lost 2kg. Good uhhhh! Hope my weight continues to drop. :)

Hmm. Thinks of what else I can type here.

Oh yeah, I've been looping Two Is Better Than One for these past few days. Dk why though, just like hearing it. Very nice song by Boys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift. Go listen if you haven't done so. :)

Okay I shall end this very oh-so-wordy-and-boring-and-makes-you-want-to-sleep entry now. Thanks for reading if you bother doing so! :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

#165 -

Hello I have so many things to do yet I am actually not doing any of them.

I guess I am too lazy.

I don't even feel like blogging anymore, die.

Okay byebye people. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

#164 -

I am very certain that OP loves me. ♥

Sunday, November 8, 2009

#163 -

Hey I am back as promised! Have you 'like' the previous entry yet?
If not, go do now! :D Go view the video and then 'like' it. You'd be blessed. HAHA.

Today's entry is gonna be a long one filled with photos (35 and above) . But my rantings will not be in sequence so bear with it okay! :D

Yup, so 2 days ago was the last day of school. And my class went wild!!! :D:D

We did the video (as mentioned earlier) and then took tons of photos and then watched Quarantine! :)

Some of the photos...

Acts super mega SHY! :D

Raine we are finally of the same height! :D

Come'on baby!

Hello all. I am single and 19years old. My interests are... HAHAHA SIFAT! :D

Fadli ah Fadli..

Act somemore..

Shooxx kawaiiizxzx.

Diao simi diao! (lol)

Before watching Quarantine..

13/21 of the 09S22's lovelies! ♥


The very last scenes.

Following after, I had lunch at Pizza Hut with 4 people from the Clique7! Mainly The (Doh) Bitches, Mama and Premala! ♥

Mama wasn't present in this photo because she was the photographer. :)

Oh and it wasn't a pleasant lunch at Pizza Hut. (Complaints start here)
The service was lousy. They made us wait for so long before someone came to take our orders. And when they took down our orders, it took them more than 15minutes just to get our Pepsis here. And they only gave us 3 glasses of it until we told them there were 5 people. Cannot see meh??? (doh)

The soup of the day was Veggie Chicken and the portion is minimal. How minimal is minimal? Less than half of the soup bowl was filled. We waited very long for our food to come. And the portion of the criss cross fries somehow got smaller and there was no more mayonnaise that used to come with it. I even had to request for it. The waiter was rude and claimed that they ran out of mayonnaise.

It took him quite some time JUST to get the mayonnaise. And we ordered 2 criss cross fries side and yet he gave us only 1 portion of the mayonnaise. We were pissed.

The spaghetti was tasteless. BLAH. I had to add lots of tobasco sauce and cheese for the taste to 'come out.'

2 of my friends found weird looking bugs, silver colour somemore in their Pepsis. 1 of them had even drunk till the last bit to only realise that the bug had been there all the while.

Haha and my friend complaint. *Looks at Lynette*

She wasn't wearing uniform, luckily. And she told the manager about the bugs thing and how we all did not have a pleasant experience.

The manager was like "We apologise for this. What do you want us to do? I can give you your free refill."
And Lynette was like "Erm but the student meal itself the drinks already free-flow, what for give us refill?"

The manager GONGZ le. Then Lynette suggested for 10% discount. And the manager refused.
Then Lynette said this "Do you know I can easily say something and it's gonna ruin Pizza Hut's reputation?"

Haha BOOMZ manz.

The manager GONGZ awhile and still refused, but eventually she gave in. It took them 15minutes to just process our receipt though. And when one of the waiters passed us the receipt, we saw that the 10% discount wasn't even keyed in at all. !!!

So we showed it to the waitress. (TRYING TO CHEAT US LOR!!!)
And it took them another 10minutes to give us the finalised receipt!

Wah damn pissed canzxzxz!

Haha but we took our mini sweet revenge. Well okay, Premala did! She mixed all the sauces together and added the coriander meant for garnishing in the sauce container and then covered the whole disgusting mess with a thick slab of mayonnaise on top. It looks damn like a pudding now. Let me show it to you..

Chili flakes for garnish and another coriander for garnishing! Plus chili sauce for those at the sides. Cool right? (mmm)

Even Premala thinks it's nice! :D

Another story.

That day I was eating McSpicy meal with Babi at Mac. And suddenly there was a steady stream of what I thought was water flowing out from the McSpicy burger onto my palm while I was eating. So I was amazed.

Until Babi told me that it was the oil. T.T

And that got me interested. So I tried squeezing the burger. YES LITERALLY.


Look at the amount of OIL I squeezed out! EEW.

The 'Innocent' Burger.

And Babi was enjoying herself.

Until I realised that I felt damn full and kept on loading my remaining fries on her tray when she wasn't noticing...

Haha mostly thrown by me! :D

My remaining fries. :)

And Babi got sad when she realised what I've done.


Jiawei's 3D Spectacles. So COOL. B)

My dinner 4 days ago.

Damn ugly creative art thing. They dk how to draw Patrick properly. :(

Whooo, my love! (not all inside though)

New addition to my love's collection!

Thanks to NESTLE! :D

I woke up to see a beautiful sky with orange streaks and a star glowing out of nowhere.
Too bad I didn't have a camera with me, took these 2 using my lousy 2mp handphone.
Flower-shaped mushrooms I found in school! :)


Wanted to complain about something but argh, forget it! Too lazy to type them out! :D:D

Enjoy! :D