Sunday, May 31, 2009

#101 -

Have you heard before people getting an Adidas stripes lookalike scar on the left of their leg while boarding the escalator?


Well now you did!

I got my leg scrape by the escalator step because I was standing too near to the step when I was boarding and it was rising up. I feel so stupid and noob and whatever shit can.

Tomorrow is gonna be a shit day anyway. It's like any normal school day. There's Chemistry from 8 - 10am, following GP from 10.30 - 12.30pm and then Physics from 1 - 3pm.

I'm lovin' life now man.

Friday, May 29, 2009

#100 -

Happy 100th entry to me! :)
shark: You were supposed to vote on Saturday, lol. It's over already anyway. :) Thankyou, and yeah, I took hell loads of photo before I removed the makeup. :D
jiaying`: Thankyou. :) This doesn't show that you've not seen me for ages, it shows that you haven't been reading my blog. :(
yuxuan: Thankyou bitch! :D
jz: Thankyou. :)
isk: Yay, thankyou. :)
nurul: Haha, same here. :D
AWL: Juicy meh? Hahah, maybe. I am considering of getting contacts for holidays, but I don't think my mum would allow. :/
Yesterday was love. :)

Taekwondo competiton lasted till 5 plus and most of us went to Ajisen at Lot 1 for dinner.

Congrats to those who won medals anyway, especially the blue belt team, I think they deserve it.

Anyway, I am pissed with this:,4136,203349,00.html

How could they say all this? Doesn't the government encourage foreign talent? WTF lah, slap that whoever ass who typed this article. I bet he has got no brains. He just wanted to stir up some discussions and get people to respond. You suck man.

How could he have even used 'Singapore VS China' as a headline? Shit you man. _|_

Now I am wondering if we'd beaten RJC that day, how would that asshole have react? I bet he'd write out yet another hurting and brainless article which might then get to the headlines of maybe the Strait Times Home section or something, that's what he wants I am sure. Hmmm.

Sorry for intention of using profanities and vulgar action. And no offence to whatsoever JC or anything, it is the person who wrote this brainless article I am pissed with.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

#99 - Taekwondo

Preliminary Poomsae/Nojung (Self-proclaimed) team, we can do it tmrw!
All the best and jiayou!
Let us all believe in ourselves!
We can do it!
Love you all!
Gogogo! :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

#98 - Talentime!

(Haha, I find this photo hilarious)
Yesterday was a wonderful night!
I enjoyed myself to the max.
In fact, it was wayyyyyyy better than Graduation Night last year.
It felt so much like Graduation Night lo, except without food.

I got 3rd for those who are wondering what prize I got anyway.
Expected lah, my competitors were strong and they did well. :)

I was prepared to get 3rd already. But it was already a miracle I've come this far. Like what Mdm Khoo smsed me. She told me she wasn't able to make it for Talentime yesterday but she wanted me to know that being selected as one of the three finalists from the many contestants, I am already quite remarkable. And that I must jiayou and enjoy myself tomorrow night and continue to enjoy singing all the time. I am like so touched lah.
I want to sincerely thank all who supported and voted and cheered for me be it during yesterday's performance or the day before etc.
You guys were great. I love you. (blows kisses) And I want to thank my JC's clique for giving the bouquet of 10 roses. They're pretty. :)

I am really very (okay, pardon my limited vocabulary) touched ok! Many people smsed or called me yesterday lo. I want to cry lah, but of course I didn't, because my makeup would smudge mah. Haha.

You must be now wondering why I claimed this event was better than Graduation Night right? Let me share with you why.

Firstly, my makeup was done quite perfectly with the help of this wonderful teacher, Ms Mardiana. She is pregnant and about to give birth and yet she still came to help us.
Secondly, I got my hair styled all than
ks to her. :)
Thirdly, I put on false eyelashes. Whooooo. My virgin attempt. :)
Lastly, the eyelashes gave me double eyelids. Yay! :))
I received several compliments/comments after my makeover as well.
Things like:
"You look so different lah!"
"You look prettier without spectacles, you should get con
"You've got big eyes!"

"OMG, is that really
you? I couldn't even recognize you lah!"
"I am stunned!"

Lili said I looked better than during Graduation Night. :D

And Addy just had to suan me.

He said something like, "Wah I couldn't even recognize you when they were introducing the finalists on stage. I just had to look for the shortest one among them all."


Haha but all in all, it was really a wonderful night, if not for the fact that I didn't wear any spectacles or even contacts and most of the time I had to be guided by Perlin or Lihui or Jayne like some blind lady. :/

Now, let me show you the before and after pictures of my makeover. The wonders of makeup!
Before, with all the flaws like eyebags and pimples and single eyelids with short eyelashes and flat hair.
After with much difference. LOL.

Actually I took a lot of photos leh, think like 120+?! I will just upload some ah.

Making up in progress...

2nd runner up for Vocal Solo (English), Shufen! (inserts gazillions of hearts!)

1st runner up for Vocal Solo (English), YuNeng! :)

1st for Vocal Solo (English), Jayne! :)

2nd runner up for Vocal Solo (Mandarin), Mabel! :) (I think she looks like my cousin and secondary 4 classmate mixed together.)

1st runner up for Vocal Solo (Mandarin), Perlin! :)

1st for Vocal Solo (Mandarin), Lihui! :)

Pardon me for the huge upload of self shots. It is very seldom you'd and I'd see myself in makeup you know. :D

See my moolah in the photo? :D

If only my face was th
is flawless everyday...

The 10 Roses!

I don't want the roses to die so early, so I anyhow went to find this Macdonald cups thingy which we bought during the Olympics 2008 that time, and used it as a vase, haha!

Ain't they lovely?

By the way, the overall champion who gets the $1000 went to Crew 3047, the dance group. Their dance is so damn nice, with songs like Mad by Neyo and Wait For You by Elliot Yamin inside. I'm falling in love with it lah, they deserve the $1000 man, plus they got 1st for the dance category! Congratulations! You guys are the bomb! (They all happened to be fron Nanhua Secondary by the way!) For the vocal group, CHIMES got the winning title! Congrats yo! :)

He gives her a pat on the shoulder and said, "All the best for tomorrow!"

I am a really happy girl yesterday you know. :)

PS: Lynette, please send me the photos you took yesterday, thankyou! :)
PSS: I did run my 6 rounds! Okay, actually it was only 5 and a half, my ankle injury acted up again.
PSSS: I deleted Love Story from my music player, too sick of hearing that song already.
PSSSS: I hate Clive and Tarday. I received inside news that you guys didn't vote for me. Booooo. :(

Saturday, May 23, 2009

#97 -

If you're reading this now,
Please sms JJVOTE#JJ06 now, yes now to 90998631!
One person can only send one sms! So please get help from your family members and fellow friends!
I really need your votes!
Thanks and love! :D

Thursday, May 21, 2009

#96 - Just like any other

Hello, sorry for not updating for days. Like I said before, I am very very busy this week. :/

I will try to update a long entry now, just don't mind the huge chunk of words here and there.

This week is finally coming to an end. I am very very relieved. However, I've got tons of homework to do and they have already passed the due date. Haha, I guess I just have to chiong all on this Sunday then.

Mmm. What else to update here?

Oh yeah, my dad left me speechless yesterday. On the way when he was sending me to school, we stopped at the traffic light, and I happened to notice KengWee. My dad knows him since he drove him home before. And so my dad was so random. He said that KengWee is handsome. I am like EEEEW. Hahaha. Whoops, I hope KengWee doesn't see this. :D

And also another thing. He heard the song 'If You Seek Amy' by Britney Spears on radio and he was asking me who sang that song. He thought it was sang by Paula Abdul. -.-

Okayy... What else.

Yesterday was Full Dress Rehearsal at Nanyang Auditorium at NTU. Many memories came back to me when we reached there. The Dansical performance was held there during Sec1. Very memorable. :)

Anyway the Auditorium was freaking cold and I was wearing this spaghetti dress. Some others were worst, they were wearing tube dresses. And so we had one full run with many rehearsals for the finale part. My legs were already aching thanks to the 3-inch heels and thus I went barefooted during the finale rehearsal. :/

Oh and I love the dressing rooms alot. Damn nice and everything. Of course, girls being girls, we camwhored during our free time. :)

(Sorry for poor image quality, none of us had a camera with us that day and we could only make do with a 2mp camera phone.)

I then thought of random cool poses that are as cool as me. :D

Cover my retarded face. -.-

Models Mannequins in the making.

Haha! Lynette you can see whether SHE has got big nnp not here! :) If you're still not convinced, I have nothing to say. :D

And and, I broke another 2 of my nails today. Damn sad since I've been growing them for the holidays so that I can get them manicured. :(

Really proud of those remaining long nails but they look weird with the short ones. Sigh.

I guess I will go and get the Sally Hansen's nail polish which helps harden the nails and make them grow longer faster soon. :)


Oh yeah, there's some changes to the voting thing. If I am not wrong, 1 person can only send 1 sms. So this makes winning the 400bucks harder. So if you're reading this, please vote for me on 23 May at around 7.30pm. Ask your friends and all of your family members to help me as well. 1 sms is very important to me and furthermore it costs only 5cents. I really need the votes!

By the way, you have to send JJVOTE#JJ06 to 90998631 instead of the previous JJ06 only!
isk: Hahah. :D
Emilia: Thanks, must vote for me okay! :) Haha I will provided I am able to upload it. :D
stanley: Okay, I've read what you type already, but I've no time to try it out. :/ Okay, I will link you asap. :)
shark: Haha, finally manxz.
yuxuan: I am honest one okay! Yes, I am resisting the temptation. :)
Tomorrow is going to be another long day. Full dress rehearsal at NTU till 6 and following that, taekwondo training till 9plus. GG, I'd better lose some weight due to all these man.

I want to run at least 6 rounds around the tracks tmrw. I must do it! Gogogo! :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

#95 - Our last dance ended fatally.


I woke up at 8 today, thinking that there was Taekwondo training like usual. It was until I reached the school and I realised that it was being canceled. -.- Turned out that due to the fact that many of us had Taekwondo training yesterday till 9 plus in school, they decided to cancel today's training. No one informed me! T.T

Wth, I felt like an idiot man. Screw Gordon man. Why wasn't I informed? :(

What's worst: When I left the school, I waited for 157 to come. It was a long wait till one 157 finally arrives. I started walking to the rear of the bus stop and the 157 just drove past me. Eh, cannot see me meh?! So I waited for hell long till the next one arrives.

GG man. I am now pissed and irritated because I am very tired and aching all over when I reached home from school at 10 yesterday. (Thanks to KwaiGa's dad for sending me home.) And then I woke up early to go to school to realise that the training was canceled! Walau, I can actually sleep more today one lorh! $* ^%&@^$@$&&@ Ugh!

There's a mini Taekwondo camp next week. I can't gooooooooo. Talentime lah! MMM..

I am now trying to think positive thoughts. (Meditating in progress...)

Well now that I woke up early and there's no Taekwondo training, I'd have time to compile what I am supposed to do before PW meeting later. (Self comfort, sobsobs.)

PS: My brother changed my Facebook password. I can't sign in now. I told him to change the password, because I want to resist my Facebook temptation. :)

PSS: May I dreamt of you the day before. WTH! Nightmare can. Haha, in the dream you were telling me how my cousin fainted. -.-

Okay byebye.

Why don't we hit restart and pause it at our favorite parts?
We'll skip the goodbyes.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

#94 -

I am very stressed up now and I've got massive pimple outbreak. D:

What a nice way to welcome the holidays.

All my days seemed packed, be it Taekwondo, Talentime, IDP or lecture tests.

14 May - Physics Post Forces Test, IDP till 7
15 May - Physics Lecture Test on Measurement, Kinematics, Dynamics and Forces
16 May - Taekwondo Training + PW meeting
19 May - Chemistry Lecture Test on Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding and Gaseous State, Talentime's meet up for finale rehearsal
20 May - Full Dress Rehearsal at Nanyang Auditorium at NTU till 6plus
21 May - Maths Lecture Test on Mathematical Inductions and Conics/Graphing Techniques
22 May - Full Dress Rehearsal at Nanyang Auditorium at NTU till 6, follow by Taekwondo Training at Sports and Recreation Centre at NTU
23 May - 2-6pm Full Dress Rehearsal, 7-10 Actual Talentime's performance

How interesting my life is. :)

I want need to die man.

Seriously I want to get over with all these quick man, I need a breather.

I must also stop procrastinating, if not I am a big fat swine.


Number for voting is out!

Please sms JJ06 to 90998631 on 23 May 2009!

If you've unlimited sms, spam this number!
If you're my friend, support me, send at least 1o sms. (5ocents only)
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Thanks and love! :D

Monday, May 11, 2009

#93 - Tag Replies

may: Haha, must be because you always read and never tag. Then when I mentioned about it, you guilty, then you tagged one lorh.
yuxuan: Haha no lah. A bit sian of the green one. Then somemore the Nuffnang poll thing doesn't come in green. I chose orange mah, so use orange to fit the poll in lohr. :) Anyway, you want kiss me say lah, don't need indirect hint me one, hahahahahha. :D
ade: Okay, I will do it asap. :)
Huiyi: :D Haha thanks. Must do your job of voting for me as well okay? :D:D

Saturday, May 9, 2009

#92 - Whisper hello, I miss you quite terribly.

Hello everyone. :)

I am aching all over again, especially around my arms area. :/

We had PE yesterday and we did the last station which is the shuttle run. Hit 11.2s, just right (A).

This means GOLD for NAPFA. :))

Haha, then went to the school gym later to work on various muscle groups. I think that's when I strained my arms muscles.

The next day I woke up, my whole arms were aching. T.T


Yesterday the whole word was informed that this guy had been caught. The Straits Time even uploaded a super large photo of him on the front page of its newspaper. (Bigger than those obituary ones.) I read about it and realised that they caught him like April 1 2009 (what a joke, pun intended.) which is more than one month ago. -.- Now then tell us, make me live in fear for so long. (Haha, as if.)

The reason why they took so long to announce to the public that he was caught was because they weren't sure that they've really caught him. LOL. I am speechless.


Anyway, here's something random.

I sms-ed my Mum on Thursday when I found out that I got into the Finals of Talentime. And guess what's her reply?

T oil.

I was like whatthehell is she referring to? So when I went home, I asked her about it. She said she meant jiayou. So she intially wanted to sms jiayou but she dk the hanyu pinyin so she typed '+ oil' which means add oil, jiayou's direct translation.

However, she realised that she dk how to type '+', (yes my Mum is a sms noob), so she thought 'T' looks like '+' so the '+' got substituted. Funny right? :D

Eh? Why cannot bold the '+' sign one ah? :?


June Holidays' are coming in less than a month's time. Looking forward and not looking forward to it at the same time.

Plus points:
1. Taekwondo Camp.
2. Waking up late.
3. Catching up with friends.
4. Shopping.
5. Getting new phone and new spectacles.
6. Dream Oasis, SYF Showcase. (Prays hard this doesn't clash with Taekwondo Camp.)

Minus points:
1. MYE all allocated at the last week of June Holidays.
2. More mugging and less slacking.
3. Which means less time for Plus points number 2-5.
4. June Holidays' are nearing also means that Promo Examinations are nearing.

What a lousy June Holiday this year will be. ):
But I shall be optimistic, I believe something great will happen then. (Haha, wait till that happens.)


Oh and I just found out Taekwondo Tournament doesn't clash with Talentime Finals at all. Very relieved and happy and etc. :D

Okay, I think I've updated quite a long entry already.

Please help me click on the ads if there's any and do my poll.
Lastly tag my tagboard, don't just read and run away. I can track down who visits my blog okay, hahah. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

#91 -

"Huh? Can't be lah, something must have gone wrong."

That was my first reaction when I went to check the results of Talentime's 2009 Final for Vocal English Solo Category today in the morning.

WTF lah.

I thought I screwed everything during the semi-finals audition yesterday at LT5. I was looking at the stage floor most of the time (little bit of stage fright) and I missed some of the beats of the song. I was super sad and disappointed with myself lah. I was even prepared for the worst already lor.

But my prayers were answered. (LOL)

Really want to thank the judges for giving me the chance to come so far.
And the audience, who started clapping along when I sang the song halfway.
It gave me a confidence boost.
And to Mr Sin, my Physics teacher who is in charge of the competition.
Before I started singing, he shouted damn loud, 'Jiayou Shufen!'
I don't know how to react and so I smiled back.

Yeah, really thanking everyone who made this possible.
Initially I only joined for fun. And now I made it.
It's like woah, everything happened just in the blinking of an eye.

And urm yeah, there's this voting system thing during the finals via sms voting.
So I need your help. :)
(Because the 2 other girls who are in the same category as me are damn good, their voices are damn powerful, one is singing 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion and the other, 'Thinking Of You' by Katy Pery. So I guess you guys know pretty much how high their standard is, unlike my 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift.)

I've not gotten the number for which you people can sms to, to support me but this is my code number:


Remember this code okay. :) Once I got the number to sms to, I will update this blog on it.


Those who have unlimited sms, spam the number like hell. :D
Those who are my friends and consider me as your friend, do support me.
Those who think that I sing well, sms and vote for me.
I really need your help.
And if you can, I hope you can ask your friends around you to send just 1 sms or even 2.
It will help me.
Thanks and love.

I hope that I will be a happy girl when 23May2009 comes to an end.

PS: I don't care if I sound desperate.
I am. :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

#90 - Love Lockdown

I have a very strong instinct that I won't get into Talentime Finals tmrw. :)
But I will still do my best.

It's a good thing if it is so anyway, the finals clashes with my Taekwondo Tournament, hurhur.

It's on 23May, a Saturday by the way, and it's at Nanyang Auditorium, which means you need to buy tickets. :D


5 stations for PE today. I had only one thing in mind, just get As for everything.

And it's not those 'record-breaking' one okay, come'on, am I such a showoff? I mean even if you are able to do more, but what for if you've already hit the number for A? Maybe it looks good on the result slip. I used to think that way too, but now that I am mature *ahem ahem*, I think not.

Here are the modest results of my 5 stations:
Sit-Ups: 39 (A)
Inclined Pull Ups: 18 (A)
Standing Broad Jump: 190cm (A)
Sit And Reach: 55cm (A)
Shuttle Run: There was no time left for this, so we'll be doing it this friday. Please let me get lower than 11.0s please.

2.4km run: 14.28minutes (B) (lol, purposely make it a font size smaller.)

Hmm, so yeah, if nothing goes wrong, I will be able to get my gold for NAPFA. :))

By the way, I just sort of flunked my Chemistry Quiz today. I bet I am the first one in history to flunk quiz lor, lol.

Okay, byebye.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

#89 - Baby just say yes.

I am amused.
Be a responsible citizen. Stay home if u are sick. Check your body temp b4 leaving for JJ. Remember to bring your thermometer. - JJ
I was lol-ing to this sms received early in the morning.

But I've heard that the Swine Flu has spread to Asia already, there's already 1 confirmed case in HongKong. O.O


Anyway, one more month's wait till I can change my phone. And I don't know what to get. :/

This phone is chio right? :D:D

Or this? :/:/