Tuesday, September 27, 2011

#462 - VIVI Magazine

So... This entry is to mark my first time buying a VIVI magazine! :) HAHAH.

Idk why my hair seems to have highlights, must be the effect of the flash!

Hehe okay I am done. ♥

Sunday, September 25, 2011

#461 - Fun Time at SPOTLIGHT

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Thanks so much! :)


Dropped by Dhoby Ghaut the other day with groupmates for some project thingy for Economics of Manufacturing!

Dinner at Just Acia, gotta love the food. :)


And for the project, we were supposed to take photos of a certain shop we chose and evaluate the way they work, how organised they are, yadayada thus we went to SPOTLIGHT!

Hehe had lots of fun fooling around with the hats and masks down there after we did serious work (must emphasise this part)!

Spammage of retarded or funny photos from here onwards! :D

Such half face masks don't suit me. :(

Hats suit me more, I think!

I quite like this royal blue one but I see no need for me to own one!

Glitters that will stick to your fingers one. #cheapquality

This hat made Lynette and I laughed out loud with our hands shaky while taking the photos.
Seriously I laughed till I teared, gosh!

大家好, 我是来自*inserts some Chinese farm name* 的村姑。

Tell me got the 'seh' or not!
Hang the hat at the back leh, then see my 背影!!! (Y)

I have no idea why I so onzxzxz that day, I even wear this thing over my head.
See the cute mike thing I am holding on!

*inside joke*

Meh, so sad I didn't try the birthday cake hat! :(

Anyway, out of all those I tried, I love this look the most!
Ultimate one!!


Wait for it...







Damn (Y) IKR! ♥
I think my eyes are trying to tell some story also!


Photos credit to Lynette, Yanjie and yours truly!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

#460 -

Dear Diary,

Today I found out that a semi-close friend was lying to me all these while (after gathering evidence) and whatnots and still dared to claim that he/she was telling the truth. Can't believe I got angry and sad and cried (which led me to tweet so many emoish tweets, sorry to my followers) and then I am now okay, but still kind of disappointed.

"Words are said for man to hear but not always the truth... just for people to hear and people to be contented."

Trust is hard for me, it always has been.

Came across this on Tumblr:

I've come to realise that the unpredictable nature of people should never surprise us.
More often than not, we trust people and they end up abusing it to such an extent that it takes a long time to recover from it.
Truth is, putting that much trust in someone isn't fair and it's slightly irresponsible. 9 times of of 10 your relationship or friendship with that particular person you trust so much will suffer.
The point of the exercise is realistically if we treat others in the same way we would want to be treated, and don't dump some kind of unpredictable shit on them that they can't handle, then trust won't be questioned.
But in reality, what's the likelihood of this happening? For every person who may respect this, there are just as many if not more who won't.
It's just the world we live in.

So I shouldn't care right? Since the lies don't really affect me except for the fact that I've seen his/her true colours and now see the person in a different light.

I guess I shall leave it as it is and just be wary of that friend of mine.

Because I don't think I wanna lose another friend, like how I did 3 years ago.

Signing off, 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

#459 - SHRIMS SS Extended (Girls Only)

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Met the girls from the secondary school clique to catch up last Thursday! :)

Dropped by May's house to chill awhile before meeting the rest.
Camwhored alone because May was busy with schoolwork. :(

Scroll down fast if you hate my face, camwhored with May's iPhone while she was in the shower!
Poor her, I spammed her gallery with my face!

There's an iPhone app which imitates how an Instax works! COOL.

 Favourite photo of all gets to be my display picture for Facebook!

Okay let's continue!

Met with Shark first and then Yunhui and headed to Causeway Point to meet Sourheart and Yili for dinner at The Manhattan Fish Market.

First time dining there and tell you something!
I didn't know Manhattan was pronounced as Man-hat-n (like the tan is kind of silent) and I went to say it as Ma-Ha-Tan. Guess I sort of ignored the 'n' after Ma.

Dinner was spent with so much smiles and laughters.
Man, I really miss secondary school days real bad, where everyone was all super innocent and carefree and truly happy.


Thought the bottles were cute. Hehe.

Yummy soup of the day - Cream of Mushroom!

Chef's Favourite Grilled Catch.

Cream Chicken.

Manhattan Fish 'n Chips - Dory.

Cheese Fries.

Garlic Herb Sauce.

Then came a series of black and white photos because I love how the photos look overexposed. :)
Well, at least for most anyway.

 Second photo of me fail because I accidentally zoomed in. -.-

 Outside toilet must also take photo! 

Then the train. I is sad because my face wasn't in it, only my pants (see reflection).

 Chilled and planned when to meet again at YewTee's 24/7 Mac!


Most probably meeting them again tmrw, yay! ♥

PS: If you are wondering like me too, I have no idea why my face shape changed so tremendously in every photo. I think it's the angle. ;)