Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#541 - Gifs with Primary School Besties ♥♥♥

Crazy time spent with the girls last night! :)
Love it when I can hang out with this bunch of girls and do stupid things together but yet feel so happy!

Gifs only for this entry!
More to comeeee.

I love my crazy friends! ♥♥♥
I have no long hair to flick* already so I became their photographer!

*I know that the correct word is flip but flick has more impact I feel. :)

Raine's fan so strong she blew Nicole and Elena away. Hahahahahaha.

1:13 to 1:18 is a must watch!!!
"Guardian" bread! *inside joke*
Do edit the settings at the bottom right and watch it in HD. :)

PS: I did the RM's JongKook "enter door" move but too bad the camera was in my hands, no one could see it!!
PPS: I don't know why my voice so gross, guess I was super high last night.

Here's me if you miss my face! :P

A photo-preview for the next entry:

You're only young once.
Don't judge us. :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

#540 - Meet Up / Food As Motivation #8 - Privé Café

Brunch with a view. :)

Met up with a long lost friend, JiaZhi during our free time!
There were zero awkward moments and we talked about everything. :)

Have been wanting to try Eggs Benedict for so long already so after looking through my food list, we settled for brunch at Privé Café at Marina at Keppel Bay!

Keppel Bay is super serene and pretty please!
Time seems to pass slower there.
A must go for couples, and I am definitely bringing my other half there next time!!

Gotta love the ambience. :)

Privé's Ultimate Brekkie (SGD20)

Eggs Benedict (SGD16)
Soooo yummy!
Except the taste was too strong and the bacon was too salty!
The poached eggs were so bouncy, I accidentally poked it and it didn't burst one! :D

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
Privé Café
Marina at Keppel Bay
2 Keppel Bay Vista
Singapore 098382
Tel 67760777

I tried my best!
The rest of the photos were too unglam!

Le friend couldn't stand my camwhoring in the toilet. :X

Got hyped up when I tested Dynamic Mode on my LX5 and got this chio electric blue colour.
Omg. #fetish *-*

Some views around the restaurant at Keppel Bay!
So nice to chillax one!! :)

Thankful for the cloud which hid the sun rays.

Anyway, this long bridge reminds me of the Wedding Match in Running Man.
Yes right!!!

Sat down halfway in the middle of the bridge to enjoy the view and the breeze.
Omg so peaceful.. :)

Happy day! :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

#539 - Instagram Craze

 Instagram finally came to Android not long ago!

Some photos out of the many to share!
Follow me on Instagram at ShufenChua if you haven't! :D

#1. First photo ever taken, wanted to ayg seh so took a photo of something in bright colours. Guess I used the wrong filters then!
#2. Snowglobe from Lynette for Christmas '09.

#3. Yogurt chocolate from Junye, cute packaging by this cool shop in Taiwan.
#4. One of the prettiest sunset I saw in my life at East Coast Park.

#5. Double Decker mini version!
#6. IKEA Meatballs! *-*

 #7. Back then when SwF just came to Android, and I beated the pros. :D
#8. Cute duckie I saw at Singapore Botanic Gardens.

#9. KFC Double Down.
#10. Physics Cheat Sheet for exam.

#11. Cheesy mayo-ny goodness!
#12. Dirty little Patrick. :(

#13. The endless road @ NTU.
#14. Cool signs spotted at Pastamania! :)

#15. The Hunger Games trilogy. Yes I bought it! :D
#16. Nutella, spoon licking good. ;) 

#17. Chilling at Zann's house after Thermodynamics exams!
#18. Storm is coming.

#19. Fried ice-cream. :>
#20. Full Works @ Food For Thought.

#21. Chunky Sausage & Tomato Linguine @ Food For Thought.
#22. Lootssss. :)

 #23. Karang guni for a day.
#24. Jacuzzi pool at gran's house, lika shiok only.

And a lot a lot more I never share here!
Follow me at ShufenChua. :D

Oh, and I realised out of all my Instagram photos, ZERO has my face in them.
I guess.. I am just not THAT much a narcissist.
Or maybe I prefer taking photos of objects.

Might post photos of my face soon, if it doesn't scare you away. ;)