Thursday, December 31, 2009

#183 - Presents

Some birthday presents came late! :D
ORANGE Nalgene Waterbottle from my brother! :D
ORANGE night lamp with card in written in ORANGE ink by Shimin! :D
Cute Photoframe FILLED WITH 20 PHOTOS WE TOOK TOGETHER, ranging from 2 or 3 years ago till recent (omg so thoughtful) by 2 friends who want to protect their identities on this blog. :D

Thanks lovelayes! :D

Last but not least, I got a dress for myself while shopping at 313@Somerset with my cousins the other day.
Quirky design of Hula&Co. bag with long handles so that one can wear it like a handbag. ;)
Got this dress at a very affordable price! :)
2 colours to choose from, navy blue and white.
Very hard to make a decision and I got this in the end! :D

In less than 11hours time, it will be 2010!
May all around me celebrate or welcome this new year with happiness joy love and laughter! :) :D

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

#182 - New Year Resolutions for 2010

Okay I know I said before I am going to blog about the dinner with my cousins.

But! I still have not gotten the photos from my cousin yet so instead of blogging about that, let's talk about something else today.

Yes, and in 1 day plus time, 2009 is ending and we are going to welcome year 2010.

Have you made your New Year Resolutions yet? :)

Looking at my 31dec2008 entry, I can't help but laugh at my resolutions.

Here's what I typed:

New Year Resolutions for 2009
- Find a rich, tall and tanned boyfriend
- Grow taller
- Be slimmer
- Avoid oily and fried stuff
- Eat more veggie
- Cut down more on intake of red meat
- Be more focused on studies
- Stop peeling my skin
- Save more money $$$
- Learn something new
- Do something meaningful like be a volunteer etc

Funny much manz. And looking at the list, I realized I only fulfilled a few. :(

But, *self-comfort* at least part of them are fulfilled. :D

Today my aim is going to set New Year Resolutions, and I am not going to type the same resolutions as last year.

New Year Resolutions for 2010
- Everyone around me to be healthy and happy
- Study hard for A Levels
- Stop getting distracted by the smallest things ever
- More happiness, less sadness
- Help the disabled/elderly if I can
- Get a job after A Levels to earn money for shopping
- Control my diet so that I won't be fat for Prom (haha)
- Be more persistent in pasting double eyelids stickers (no one makes this type of resolution I know)
- Meet-ups with Primary School Besties and Secondary Clique
- To live everyday meaningfully and not waste it all away

Okay lah, I feel so 'greedy' for making so many New Year Resolutions for the new year manz.
But I will try my very best to fulfill every single one and make them come true! :)

Reason for blogging this a day earlier is because I might be out welcoming 2010 tmrw and have got no time to blog!

Will update this blog of mine soon with lotsa photos!
Till then, enjoy your stay here and click ads/tag/like my entries! :D

I am not prepared for 2010 to come actually.
J2. Studies. A Levels.
Are you up for it?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

#181 - Bad Dream

I had a super duper bad dream today morning. It was so real I feel I had to post this up to 'remind' myself.

It was about The (Doh) Bitches. Like omg lah, the dream felt so real and I woke up crying lor. -.-

-Dream Start-

I was outside on my own shopping that day and I saw Raine and Lynette shopping together. And then I felt super sad because they didn't even ask me out. So I went forward to approach them and 'confront' them.

And Raine, upon seeing me just stomped off with HATRED in her eyes. So I was like kind of taken aback and asked Lynette why Raine did this.

Scene changed from shopping mall to my house corridor. (don't ask me why, my dreams are always so illogical)

Then she told me that actually Raine hates me to the core. And then she gave examples like for example, Raine hates it whenever she sleeps in class and I just have to wake her up. (The sleeping part is so freaking true that I thought everything that was happening was real and not a dream please)

Then she gave more examples and then I got so sad. And I told her I did all these because I care for Raine. *inserts vomit sound* Lynette then nodded since she agreed with me.

Scene changed again, from my house corridor to a bus.

And so Lynette and I continued our conversation. Then suddenly some random stranger came up and she told me secretly that Lynette hates me too.

Wah, can you imagine the pain when you know 2 of your closest friends hate you? Omg, like thousand knives pierced through my heart at that moment manz. And I was thinking, so now what? I have no more friends left. My life in JJC would be just study and study and study. No laughters or fun or whatsoever at all.

Then I started crying.

And then I asked Lynette if it was true she hated me. And she said as-a-matter-of-fact-ly, a YES. So I asked her why. I had to know the reason, I mean you can't just hate someone for no particular reason right?

And she started to explain. Took her so long to say them out. My eyes were already tearing from this piece of devastating news that 2 of my friends hated me so much and that they didn't even tell me at all and pretend to friend me. :(

Just as she was about to speak out, my alarm clock rang. -.-


And I woke up, panicking and relieved that it was ONLY a dream. OMGZ manz, my face was wet with tears canz!

So with this dream, I learnt to treasure my friends around me more and I learnt the importance of having friends, especially closed ones and how much they meant to me. Thanks for being my friend. :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

#180 - Christmas Celebration

Note: Photos are not clear since they're being enlarged and also taken with a pathetic 2mp camera phone.

As mentioned 2 entries earlier, I celebrated my Christmas with the family from my father's side at my uncle's house.

The jacuzzi pool at the front porch.

Caught a photo of my grandfather lazing around at the front porch. :D

And to cut a long story short, we had BBQ.

I didn't take a lot of photos though, because the whole time I was busying BBQ-ing the food and not to mention being the first few to eat them. And when I looked at the photos I took in the end, I realized I only took photos of the preparation, everything before the start of the BBQ. (doh)

So many food to BBQ..
CP Brand Honey Chicken Wings (mmm), Hotdogs, Onion Cheese Hotdogs, Sambal/Butter/Black Pepper Prawns, Sambal Fish, Sambal Cuttlefish, Super Spicy but Delicious Otah, Satay, Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, Sweet Buttered Corn and last but not least, Marshmallows!

Just recalling what we had for dinner last night is enough to make my mouth water. And I had super mega loads of helpings since I was the one at the portable BBQ pit.

Not forgetting cooked food like Fried Rice and Fried Beehoon and fruits like Watermelon.


Preparing to start the fire for BBQ. (Of course there's a metal grill for the BBQ pit, not the small one up there, we just remove the grill to start the fire first)

The metal grill.

Part of the food.

While some people start the fire...

Some skewer the prawns...

Some cut the watermelon...

While someone took a photo of her blood-red nails! HEHE! (pardon the blurry shot, I was in a rush after taking this photo since some people need my help)


I like the first photo! :D

Walked home with my family since our house is just like a 7mins walk away. (7mins seems weird I know, but putting it as 5mins seems very fast, and 10mins seems too long)

And me likey this neonORANGE watch which my aunt gave (even though I doubt I will wear it)! :D

Posing with my brother and my watches! His is nice too! (woot)

Okay lah, I think I updated enough!

Next entry will be most probably about cousin dinner next Monday at Eighteen Chefs!

Till then, goodbye.


Friday, December 25, 2009

#179 - Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Tis' the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la!

I hope that everyone I know will be happily celebrating Christmas with their loved ones on this day.
Appreciate what you have and stay happy forever.
Albeit saying this before in my previous entry, may this Christmas be filled with love, peace and happiness! :D

Thursday, December 24, 2009

#178 - Merry Christmas Eve

Christmas is coming in 1hour plus time! *acts excited*

Well my family don't celebrate Christmas so no special feelings towards this festival.

But even before Christmas, I received many Christmas gifts this year already! Surprise much! :D

And today KwaiGa met me just to pass me her home-made brownie and card! Thanks girl! :) *doh for forgetting to take a photo of it*

Haha and on the actual day of Christmas, there's a huge family gathering (father's side) at my uncle's big 4storey terrace house! EGGcited much! We gonna BBQ, partaye and rock the house down! \m/

Will try my best to take lots of photos so that I can update my blog with! :)

This Christmas - Chris Brown

Still loving this song even though I shared it last year and first heard it 2 years ago.
So many memories.

Merry Christmas EVE!
Till then, may this Christmas be one filled with love, peace and happiness! :D

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

#177 - 汤圆 Tutorial

Exactly 3 months ago, I blogged about the Split Tutorial.

Today, I 'prepared' another tutorial for you guys! (actually no, I just have nothing to blog about ._.)

As you may have read the title above, yes, today we are going to learn how to make 汤圆, since it's Winter Solstice otherwise known more commonly as 冬至 in Chinese. :)

I remember doing a FAQ on the 汤圆 for 冬至 a year ago. See it here.

So first things first. Make sure you come prepared!

Things to get ready:

A packet of glutinous rice flour, any brand will do. (this is randomly sourced from the net since I didn't take a photo of the flour my mum bought)

A mug of water. You would need this to mix with the flour for the 汤圆 dough.

Pink artificial edible colouring for making the pink 汤圆s.

A big traditional-like plate to store your raw hand-roll 汤圆s.

Your ahgong's time traditional-like pots to store your cooked 汤圆s.

Pandan leaves and these ice-looking rock sugar for sweetening of the 汤圆's soup. (obviously these 2 photos were sourced from net)

And last but not least, you need kind helpers like my brother and I who woke up at 6.52am in the morning just to make the 汤圆 for Winter Solstice.

*inserts photo of my brother and I posing happily with the 汤圆 here*

With the ingredients ready, let's get started.

Now I am sure most of you would know how to transform flour into a dough, so we shall skip this part, ie no photos on them.

Basically you just add water to the flour and then mix and mash till you get the dough.
Pretty obvious huh?
Remember to add the pink colouring for one of the batches of dough you made if not you'd end up with only white ones which seem to look incomplete without the pink ones there!

 Then you end up getting something that look like this.

The pink one and the white one, separated!

My brother and I split jobs and he was in charge of 'pinching' and estimating out the pieces for making the 汤圆s.

While I was in charge of making them transform into cute little chewy 汤圆s! :D

Oh and remember! It's not easy making 汤圆s.
When you are rolling it between your palm, you should not apply too much pressure.

Just place it gently between your palms and rotate it in a clockwise direction (right handers) and shape it into small little balls of 汤圆s.

The first row of 汤圆s! They look too cute to be eaten!

The first pink 汤圆!

A whole plate full of 汤圆s! :D

Okay now we're done with the 汤圆, it's time to settle the soup base!

Pandan leaves giving off nice scent!

Rock sugar by the side, getting ready to be thrown into the pot!

Not forgetting the 汤圆s which were heated up and stirred in a wok of warm water first! :)

There you have it! Nice smelling chewy QQ old school 汤圆s! :D

The end results! (mmm)

Nope I have not ended yet.
Gonna introduce another type of 汤圆s my family made.
Well Idk if anyone else makes this, but my family sure does.

ORANGE-coloured 汤圆s!!!

Okay I know they look a little too nua and disgusting here but trust me, they're nice albeit being too sweet for my liking!

The reason for their colour is because of the orange sugar(?) that my mum added!

And if you noticed, they are not shaped spherically.

I am going to show you how they actually look like before being cooked.

There you go!
This is the reason why they looked a bit mashed up in the final product picture.

And of course making it is easy as well!

You rotate it in a clockwise direction.

Then you apply a small amount of pressure on it to give it a slight dent.

And you are done! (汤圆 was resized to 2 times its original because my brother and I were fooling around with the leftover dough, hehe)

A big plateful of goodness!

Hehe bye! :)