Monday, December 31, 2007

Tests and Trip to Novena Furniture Store

You Are 46% Strange!

You are a bit strange, though still more normal than strange. You definitely have some quirks, don't get me wrong. But you aren't exactly freaking out old ladies on the street. It's okay though, you've got a healthy mixture of strangeness and normality.

somewhat true. :)

Anyone has the song 'Here I Am' by Paul Twohill?

it's a nice song although i dont really like him. :X but yeah, send it to me if you have that song. thanks! :)


hmm. went to the Novena Furniture place with my family today. my parents wanted to get a new bed so yeah. looked around.

i took many photos over there since i was like so bored. shall upload some. :)

i love this set alot. hahah. :D

-.- i saw this picture of this yucky creature being used as an accessory.
look! even the lift's mirror has got the 'Novena' thing on it.
then my parents finally chose the bed they want and then they sat down to discuss the payment and stuff. boring, so i tried entertaining myself by taking photos.

on the way back.

If misery loves company, well, so long, you miss me when i'm gone.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Red Bananas & Quiz

i woke up early in the morning and the moment i got into the kitchen, i got a shock!

red bananas! call me suaku or what, i have never seen red bananas in my whole 15 years of life. O.O

so i feel i need to try it.

i peeled it open and guess what i saw??!!

the flesh's yellow! (*plays 'chey' in the background*)

i took a bite and it tasted like...

enough of sharing my banana experience. we shall do a quiz now. :D haven been doing that for ages! :)

- Known as: Chua Shufen
- Born: 17Dec1992
- Hair color: Black with a few white&gold strands. -.-
- Eye: Hazel brown mixed with dark brown.

- Fallen off the bed? when i was a baby? i dont know. :/
- Broken someone else's heart? think so.
- Had your heart broken? yeah.
- Had a dream come true? twice if i didnt remember wrongly.

- Wearing: White IP Zone Tee & Shorts.
- Listening to: 你最近还好吗 by S.H.E
- Location: Masterbed room
- Chatting with: no one. :)

- Have any piercings/How many/Where? yes. 2. on my ears.
- Drive: gonna do that when i am of age. :)
- Drink: very rare.
- Have a cell phone: DUH.

- Hugged: dont remember. :/
- Talked with on the phone: Mum
- Text: Timothy

- What do you want to be when you grow up? i aim to be a psychologist. :)
- What comes first in your life? My love ones.
- What do you usually think about before you go to bed? What time to wake up tmrw.

- Show: dont have lehs.
- Store: nope.
- Food: it depends. :)

- Like to give hugs: erm, it depends.
- Like to walk in the rain: NO. i hate it when the raindrops fall on my specs and make it blur till i cant see my way.
- Prefer white or black? : i am greedy, i like both. :D
- Sleep on your side: sometimes.
- Have stuffed animals: of course.

- Pierced nose or tongue: i prefer neither.
- Chocolate or flowers: Chocolate.
- Color or black-and-white photos: depends.
- Stay up late or sleep in: depends on who i am with.
- Sun or moon: if i want to get a tan, i would want the sun. if i want to just stare up the sky at night, i would want the moon.
- Left or Right: Right
- 10 Acquaintances or One best friend: One best friend
- Spring or Fall: Spring
- Happy or sad: Happy
- Wonder or amazement: can i have both? :)

- First self purchased CD: dont remember. :/
- First pet: mealworms. -.-
- First piercing/tattoo: when i was 4 years old.

- Last GOOD cry: long ago, i've grown up.
- Last phone call: Mum
- Last time showered: 10plus in the morning.

- Current mood: BORED.
- Current food: red banana. -.-
- Current hair: MY hair?
- Current annoyance(s): why is it like so hot here?

- Made you smile: Vernon A and Justin Ang. hahah.
- Saw you cry: no one. :/

- Be serious or be funny: depends on who i am with.
- Drink whole or skim milk: whole. fattening but nice. (:
- Spend time with your parents or enemies? Parents.

- Do you prefer gray or black? black
- Lust or love? Love.
- Sunrise or sunset? i've been thinking of this since the start of the year, and it's gonna be 2008 soon and i still cant decide which one is better.
- M&M's or skittles? M&M! :DD

- Do you like anyone? i dont like anyone. I LOVE EVERYONE! :D
- Do you believe in love at first sight? no.
- Do you fall for the wrong guy or girl? maybe.

There are too many things that I haven't done yet,
too many sunsets I haven't seen;
you can't waste the day wishing it'd slow down.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Funny Dream. (:

hahah. i haven been posting for some days already. so i shall update. LOL.

been having lots of dreams these few days and i dreamt of something. very very nice but too bad, it's a dream. it's gonna be my favourite dream of year 2007 (LOL).

here goes:
i dreamt that i scolded at someone who taught me, someone whom i hated a lot (no, i am not saying who, i think it's quite obvious) and the feeling was so shiok. i was like telling him all the biased-ness blah blah, everything i kept in my heart, all the hatred i felt for him. so shiok really, cos he was quiet all the while when i was like complaining to him. hahahha. and his face looked super guilty which make my scolding a nice one. and what's more, after i was done scolding, some other girls and guys helped me to scold and complain him as well. and it's shocking to know who the guys and girls were. hahahh. and then the best part, he left the school and we got someone new to teach us.


i was like faggot lah, stupid dream, make me so happy for nothing. -.-

i really hope that dream of mine comes true lah, really. then i wouldnt have to suffer anymore. :(

oh, and school's reopening in a few days time. which means time to chiong my homework. D:

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas, XOXO. ♥

okay. i know i have to update if not i would be bashed by some people. ):

i had many weird dreams last night. -.-

one of them was that i was eating with a shuai ge (he's really shuai but i have never in my life seen him before, -.-) and his mother. then we were eating chicken rice, so diao.

another one was about some guy i know (heck, i dont know why i dreamt of him, nightmare! :D) who was about to play basketball, and he asked me to take care of his (okay, this is gonna be so weird) measuring tape which he had wrapped around his waist before he played basketball! O.o

okay. back to what i have been doing these few days.

23 Dec 2007
outing with cousins! ♥
they lied to me! ): they met earlier at 1.30pm while they told me to meet at 3pm. pangseh me. make me go cityhall alone. sobsobs. then when i reached, they called me and told me i was late. -.- then asked me to walk to esplanade alone leh. ))): hahahha. and i chose to walk under the hot sun, because that means i would pass by those places where i had fond memories of the amazing race. (: then when i finally reached esplanade, they pretended to dao me. and in the end, i found out that they were busy preparing my birthday present and stuff. thanks so much ah! ♥ okay, i am too lazy to say more. we then walked to citylink mall and then peiwen requested for a change in the place we are going to have our dinner. we actually had reserved seats in Secret Recipe, but in the end, she chose NewYork NewYork so yeah. settled. but i dont call it NewYork NewYork, i called it NewYorkSquare. hahahh.
then we shopped shopped at Raffles City and later got jiaxin to queue with me for donuts at the Donut Factory. 20 minutes for 1/2 a dozen donuts. hahah! bought tako balls later (i am super scared to eat them now, since i have been eating them for consecutive 3 days!) and then went to the top with the rest to settle down and eat. and the security guard over them told us to eat somewhere cos we were sitting in a hotel. -.- it doesnt even look like a hotel, LOL! walked walked a little and the rest of us went to NewYorkSquare to settle down while shimin and kaixin went to suntec to buy something.
then there was this friendly waitress over there at NewYorkSquare and yeah. we love her, Jacqui Lyn (pronounced as Jac-ki Lin). really very 'high', she waved like crazy when she saw us. make me feel like laughing so happily. (: & the food was superb, we ordered one of them two times. :D after much eating plus loads of camwhoring, we were finally done over there. hahahah. the waitress, Jacqui had actually told us that she had wanted to give us candy floss but apparently the machine broke down. AWW. D: feeling full and contented, we left for esplanade where we camwhored. and then later at the merlion that side, and camwhored again. hahah. left later. (:
24 Dec 2007
made ic with yuxuan today. went to the ICA building and got our photos taken. super super super super ugly and uglier than the one i took in school with my coconut fringe. the man over there made me take off my specs and i looked super white plus my dimple is so obvious! ))): & waited for so long to register. blah. went to bugis later and shopped. there were so many people there, dont like. lunched on KFC Buddy Meal, so full and fattening. :/ and we shopped for christmas presents, yuxuan had to buy for her friends, had a hard time deciding on which to buy and got
Some photos.
the photo which they took while i was still innocently in the mrt thinking i was early.

she's cute!

i realised that i am good at taking clear photos. :D

& they are being loved. ♥


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Chalet `07 and other updates! <3

hahahah. so i shall update.

17 Dec 2007
hahah. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YUXUAN, JEANLE, MY COUSIN'S NEWBORN BABY & ME!!! (abit belated now i know)
i really wanna thank the ppl who wish me happy birthday, be it calling, sms-ing, testimonial-ing, facebook-ing, tagging at my blog, etc. I LOVE YOU GUYS LOADS! :D

18 Dec 2007
chalet. i didnt stay cos i wasnt in the mood to, so i went back home.

woke up early and met with yvonne, adeline, jiazhi, shunting, sandy, yanying, minyan, vernon and dexter at shengsiong to buy the necessities like food, etc. then met with some of the rest at cck and set off. :D i had expected the trip to be long since we are like going to pasir ris but in the end, the whole trip seems short. probably bcos i was like listening to songs half the time. LOL.

bought lunch later and then waited while everyone was done we took bus 403 to meet yvonne's mother so that she could bring us to the chalet. and i tell you, the chalet is big! :DDDDDDD hahahahhah. okay i haven been updating for only a few days but i guess i have lost many descriptive words i know.
erm. then we settled down and had our lunch, chicken rice, so not nice, i am telling you. never go to white sands shopping mall's foodcourt and eat the chicken rice. :/ played mahjong later and due to the fact that i kind of forgot how to play it, i kept losing all the time. (because i though when you 'hu', you need like 2 pair of 'yan jing'. then many times, i actually can 'hu' but i didnt cos i was waiting for my another pair of 'yan jing'.) if you play mahjong, you would know what i am talking about, i know i am stupid. :X
later watched tv awhile and then went out with jiazhi to fetch yunhui and the rest. later we ran up and played uno stacko and stupid things happened but this time i wasnt the stupid one. :X hahahah. we were playing uno stacko as said just now, and then it's like, uno stacko there's like 3 blocks every level lah, then it's like if you remove the block in the middle, the remaining 2 blocks will be the ones left to support the uno stacko correct? and then jiazhi removed one of the remaining 2 blocks without thinking. then of course, the uno stacko toppled. okay, it's not funny here and maybe you dont understand what i am saying, but at that moment, it was so so funneh, and i rolled on the floor laughing, i am not lying. it was seriously funny and i felt the urge to tell anyone that came into the room at that time, ppl like shunting and huisian. but i got thrown with a pillow and a blanket by jiazhi when i tried to tell the others. :D hahahhah. and we were afraid that the blocks would topple and we put a pillow and a blanket surrounding it but in the end it fell in the middle. ROTFL.

a while later, we were told to make fruit punch using the cordial and then we were like LOL. why us? but in the end, jiazhi and i went to make it. and we did alot of things and added a lot of tap water. whoops. :/ we were like super unhygenic while making the cordial, not telling though. :XXXX hahahah. six oclock came fast and we tried to start the fire. it was tough since all the fire starters we bought has got no 'hair'. ): so we tried every way to start it, like burning matchboxes, sticks with butter, leaves, paper plates, tissue paper and toilet papers. yes, toilet papers. we burnt more than 5 rolls of it if i didnt remember wrongly, just to keep the fire burning. i was like joking, that the bbq food might cause diarrhea (spelling according to my phone's dictionary), and if they need to go toilet, then too bad. hahah. but overall it was successful lah. yeah. and the last minute marinated chicken pieces and cheese chicken we invented tasted fabulous so the bbq was great! (: hahah, but i have to say, the guys were like sooooo. only like shunyu, wei chang and junjie stay to help with the bbq. was kind of disappointed in a way. i thought we are having this chalet to unite one another again? but yet, the guys went to rent bicycle/cycle. then when they come back, some of the girls were already not happy le.

then someone took out the cake we bought earlier and they invited yuliang and me to sit on the 'bao zuo'. then they started singing the birthday song. really sad that yuxuan couldnt join us. ): we then made wishes, blew the candles and cut the cake. very funneh, but i was happy. (: yeah. ate the cake and then helped a bit in the cleaning up then started washing up and preparing to leave with a few others.

took bus 403 and yunhui was shrieking here and there about a bug which is so not on her body at all, and i have no idea why she keep shrieking. hahaha. she kept asking if it's on her body, but it's so not on her body but on mine. -.- no matter how hard we say no, she kept on asking, making me pekchek and told her it's on her body. and her reaction was funny. hahahha. then the rest were like let's change place. LOL. went to 7/11 and then some of them got some snacks and drink. i was kind of full so i kope a little from them only. took the train back and it was quite empty. and we treated as though the whole train was ours. we talked loudly, me especially. hahah, dont care! :D
reached home around 11 plus. yeah. (:

& i kinda regret not going to vivo with someone, but i know there will be still other chances to go out. hahah.

19 Dec 2007
slacking. hahahah.

20 Dec 2007
updated yesterday.

woke up early in the morning at 7 plus to accompany my brother and mum to unity sec school to register for my brother and buy books and uniform. *yawns* super tired canz. and i found out that unity sec school has got the record board for the NAPFA test thing. it got me interested bcos if i am in that school, i could break one of the record there. SUPER BUAYBA! i checked the inclined-pull ups and the sit and reach for the females, cos that's what i am better at. the highest record was 41 for inclined-pull ups and i got a prize last year for the highest in the lower sec last year because i did 42! hahahahahh. yay! i broke it. their sit and reach was 62 cm but my highest record was 61cm only and that was when i was in primary 5! hahahah. bu ke neng break theirs one! my current one is like 48cm only. super lousy already! D: & i took a photo of it. :DD

as usual, click on image for larger version. (: (sorry for the poor image quality for some of the photos.)

chalet photos. not alot cos i didnt get any from those who really took lots. :X

it fell in the middle, so the pillow and the blanket were useless. D:

the very pitiful corn which stay next to the charcoal for 3947509375092750927 years before someone realised that it was still inside!
i think that guy on the right thought i wanna take a photo of him. no lah, not hawt enough for me! :D look at the reflections! (:
YAY. i am finally done. (: cheers. :D

Friday, December 21, 2007

Giving Up Blogging?

i am tired of blogging. ):

i had actually wanted to update on the chalet yesterday but i found out i lost my sense of blogging so i decided to save the post and not update instead.

i feel like quitting blogging like what yuxuan did.
but i dont think i am gonna do that. YET.

whatever. think i will update tmrw then.

today is the sad 1yr anniversary of my lost phone. DD:

i miss you dear phone, i know you do too. (:

You gave me the chance to say everything out but i didnt make use of it.
But i know if i could do it over, I would trade, give away, all the words that I saved in my heart that I left unspoken.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Update over the week.

hahahhah, finally went for an eye checkup today. and YAY, my degree went down from 800+ on the left eye and 900+ on the right eye to 725 on the left one and 850 on the right one. it's alot kay, i thought my degree would like increase since it's like i used the com for more than 5 hours everyday. :/ and double YAY, i am getting a new spec soon. :DD i tried on like 16 pairs of frame until i finally found the one i like. okay, i dont really like it, but it suits me best. not too nerdy not too over. hahhaha. i had actually want to get a white one but the lenses were too small for my eyes and the optician told me the design comes like that and he cant make the lenses bigger for me. how sad. D: okay, whatever.

& next week, i will be like so busy. D: and i have yet to complete my homework, i've done physics 2005 paper though, sense of accomplishment. maths tys and 10 compos left. HOW INTERESTING. i'd bet i would spend my last week of hols pia-ing my homework. and i haven been out with friends for so long. DD:

17 Dec 2007: Off to the supermarket to get food. :D (birthday celebration belated) probably with yuxuan, minyan, shunting (okay, i have no idea why she's coming, maybe 'seduce' the ppl there to give us discount. :/), yanying and some guys i guess. (i hope it's ah gong and ah ma again! :D)

18 Dec 2007: BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION WITH YUXUAN!!! (we're gonna like check in the chalet, say byebye to others and tell them we are having a celebration to make them jealous. LOL.)

18 Dec 2007 to 20 Dec 2007: 2A`o6 class chalet! looking forward to see the 2A-ians. :DD

21 Dec 2007: Meeting at Limbang Mac with Sec3 ELDDS-ians to discuss on graduation show.

22 Dec 2007: Off to get my new specs. :)

23 Dec 2007: Christmas Dinner with beloved cousies! <3>&yuxuan: lol. i am really bored you know. but dont worry, i wont be that lame on 17 dec! heheh! :DDD and my com is so not a les. :/ if it is, it will get jealous when i am talking to girls. hahahhah! :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fooling people and some complaints.


i was looking for some important documents and i found out something very big that i didnt know about it for 14 years! as i was looking for something, i came across my birth certificate and i found out that my birthday isnt 17dec at all. mine was 28april! i was so shocked and i screamed for my mum to come. i showed her the birth cert and she was shocked too! she then went to find my brother's birth cert and realised that she had mixed up our birthdates totally! neh shit, this means i have been celebrating my 'birthday' on the wrong day for 14 years already! till now, i am still very shocked by the fact that i am actually older than most of my friends. i cant believe it man. my brother was shocked too, and he blamed my mum for telling him that he was born on 28april. OMG. i cant believe it's happening to me. 3 more days to my 'birthday' leh. :X can you believe it? all i am saying is so true!!


hahahha, my birthday is really on 17dec lah. there wasnt any mistakes or whatsoever. i just wanna get ppl's attention. and yes, my birthday is coming in just 3days time. dont excuse yourself and say that you forgot about it cos you thought my birthday is 28april. so not funny. hahahha. so MY BIRTHDAY IS 17DEC, OKAYYYYYYY! :D

i have bolded it and put a larger font so there's no excuse you forget my birthday. hahahahhah.

&& i am celebrating my birthday with yuxuan in a supermarket this year. -.- HOW INTERESTING.

due to the fact that the class chalet is from 18-20dec, yuxuan and i decided to be noble people to be in charge of buying food and beverages for the class. OH HOW SWEET IS THAT. (rolls eyes) and we even sacrifice our birthday just to buy the food and beverage. sure hope our friends going to the chalet really appreciate it and dont complain things like what 'eh, why you buy XXX brand hotdogs? YYY brand one nicer' etc. i will poke you in your eyes if you do that. :D of course, i am good, so if you really wanna complain, i am fine with it, just bribe me with presents and i will willingly listen to your complaints and pretend that you are just singing to me. :))


and crap. my house now reeks of paint. the painters came to our house to paint and yeah, i finally got to choose what colour i want for my room. SWISS BLUE. hahhahah. but then it's really smelly. D: but painting means having to eat out so i guess i am okay with it. (:


oh and lastly, i found out that my computer is a male yesterday. HOW? i realised that whenever i talked to girls on msn, it doesnt lag or hang on me. but whenever i talked to guys, it either lags like hell or hang. crap. i think the computer is jealous of me talking to guys. (starts rolling eyes again) hahahha. that's lame.

okay whatever. (:

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Problem With Guys.

hahahah i saw this email i receive and i realised how true some of the things are. (: no offence to anyone in particular though, esp guys. LOL.

The Problem With Guys:

If you treat him nicely, he says you are in love with him.
If you dont, he says you are proud.

If you dress nicely, he says you are trying to lure him.
If you dont, he says you are from kampung.

If you argue with him, he says you are stubborn.
If you keep quiet, he says you have no brains.

If you are smarter than him, he'll lose face.
If he's smarter than you, he is great.

-i left out a few cos i dont wish to put them up here-

If you tell him your problem, he says you are troublesome.
If you dont, he says you dont trust him.

If you scold him, you are like a nanny to him.
If he scolds you, it is because he cares for you.

If you break your promise, you cannot be trusted.
If he breaks his promise, he is forced to do so.

If you smoke, you are a bad girl.
If he smokes, he's a gentleman.

If you do well in your examinations, he says it's luck.
If he do well in his examinations, it's brains.

If you hurt him, you are cruel.
If he hurts you, you are too sensitive.

hahahahah, okay, so i am done. :D guys can be so weird and contradicting sometimes huh. :)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm Okay.

yesyes. i was abit emo yesterday but the whole post was nothing actually. it concerned my friend and someone. not what some of you ppl think. i have people asking me during msn questions like these:

'Eh shufen, your post very emo leh. break up with your bf ah?'
'Hey, you wanna break up with your stead is it?'

lol. really made my day loh. make me laugh. the post is not about what BGR or breakup or whatever lah. and i am single ok? (: LOL.


&& i have to complete all my homework before my bday if not i think my mummy wont let me go out. ):

so far out of the homework i have, i have completed 3 chinese compos, geog assignment and history workbook.
i still got like a 2006 MYE or EOY (i cant remember) physics paper, maths tys, 10 compos (4 english ones & 6 chinese ones) not yet done. )))):
plus i have to study for the AMATHS test which everyone has to take next year, 1 chem test and 1 social studies test.


&&& sadder news.
yuxuan dearest is only free after 4pm on 171207. ): plus i cant get my patrick starfish from jiazhi this year due to some reason. ))))))):

told you i will have the saddest birthday of my life this year.
and it's really not linked to the previous post, see?
sometimes i thought i think too much, but instead i think you people think more that i do. (:

ahhh, whatever.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

All Good Things Come To An End

all good things must come to an end.

a story, which has a beginning will always have an ending.


may told me that nothing last forever yesterday or somewhere along that line.

so i have decided to put an end to everything.

i guess i will bring up the question tonight.

but i need courage.

nevermind, i shall drink beer to boost it up.



and i hope i suffer a memory loss right after i asked the question.

then i wouldnt have to remember anything at all.

all the memories, the pain, everything.

if i really did suffer a memory loss, i would forget someone.

someone i thought i couldnt forget.

on the brighter note, if it really happen (as in suffering a memory loss), maybe i would forget all my maths and physics formulas. that would be so great, maybe the school will make arrangements for me not to take maths and physics next year. (:

that got me thinking.

i wonder if that would really happen in the case of people suffering from memory loss. would they really forget all those things they learn before? mmm. maybe it would be better for them this way.

you know sometimes i wish i was born like cold-blooded? so that i wouldnt have to know how to love how to hate someone/something. or maybe i was born dumb. like they always say '傻人有傻福', maybe it's true.

Note To Self: Never to cry tonight.

"i never think about you, but you're always on my mind."

maybe i should listen to 'I'm Getting Over You' by The Click Five everytime. looped it until i got the whole song playing in my mind. then it shall be the day that i am convinced that i am really getting over you.

i predict i will have the saddest birthday of my life this year. ):

okay, whatever.

when darkness turns to light, it ends tonight, it ends tonight.

Friday, December 7, 2007


today was half love and half sad.

i will get over it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cool Inventions. (:

hahahahha. i saw some interesting stuff in an email and thought it would be cool to share it with you guys since i've got like nothing to blog about these days and Mongkok is asking me to update. :DD

Things That Make Life Easier. (Great Inventions)
Smart cup in which you can put 2-3 of your favourite cookies. You don't need extra plates. It's made for right handed and left handed.

BANANA GUARD - Protect Your Banana!
Are you fed up with bringing bananas to work or school only to find them bruised and squashed? Banana Guard allows you to safely transport and storage individual bananas letting you enjoy perfect bananas anytime, anywhere. And you know what else this one can be used for. (:

LOCK CUP - Anti-Theft Coffee Cup.
Are you tired of others stealing your coffee cup? Well now there's a solution. The Lock - Cup has a hole which prevents most people from using it. Only the owner of the cup can use his/hers shaped key to close the hole.

Making tea, though easy to do, is also time consuming. Once you pour the hot water into the cup, you must patiently hover over it, waiting for the tea to steep. Well, the Penguin Tea Timer happily does the waiting for you. Place your tea cup under the beak and set it to the desired time. As you turn the timer dial, the beak lowers the tea into the hot water. When time is up, a bell sounds and the penguin automatically lifts his beak, removing the tea bag from the water.

You love toast, but you always burn it? Than, this invention us for you. This transparent toaster allows you to see the bread while it is toasting so you just have to take it out when the colour is right. This idea is based on a transparent heating glass technology.

One Click Butter Cutter controls your portion as an important part of staying healthy. This ingenious butter cutter delivers one standard pat with each click of the handle.

Never lose your remote again! With giant buttons, this extra-large remote is easy to use and impossible to lose. It's a 6-in-1 remote so you can use it to control your TV, VCR, DVD player, satellite, cable and auxiliary A/V device. It even features glow-in-the-dark buttons, so you can easily find the remote in the dark.

What day is today? You don't know? Then you need a DayClock. It's uniquely designed to keep track of weekly events like your golf day, card night, movie night, and so much more. It's ideal for vacations and cruises when it's easy to lose track of the day.

Chalk outline crime scene beach towel - be the coolest person on the beach!

Laser ScissorsCutting a straight line has never been easier. Just aim the pin-point laser and follow the line. The scissor blades are stainless steel and cut very clean with a micro serrated edge.

'Who left the Toilet Seat up?' The PeaceMaker will end the battle of the toilet seat. Merely step on the pedal to activate the lifting mechanism. When finished, remove your foot from the pedal and the seat gently comes to a rest where it started.

Do you get up at night to drink water, go to the toilet. Do you wish you could see in the dark? Remarkably bright LED lights are triggered by your footsteps and light up the floor 30 feet in front of you; ultra-soft plush style are extra comfortable and cozy warm.

The Zaky is an ergonomic infant pillow designed by a mom to mimic the size, weight, touch, and feel of her hand and forearm to help her baby with comfort, support, protection, and development. The Zaky can help calm your baby and help your baby sleep better through the night.

If you are traveling a lot and don't always know the language of the country you are visiting, then this T-shirt is for you. It has a phrase book printed on it so just point a finger at the pictogram you need and then point it twice at the question mark, which means, 'Where is it?' and in no time you have found what you were looking for.

Realy cool modern ladder.

Anatomic tray, for waiters. No more dropping trays. We just don't know is it comfortable.

Whether you want to sit on the sun or in the shade, near the river or under the tree. Now you have your movable bench, to sit wherever you like.

tell me, did you fall for a shooting star?