Saturday, December 22, 2007

Chalet `07 and other updates! <3

hahahah. so i shall update.

17 Dec 2007
hahah. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YUXUAN, JEANLE, MY COUSIN'S NEWBORN BABY & ME!!! (abit belated now i know)
i really wanna thank the ppl who wish me happy birthday, be it calling, sms-ing, testimonial-ing, facebook-ing, tagging at my blog, etc. I LOVE YOU GUYS LOADS! :D

18 Dec 2007
chalet. i didnt stay cos i wasnt in the mood to, so i went back home.

woke up early and met with yvonne, adeline, jiazhi, shunting, sandy, yanying, minyan, vernon and dexter at shengsiong to buy the necessities like food, etc. then met with some of the rest at cck and set off. :D i had expected the trip to be long since we are like going to pasir ris but in the end, the whole trip seems short. probably bcos i was like listening to songs half the time. LOL.

bought lunch later and then waited while everyone was done we took bus 403 to meet yvonne's mother so that she could bring us to the chalet. and i tell you, the chalet is big! :DDDDDDD hahahahhah. okay i haven been updating for only a few days but i guess i have lost many descriptive words i know.
erm. then we settled down and had our lunch, chicken rice, so not nice, i am telling you. never go to white sands shopping mall's foodcourt and eat the chicken rice. :/ played mahjong later and due to the fact that i kind of forgot how to play it, i kept losing all the time. (because i though when you 'hu', you need like 2 pair of 'yan jing'. then many times, i actually can 'hu' but i didnt cos i was waiting for my another pair of 'yan jing'.) if you play mahjong, you would know what i am talking about, i know i am stupid. :X
later watched tv awhile and then went out with jiazhi to fetch yunhui and the rest. later we ran up and played uno stacko and stupid things happened but this time i wasnt the stupid one. :X hahahah. we were playing uno stacko as said just now, and then it's like, uno stacko there's like 3 blocks every level lah, then it's like if you remove the block in the middle, the remaining 2 blocks will be the ones left to support the uno stacko correct? and then jiazhi removed one of the remaining 2 blocks without thinking. then of course, the uno stacko toppled. okay, it's not funny here and maybe you dont understand what i am saying, but at that moment, it was so so funneh, and i rolled on the floor laughing, i am not lying. it was seriously funny and i felt the urge to tell anyone that came into the room at that time, ppl like shunting and huisian. but i got thrown with a pillow and a blanket by jiazhi when i tried to tell the others. :D hahahhah. and we were afraid that the blocks would topple and we put a pillow and a blanket surrounding it but in the end it fell in the middle. ROTFL.

a while later, we were told to make fruit punch using the cordial and then we were like LOL. why us? but in the end, jiazhi and i went to make it. and we did alot of things and added a lot of tap water. whoops. :/ we were like super unhygenic while making the cordial, not telling though. :XXXX hahahah. six oclock came fast and we tried to start the fire. it was tough since all the fire starters we bought has got no 'hair'. ): so we tried every way to start it, like burning matchboxes, sticks with butter, leaves, paper plates, tissue paper and toilet papers. yes, toilet papers. we burnt more than 5 rolls of it if i didnt remember wrongly, just to keep the fire burning. i was like joking, that the bbq food might cause diarrhea (spelling according to my phone's dictionary), and if they need to go toilet, then too bad. hahah. but overall it was successful lah. yeah. and the last minute marinated chicken pieces and cheese chicken we invented tasted fabulous so the bbq was great! (: hahah, but i have to say, the guys were like sooooo. only like shunyu, wei chang and junjie stay to help with the bbq. was kind of disappointed in a way. i thought we are having this chalet to unite one another again? but yet, the guys went to rent bicycle/cycle. then when they come back, some of the girls were already not happy le.

then someone took out the cake we bought earlier and they invited yuliang and me to sit on the 'bao zuo'. then they started singing the birthday song. really sad that yuxuan couldnt join us. ): we then made wishes, blew the candles and cut the cake. very funneh, but i was happy. (: yeah. ate the cake and then helped a bit in the cleaning up then started washing up and preparing to leave with a few others.

took bus 403 and yunhui was shrieking here and there about a bug which is so not on her body at all, and i have no idea why she keep shrieking. hahaha. she kept asking if it's on her body, but it's so not on her body but on mine. -.- no matter how hard we say no, she kept on asking, making me pekchek and told her it's on her body. and her reaction was funny. hahahha. then the rest were like let's change place. LOL. went to 7/11 and then some of them got some snacks and drink. i was kind of full so i kope a little from them only. took the train back and it was quite empty. and we treated as though the whole train was ours. we talked loudly, me especially. hahah, dont care! :D
reached home around 11 plus. yeah. (:

& i kinda regret not going to vivo with someone, but i know there will be still other chances to go out. hahah.

19 Dec 2007
slacking. hahahah.

20 Dec 2007
updated yesterday.

woke up early in the morning at 7 plus to accompany my brother and mum to unity sec school to register for my brother and buy books and uniform. *yawns* super tired canz. and i found out that unity sec school has got the record board for the NAPFA test thing. it got me interested bcos if i am in that school, i could break one of the record there. SUPER BUAYBA! i checked the inclined-pull ups and the sit and reach for the females, cos that's what i am better at. the highest record was 41 for inclined-pull ups and i got a prize last year for the highest in the lower sec last year because i did 42! hahahahahh. yay! i broke it. their sit and reach was 62 cm but my highest record was 61cm only and that was when i was in primary 5! hahahah. bu ke neng break theirs one! my current one is like 48cm only. super lousy already! D: & i took a photo of it. :DD

as usual, click on image for larger version. (: (sorry for the poor image quality for some of the photos.)

chalet photos. not alot cos i didnt get any from those who really took lots. :X

it fell in the middle, so the pillow and the blanket were useless. D:

the very pitiful corn which stay next to the charcoal for 3947509375092750927 years before someone realised that it was still inside!
i think that guy on the right thought i wanna take a photo of him. no lah, not hawt enough for me! :D look at the reflections! (:
YAY. i am finally done. (: cheers. :D

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