Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It has been ages since I blogged lahr. My com is down so I cant type at home. In school now typing lahs. Hahas. These days were <3 lahr. Haha. On Monday, minyan surprised me with a crown. She made it herself, using beads. I didn’t really expect something like that. Thanks minyan! Haha. Hmm. And I still have a lot to post but I do not have much time and I cant think of those things that happen to me now. I saved them in my phone! Gahh. I remembered one though. Ever since Monday, after thaqif went to ask evonne for her number claiming that wanlin and I wanted it, evonne has been smiling to us. Eeyer! So kong bu can. :X hahas. And Tuesday. Hmm. Ms sim didn’t come. Hallelujah! :D so happy. *grins. Aiya. Many many things happened lah. Yeah. Today. Mm. just watched Anna and the King and felt so sian so decide to post when I have the chance to. Realize that my English is like all so perfect? That’s because I am typing my post in mircrosoft word. Laugh laugh laugh. I think I wont be posting in another few days since I don’t think my com will be fixed so soon. So do keep the tags on okay! :D shant reply to tags already. (:

Saturday, April 7, 2007

photos taken ytd! :D (thanks to kaisin for the photos!) i dont really like them but i shall upload.

i hate my dimple.

i have doubts.
is that what you call true love?
he hasnt known her for months and they claimed that they love each other.
she seems as though she is desperate for a guy, no offence.
she look at one's looks, not heart.

replies to tags:
yunhuii: hahas. thanks for tagging. :)
shark: haha. i did nothing to it. the codings were made that if i italised the word, it will become hotpink. :)
afiqah: precisely. i hate it totally! :X
Thaqif: okay. i tagged something elso already. happy? :D
>Yongkian!: haha. yeah. :)

Thursday, April 5, 2007

today was ____. :)
everything that happened went so smoothly. was emo for awhile for no particular reason. after english, everything was okay because of something. him. yeah. ms lee was being so good today. she let us read a nice yet kind of creepy story for the rest of the lesson and she didnt give us any homework for the week. miracle lah! hahas.


lunch at sakae sushi. we were so noisy. all so siasuay man. throw my face in the river can. ahha. and i realised that sakae's buffet's cheaper then suki's but their variety of food is quite little, and the drinks arent free-flowed unlike suki's. boo. hahas. while eating, wanlin, nat and i decided to act retard. we took the plastic covers of the sushi and put it on top of our heads like retards. so funny. and xuanyu took a photo of it. and we got 'scolded' by the manager there for being unhygenic. :X haha. and we ate and fool around. i was so full already. yet i still ate the fruits and the dessert. and the dessert is so nice can. frozen white chocolate coated strawberries. wah. i had 2 only though. hahas.

deep inside my heart lies a secret.
something that you and i know. :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

syf today was successful!
so happy now can. haha. everthing went well except for some minor errors. hoping that we could get at least a silver huh. yeah. i was working bare-footed throughout the whole show since valerie and i trade shoes as she doesnt have any dark ones. and her shoes were like a size bigger? i was like, aiya, take off first. then i went wee wee. when i was back, everyone was rushing already. the performance was about to start. i was forbidden to enter the room where the shoes are so i ran up to the control room bare-footed. inside the room was like so darn cold can. haha. my socks couldnt protect my leg. :/ the lightings went all right. the sound too. when the show was like finally over, i was like heaving sighs of reliefs lah. and i cried. then i dont want people to see, so i wipe wipe wipe. haha. luckily i didnt do what warah did. i saw her crying and i nearly wailed. :X

lunched at Mac totally FOC.
- Mac Spicy Upsize EVM.
- 9 pieces of nuggets shared among 4.
- hot fudge sundae.

nice nice! thanks to ms tang and bear bear jie jie. (:

went back to school later, and realised there's like 5 min more before sch ends. so went back to 3c. yeah. ms yong didnt come so i was talking to yili and some other people. for what it seems like ages, the bell finally rang. and i took my homework from jiazhi. thank you! :D yeah. and people started asking, shufen how was it? ---------- etc etc. yeah. and i had to keep on repeating the same things. hahas. yeah. nice to know that there are still many who care. thanks. :D i am sure many missed me too, just that they are too shy to tell me face to face. :DD haha. and i think i am feeling so happy today! :) i hope i stay like this forever! oh hoho. it's like fat hope. okay. anyway, i wont let anything ruin my happy day today! going to sakae tmrw with most of the 2a-ians`o6. should be another happy occasion bahs. YAY! I LOVE TODAY! ❤❤

haha. and i got a nice blog for you guys to view. so funny lah. remember 'Just Follow Law'? yeah. that movie featured this blog. hahas. and it has many interesting posts and nice photos of the blogger. go read! :D i bet you will laugh like hell/feel happier. :)

smile and look at me again like what you did just now, will you? :)

replies to tags:
shasha*: hahas. i have relinked you. :)
jiaying`: hahas. thankyou! i think we did okay. :D
emilia: yay. today was a success. ILY TOO! ❤
ZHENYI!: thanks. :) you too on 12 okay. :D
~AiLEeN*: haha. thankyou. :)
kaii xiin: haha. everthing's okay. :D

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

1 more day to syf.
cast and crew of eldds, jiayous! :)
i believe we can do our best and get good results.
we must have faith in ourselves.
break a leg, everyone! <3
i think i am better now. thanks everyone. :)

replies to tags:
kaii xiin: HELLO! :D
>Yongkian!: it was some weird dream i had and i thought i would post it as a 'momento'. :)
ZHENYI!: what is so funny? anyway, hope you have cheer up! :D
~xuanyu~: ehhs. no loh. is your day can. hahas. dont want so too much, wait jiaying slap me uh. xD
yunhuii: hahas. okay lah. you not well should rest. shouldnt come today huh. i didnt take ct today. oh hoho. :D
jiaying`: yeah. indeed it did. :)
YUXUAN*: saw-ed. hehe.
DANIEL LIM: it's so funny lah! :D
YUXUAN*: zhen de hen xie xie ni. ni ye yao kai xin okay? i will be there for you too. <3
>Yongkian!: yeah. you too. jiayous! :D
DOREEN(: hahas. yeah. you too. get well soon! jiayous! :D

Monday, April 2, 2007

today was -----. many many things happened.
some happy. some sad. i kind of expected it to happen already. anyway, was quite pleased with my informal letter. i thought i wrote wrongly since there were like 4 members in the family and i wrote 5. yet, i got 20/30. zz. okay. that's probably the only happy thing that happen to me today. the rest were like so uh, negative? ---

andireallycantseemtocatchupwiththepaceasiunravelledmoreandmorestoriesfromdifferentpeople. oh well. maybe i am ageing/obstrasizing myself from the crowd already. i dont know. i hate the feeling of trying to pretend i am actually okay outside, but yet i am suffering like hell inside. sometimes i dont get what people are trying to tell me. sometimes i feel so useless. i cant even comfort my friend who needs me. i cant even cheer my friends up. i realised that most of us are emo-ing these period of time, it's weird. i think it's sooner or later i will be all alone by myself. i have already prepared myself for it if it really happens. i dont think anyone can help me now.
yarn sern to thomson tom yam.
mrt to bus to bike.
rabbits to cats.
strangers to friends. <3


replies to tags:
to all those who comforted me: thanks alot. i really appreciated it. :D
shark: hello there. :) i dont like it okay. haha. rumours rumours. :X thanks ya. :D
Thaqif: waa. so good luh. :D haha. yeah. i want one back. :)
emilia: thanks. you too. :D
jiaying`: hahas. thanks. i felt better ytd telling you what really happen. :D
>Yongkian!: hahas. yeah. she is taller than me by a lot a lot. :D
YUXUAN*: thanks. SMILE too. :)
Thaqif: haha. hello. :D

Sunday, April 1, 2007

hmm. so emo today. due to some things. i cant believe something like this happen lah.
forget it. i hope everything turns out well in the end.