Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Blogger VS LJ

It's not that i dont wanna blog anymore, it's just that i've decided to move blog currently to LJ for the time being.
Can, happy?
Oh by the way, please remember to either tag or comment here or there respectively. I've already enabled comments for my LJ. (:

Thanks and Love.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Amazing Race for Secondary 3.

- second blog.

- may be alternating updates.



If you happened to chance upon this entry of mine and is a secondary 3 student studying at Kranji Secondary School, please read this. (:

AMAZING RACE 2008 for the secondary 3.

Date: 3 April 2008 (yet to be confirmed)

Yes, I am not lying. The secondary 4 (us) had planned a nice, fun, interesting, enriching, shiok-ing and wet (you perspire, i'm sure) Amazing Race for you. Each secondary 3 class is to send 4 representatives as a group so that you can represent your class to take part in it and you might even get the top 3 placings!

If you like running and sweating like a mad cow (this thing just popped into my head), you should really take part in it. No regrets, I can assure you.

Furthermore, you are gonna enjoy the whole race. Why? That's because we have a list of nice and friendly facilitators who are going to be 'participating' with you!

For example: ME!!!

Fun guaranteed, you's never know if your group is the lucky one to
get me as your facilitator! WOOHOO. Are you excited till you're jumping up and
down alr? Well, it's really normal, trust me.

So what are you waiting for? When you see the flyer pinned up on your class regarding this Amazing Race (most probably up be tmrw), dont hestitate, sign up with the teacher now. This whole thing will be better than celebrating your birthday, I hope!

Okay, for more enquires, please look for Mr Ashlee Tan or any secondary 4 seniors involved in this Amazing Race. People like Jiazhi, Eric, Aisyah, Nurul, Iskandar, Cindy, Syahirah and of course, not forgetting me! (: (Pardon me if your name is not up there.)

Call this number in case of emergency. 1800-930-675. NOT.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Step Up 2 + Bowling = ♥

Elaine: I'm sorry i didnt go for your birthday celebration. I figured out that it was too disorganised and very last minute. And you guys went to town right? I dont really like going there since i've got phobia of crowds. So, yeah. Hope you enjoy this celebration in my absence. Love you loads okay. Have a sweet sixteen birthday this year! ♥

Watched Step Up 2: The Streets today with Yunhui, Timothy, Roger, Asaph and one of their church friend, Jinquan.

Yunhui was late when we (Timothy, Her and Me) were supposed to meet at the Yew Tee MRT Station at 11.30am. I thought i was late but she was the latest. Waiting for her seemed like ages. :X Didnt board the first train we see cause Asaph was late and we met them (Roger and Asaph) at the first cabin of the next train. Met with Jinquan at Woodlands MRT Station. Went to buy the ticks as yunhui called them, 6bucks each since there's student price, and had lunch at the Foodcourt later. After looking for seats and buying our food, we realised we only had 10mins left before the movie starts. So we masticated our meals quickly and had mass wee wee (okay, sounds wrong) and then entered the theatre. The seating sucks like hell, we were at the centre and i had thought it would be okay, but it turned out i was so wrong. we had to sit slanted and had to strain our neck during the whole movie just to get a good view of the movie. Like crap.

Anyway, the movie was great with the many cool dance moves and nice songs. Was really excited when i heard some of the songs which i've got, no idea why though. Asaph and Yunhui were commenting during the movie, okay, i was too. Asaph's comment was the most 'memorable' i guess. There was this kissing scene and he was like 'Er...', LOL. Back to the movie, those who are really into breakdance/streetdance, i recommend you to go and watch it. For those who like those comedy types, this movie doesnt suit you, so i suggest you watch Horton instead. Hahah.

After the movie, we took the train to Bukit Batok since we wanted to bowl. Asaph left and the 5 of us remained. (okay, this sentence is very stupid, i know. -.-) Walked to the CSC Club and thankfully, there were lanes available. We had 2 rounds and it was great, i'm telling you, since i have not played bowling for like so long alr. Camwhored a little and then we started changing our names for the game. Roger was the most pitiful. Timothy and Jinquan grabbed hold of him while Yunhui changed his name from RL to Rog-girl girl. Then Roger finally got his chance and changed his name to RL the Greatest. (starts rolling eyes) And we did changes to other names too. Roger had his turn and my name was changed to Shufen the Sucker. Crap. So i went to change it to Shufen the Cleverest. Hahah! Jinquan was Jinquan the Geek and Timothy was Timo the Goondu. super funny i tell you. (:

After the second round, i fumbled with the machine there and realised i could actually edit my scores. Since Yunhui didnt play during the second round as she had lost badly in the first, I was the lousiest among them. So i went to edit my scores. From 84 to 160. And i became the highest, YAY! :DD Timothy edited his too, and from i dont know what, he edited it to 111. Jinquan who got the highest, 105, lost to us in the end since we edited the scores. Hahah!

Walked back to Westmall in the end and then took the train home. (:

Yunhui trying to imitate Simlin! :D

FYI: Whenever Timothy got a strike or a spare, he danced like an idiot and i managed to capture one of his retarded act. LOL.

ROG-GIRL-GIRL. (took this without him knowing, HEHE.)

Note: Click on images for larger version. The before and after scores because of editing. :D

ignorance isnt bliss, really.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just For Laughs

Note: The main character of these photos is not Timothy himself. It is the sign and the uneven surface which yunhui and i found so funny. Such a small area and they have to put this sign next to it. :D

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


KAIXIN: I am sorry, i feel very sian of using the computer these days. now i only use MSN and Bloggger. :X
EMILIA: I WILL MISS YOU LOADS NEXT YEAR! OH AND DEBORAH TOO! Separations are always inevitable but i am glad to know a cute junior like you okay! Do miss me too! :)

Monday, March 10, 2008


okay, i know it has been long since i update but i really dont feel like updating for no reason.

camp was okay, i think the last year's was better. anyway, shall let the photos do the talking. like they always say, 'A picture says a thousand words.'

okay. i think i will update tmrw, since there's a problem with the upload. ):

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Water Horse: Legend of The Deep

A rather nice movie, quite touching it made me cry. (:


You're telling me you're so confused.

Screw Annual Road Run, those who didnt go were clever.

It was raining and there was a lightning risk thus they cancelled the run for the upper secondary. we were told to wait under the shelter for nearly 1hr until we could finally leave. while waiting, i was busy taking photos and playing regina's PSP. hahah.


But I don’t care what they say,
I’m in love with you.
They try to pull me away,
But they don’t know the truth.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Here we are, at the crossroads once again.

Ohmypatrick! I survived after (counts) 4 days of not touching the computer! I cant believe it, okay, actually it was 3 days. But i got my reason, i was busy doing my social studies project. (: anyway, shall update briefly about this whole week.

Monday: The only thing i remembered on Monday is that Mr Lim was being so funny during Chemistry lesson. he took Ivy's teddy bear and squashed and squeezed it, so unlike him! it made us laugh like crazy hyenas! :)

Tuesday: I got to know my physics common test results. And i passed! Not those borderline ones, pass by a lot, was super happy with myself. Yet, the topics like electricity for example was not tested so that explains why i could get quite well.

Wednesday: I am giving this day lots of smiles. ((((((:


Thursday: -

Friday: ahem ahem. (:
(oh, and i found out today that many's digital watches do not have the date for leap year.)