Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Amazing Race for Secondary 3.

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If you happened to chance upon this entry of mine and is a secondary 3 student studying at Kranji Secondary School, please read this. (:

AMAZING RACE 2008 for the secondary 3.

Date: 3 April 2008 (yet to be confirmed)

Yes, I am not lying. The secondary 4 (us) had planned a nice, fun, interesting, enriching, shiok-ing and wet (you perspire, i'm sure) Amazing Race for you. Each secondary 3 class is to send 4 representatives as a group so that you can represent your class to take part in it and you might even get the top 3 placings!

If you like running and sweating like a mad cow (this thing just popped into my head), you should really take part in it. No regrets, I can assure you.

Furthermore, you are gonna enjoy the whole race. Why? That's because we have a list of nice and friendly facilitators who are going to be 'participating' with you!

For example: ME!!!

Fun guaranteed, you's never know if your group is the lucky one to
get me as your facilitator! WOOHOO. Are you excited till you're jumping up and
down alr? Well, it's really normal, trust me.

So what are you waiting for? When you see the flyer pinned up on your class regarding this Amazing Race (most probably up be tmrw), dont hestitate, sign up with the teacher now. This whole thing will be better than celebrating your birthday, I hope!

Okay, for more enquires, please look for Mr Ashlee Tan or any secondary 4 seniors involved in this Amazing Race. People like Jiazhi, Eric, Aisyah, Nurul, Iskandar, Cindy, Syahirah and of course, not forgetting me! (: (Pardon me if your name is not up there.)

Call this number in case of emergency. 1800-930-675. NOT.

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