Saturday, December 31, 2005

3 more daes.. 3 more daes skool reopening liaox.. yarr.. so fast lorx.. holidaes are coming to an end.. din really enjoy myself tis few mths lorx.. actually, i kinda miss skool lahx.. with all the fun we klasmates have, blahx de, if i were to leave the skool and nvr come back agen, i would have cry like siaox.. true.. anyway, i've been packing my camp de things.. almost done le.. needa bring alot of things lorx den it's like so heavy.. duno whether i can carry it without having a backache anot.. keke..

Friday, December 30, 2005

chge my skin lerx.. nice mahx.. i am kinda pekchek with the editing of the previous skin so i decided to chger lorx.. went to anyhow click here and there, and den taa-daa, a new skin found.. it has two versions lahx.. one fer the 1024 by 768 screen and another fer 800 by 6oo de.. mine's 800 by 600 de, so wen nat viewed my blogskin, she tot the skin gt prob.. told me to use the other version.. cos her com is 1024 by 768 de so it's different lorx.. haix.. i sae until i dun understand wad i talking le, duno u guys gona understand anot.. nxt time cant be teacher, maths teacher ESPECIALLY.. hahx.. lolx.. anyway, nat told me tat nxt year our co-mentor gona be ah teo agen.. duno whether i should cry or laugh.. cry cos ltr gt lots of hw, but laugh cos ah teo gona teach us maths and we will not fail le.. lolx..

Thursday, December 29, 2005

watched 'chicken little' and 'chronicles of narnia' todae.. first, chronicles of narnia den aft lunch watched chicken little.. i had to admit both moives are kinda touching at the end.. i almost cried.. or u could sae i did.. my eyes were a bit wet lahx.. wad makes me cry in both of the movies is the kinship inside.. how they understand each other in the end.. blahx.. haix.. aft watching, got quite a headache cos watch too long le.. keke.. anyway, nat taught me how to put the correct time and date le.. yeahx.. no more RED color timings and dates lerx.. thanks nat, i guess.. pls note tat i specially bolded ur name and underlined.. if u are reading tis now, i do hope u feel honoured i am thanking u.. hahx..

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

went out with nat to CDAC todae.. cos tianjun wana teach us maths mahx.. ah eto gave the qn all so difficult lorx.. den tianjun oso not really sure how to do.. but we did learn sth though.. it's called the buterfly method.. he said tat we 'earnt' sth lorx, to be taught of tis method beforehand.. at first, it was kinda difficult fer us to apply the butterfly method de den in the end, both of us got the hang of it.. yeahx.. hahx.. nat taught me some of the maths qn lahx, tj oso.. =) guess i am the most useless one.. lolx.. ltr, tj left early.. den nat and i continued on the maths lahx.. left ltr to 'shop'.. sorta.. jus walked around Yew Tee thr lorx.. not much to see lahx.. den quite sianx lorx.. anyway, went lot 1 ltr cos nat wana buy superstar the vcd album.. she got it and it came with a superstar calendar.. quite ok lahx.. de poster.. hahx.. on the way hme, while waiting fer the bus, we saw a guy tat look a lot like jianyi(the rainbow connection de celeb), and i said tat it's the skinnier version of jianyi.. hahx.. not jianyi fat lahx, is he muscular mahx.. lolx.. anyway, my blogskin is giving me a headache.. load so slow lorx.. den the cursor got prob.. kept staying on top.. stoopid lahx.. sigh..

date: 27 dec 2005
time: 6.39pm

Monday, December 26, 2005

hey.. me bak.. hahx.. yarr.. i chge my blogskin lerx.. 13th skin.. me using the last time de skin lorx.. chge the bg to black lorx.. cos i tink black is nice fer blogskin mahx.. sheeshx.. den i had to edit alot.. cos the pics all cant be skin.. and thr's sth rong with the cursor.. duno why lidat.. mus gimme time to chge lahx.. kinda difficult cos my com lags mahx.. kkx.. me gtg le.. sheeshx.. buh-bye..

date: 26 dec 2005
time: 6.44pm

Saturday, December 24, 2005

my hp duno why lahx.. sot sot dis daes lorx.. not hp gt prob is the sim card lorx.. sometimes, wen i try to open a msg to read it, example nat sms me, den the name became someone else de, but the number is nat de lorx.. and somtimes wen i wana go to my inbox, it's empty wen thr are actually alot of msgs inside de lorx.. wad the lorx.. den sometimes i cant even call, sae i can oni use my fone fer emergency calls oni.. haix.. tis yr i already chge sim card le, den if chge agen like so wad lidat lorx.. i din do anything wromg with the fone.. duno why lidat.. i damned pekchek le.. maybe can go chge fone.. heex..
date: 24 dec 2005
time: 6.12pm

Friday, December 23, 2005

went out to JEC yest with cous, puay ying and yoke cheng lahx.. and oso my aunt.. at first they invited me to stay at their hse de, but i din wana go.. sheeshx.. anywae, yest went to their hse first.. den played 'fishing' with the playstation thr lorx.. den went online.. alot ppl online lahx, but not really close frenx lorx, den nvr chat.. aft tat, went to take 188 bus to go straight to IMM first.. cos they wana shop around mahx, though i dun tink thr's anything to shop thr de, so many furniture lorx.. blahx.. went to Daiso lorx.. bought a badge fer my bro, he kept pestering me fer sth lorx.. haix.. ltr, took shuttle bus to JEC.. cos thr gt campus superstar de ppl.. and oso gt JUNYANG and others.. and jy is so SHUAI!! shuai as in handsome lahx.. duh.. he was wearing tis hat and den a red shirt and a red tie.. sound kinda weird budden it really look gd on him.. hahx..

anywae, campus superstar de female finalists mostly bitches, no offence lahx.. some sing so gek until i was like, er.. hahx.. den guys so-so lorx.. some quite shuai.. woahx.. cant wait fer 2 jan.. lolx.. it was quite short lahx, tis 'meeting'.. one hr plus liadt oni.. den kelvin, kelly, sin huey and JUNYANG sang the christmas song.. the one on channel u de.. 'let it snow.. let it snow.. let it snow..' hahx.. ltr, had dinner.. den go jurong point shop.. den saw ppl promoting the 'Chronicles of Narnia'.. lalalala.. the ppl sang duno like wad.. hahx.. den went hme.. reached hme at abt 8 plus lidat..

date: 23 dec 2005
time: 6.35pm

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

broke a plate todae.. actually not really break into a lot of pieces lorx, is jus a chip off it lahx.. den my mum sae it had to be thrown away, cos we might accidentally brush our fingers past it mahx, den ltr BLOOD will come out.. anyway, it's all an accident, and my mum was like telling my dad how clumsy i was lorx.. like as though i broke a lot of plates lidat.. (rolling my eyes) hahx.. ltr i brought my bro to tuition.. den on the way back, saw an old lady carrying a baby lahx.. she was sorta abusing the baby, tat's wad my eyes tell me lahx.. she was 'shaking' the baby with both her hands lorx, and the baby was not laughing or wad, but crying.. din noe whether the baby was cute anot though.. cos i was not closed enough.. haix.. adults these days arhx..

date: 21 dec 2005
time: 4.43pm

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

been doing a 1000 pieces puzzle this few daes, four daes, counting todae to be exact.. completed by todae lahx.. budden found out gt a missing piece.. shitty lorx.. the puzzle so nice den a missing piece ruined the whole image.. haix.. nvm lahx, not tat we really wana framed it up or wad lorx.. is a 'money' de puzzle, so thr's a head lorx.. den if frame up, kinda scary lahx, with the head thr and the eyes sorta following u wherever u go.. hahx.. very gd imagination.. lolx.. anyway, been dragging my chi hw sehx.. the chi mag de.. done all le, except the advertisement fer it.. duno wad to put fer the ad lorx.. wana ask my bro help me budden he dun wana do it.. *BISH* actually, i am supposed to finish the whole chi mag by 17 dec but i slack mahx.. den the maths still haven do yet.. i have given up completely.. either i wait till nat's dad taught her how to do le den teach me lorx.. ah teo sae tis one de ans sheet will have to wait till nxt yr den can get.. haix..

date: 20 dec 2005
time: 6.50pm
feel like uploading fotos todae.. budden the photobucket load so slow duno can anot.. anyway, blogger can put the correct time lerx.. yay!! hahx.. todae i abit siaox.. duno why i feeling so 'high'.. maybe tis is why i feel taller tis daes.. lolx.. kkx.. enough crap.. gona upload some fotos le lahx.. so long le lorx.. 2 dec until now.. tsk.. shuckx! i realised sth else.. i cant chge de font color!! cham.. ltr the color all very blahx.. haix..

Image hosted by

tis is the grasshopper which nat said tat is cute.. the foto might not be in the middle cos blogger de prob agen.. haix..

Image hosted by

guys sitting in a circle playing terminal password.. quite lame, so i nvr play..
Image hosted by
making drinks to quench our thirst.. slurp!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

yay.. todae's so happy.. cos it's my b'dae.. hahx.. happy b'dae to xuanx btw, too.. same b'dae mahx.. and todae blogger oso load quite fast.. so happi.. received not alot of presents but u guys shuld noe wad.. b'dae in dec very difficult to see frenx de, and i oso not holding party tis year mahx.. buden i received quite alot of b'dae greetings lahx.. so i quite happy lerx.. thkx fer the Converse bag, nat, it rawkx.. i will buy urs soon, hahx..

anyway, celebrated my b'dae with nat todae.. dun wan too mani ppl mahx.. went to eat at Sakae Sushi.. the ramen quite salty lahx, u can smell the light sauce frm the soup lorx.. and den the soup is like so brown.. er.. managed to finish most of it though, leaving the veggies.. cos they tasted so bland, so raw.. no offence to Sakae Sushi fans huhx, lemme say first.. lolx.. went to the library ltr to return books and the machine was like 'sot sot' de.. u returned the book le no sound de.. den aft a while many sounds, as in to let ppl noe they have retured, came out.. i was like, is the machine siaox? hahx.. den ltr went to shop at causeway pt even though i dun really like it.. so 'luan' lorx.. and i hate malls with alot of ppl de.. cant really shop.. *BISH* shop fer a while le den go take neox lorx.. cos thr the neox machine thr print out nice and shiny ones.. not like lot 1 de.. kinda dull lorx.. ltr went bac to lot 1 lorx.. cos i am 'better' with lot 1.. told nat tat i already placed my heart thr.. no one can steal it.. lame.. sheeshx..

shopped ltr.. agen.. den went to library.. so hardworking.. yeahx.. *BISH* so bu yao lian.. cant help it lahx.. shop shop AGEN ltr.. den nat treated to taking neox lahx.. yea.. went to buy Takoyaki fer my bro den took bus hme.. on the way, thr was an accident, i tink it's bcos of the rain bahx, den slippery mahx, so happened lorx.. den gt jam.. the bus moved so slowly lorx.. i stood until my leg so 'suan' le.. finally reached hme, safely.. hahx..

date: 17 dec 2005
time: 7.08pm

Thursday, December 15, 2005

woahx.. finally i am able to post.. how many daes le.. hmm.. anyway, blogger is making me so crazy.. load so slow lorx.. and i so impatient lorx.. anywae, i gona upload some chalet fotos now..
Image hosted by
wahx.. caught in the act eating! cute mahx? hahx..
Image hosted by
bbq time.. yay!
Image hosted by
haix.. too dark le.. cant see..
kkx.. dun wana upload le.. nxt time den upload more.. nat lorx.. ask her send me sae her laptop crashed.. den ask her give pw to upload dun wan.. she so bad.. btw, my blog de post space might seem bigger.. bcos the fotos qute large lahx..
date: 15 dec 2005
time: 6.38pm

Saturday, December 10, 2005

ok.. finally i am able to post.. had been signing in and out fer the past half an hr trying to get to tis page.. sth mus be rong with my com.. it loads so slow and i was like so pekchek le.. gona post my neox taken with cous the day before de.. it may take a long time to load, so we mus be PATIENT.. yea..

Image hosted by
tis is me and my cous jia xin.. nice mahx? hahx..
Image hosted by
another one.. like salute but isnt.. yay..
Image hosted by
bezz cous fereva..
Image hosted by
tis is my fave.. cos i tink it's the nicest among the rest.. although the deco very little, it's still NICE..
Image hosted by
tis one took with jia xin and sherrine de.. i look so proud lidat.. sheeshx..
Image hosted by
my smile look kinda forced in tis neo.. tsk..
Image hosted by
yarr.. SALUTE!! hahx..
Image hosted by
wahx.. me suddenly so tall.. lolx..
date: 10 dec 2005
time: 5.37pm

Friday, December 9, 2005

kkx.. haven been posting fer three daes le.. cos blogger tis daes kinda lags lahx.. maybe is my com prob bahx.. anyway, went out with my cous to tampines mall yest.. did wad we were supposed to do in a mall.. shop, eat, took neox.. quite fun and oso abit sianx.. cos not much to shop mahx.. receive a present frm my cous.. b'dae coming le mahx.. on 17th dec.. yea.. we were like out fer a whole dae.. i reached hme at abt 8 lorx.. anywae, i dun wana go into exact details on wad we do at the mall.. u guys might get bored.. like i said, it's jus those normal things lahx.. den i oso lazy to type too much.. haix.. wen i reached hme, my bro gave me a b'dae present too.. my b'dae is still mani daes away and he gave it yest.. was a jacket.. white color de.. quite happy lahx.. first time seeing him spend so much fer me.. yay.. anywae.. li ying tot my b'dae was 7 dec and she wished me happy belated b'dae instead.. nvm lahx.. quite happy yo noe tat thr are frenx out thr who care fer me.. yarr..

date: 9 dec 2005
time: 3.59pm

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

went out with nat to j-8 todae.. quite sianx lorx.. nat wana buy presents fer her mum mahx.. her b'dae coming le.. woahx.. speaking of b'daes, mine is coming too.. 17th dec.. yarr.. not tat u guys care, i noe.. tsk.. kkx.. back to the real reason fer postin.. the mrt ride was so long and i was standing all the way.. nat too.. gt seats but din take it.. hahx.. tis is called lazy.. reached there at abt 12 sth.. shop lahx.. i was looking fer dangling earrings lorx.. but the designs there all not nice de.. haix.. took neos ltr.. the machine quite cool, gt stage and also fans.. nat and i were like competing who is taller lorx.. of course is nat lahx.. so i straining to make myself taller.. end up ugly lorx.. the neo.. haix.. competing height.. so despo.. hahx..

went back to lot 1 ltr.. shopped quite fast at j-8 mahx.. 1 hr sth finish le.. fast anot? hahx.. lot 1 kinda sianx lahx.. so we jus went to popular to buy a present fer her mum.. she gt a disc lahx.. went to the library ltr.. borrow books.. den i took the mrt to yew tee cos my mum wanted me to meet here thr.. i gt a new watch.. yay.. hahx..

date: 6 dec 2005
time: 6.34pm

Monday, December 5, 2005

yeah.. made rock cakes at pot min hse todae.. k lahx.. is shi min not pot min.. the 'pot' fever is on now, i guess.. cos my bro's nick is called potty mahx, den i am called pot fen lorx.. haix.. den my bro's nick upgraded to pot pot.. hahx.. so lame ritex? yarr.. anywae, the rock cakes are quite alot.. used 400g of flour.. u can see.. quite a success in making lahx.. had lots of shape, heart-shape, star-shape, pig face de, blahx.. the cookies were so nice lorx, not trying to praise ourselves or wad lahx.. true.. shi min' bro had three helpings lorx.. big ones sehx.. shi min took fotos of the cookies we made too.. before they were being sent to the oven.. whooshx.. aft taking two fotos lerx, the battery too low den cant take anymore.. *sniff* anyway, too bad ur cant try lahx.. gt alot alot of them.. nice and crunchy de.. can open our own bakery lerx.. haix.. budden 1 bad thing is tat i burnt my poor finger..

date: 5 dec 2005
time: 6.36pm

Sunday, December 4, 2005

yarr.. gona continue my 'story' le.. as u may have seen, the time and date fer my entries are wrong.. i oso duno why.. cant chge it.. so nxt time i am gona type the time and the date at the bottom of my entry.. haix..

kkx.. were shouting 'you suck' at the beach.. and i was like holding nat's hand so tight lorx.. cos i scared.. it was pitch dark accept fer the lights frm the ships.. anywae, forgt to tell your we noe hu dun tell u is le.. is Mr Benson.. lolx.. so 'old' le still wana play games with us.. haix.. hahx.. he acted innocent lorx.. sae he din noe anything.. in the end, he admitted lahx.. budden it's like so odd.. nvm.. we went back ltr.. had ice-cream lahx.. abit oni.. cos i not tat selfish.. others mus eat too.. mr benson oni bought 4 tubs mahx.. ok lahx, de taste.. ltr, mr teo served us champange, like real lahx.. is sparkling wine.. den gt foto shoot.. fotos still haven get frm nat yet cos she isnt able to go online now to send it to me.. anywae, the wine taste like barley to me.. watched rainbow connection ltr.. most of the guys and gals were playing blackjack le.. qutie noisy.. yvonne was the banker.. mr teo took a foto of them and called it gambling in action.. too bad nat din took it down..

packed up ltr.. cos quite late le.. mani ppl leaving le.. most of us took the mrt lahx.. the shuttle bus took so long.. i was abt to doze off le.. den finally we were at the mrt station.. took the mrt.. so long lorx.. there were 19 of us and we almost filled up the last cabin.. the guys had a row to themselves, gals too, with five 'extras'.. at first, there were alot of spaces, and we could talk facing each other.. but in the end, more and more ppl came.. den it's like so squashed lorx.. cant breathe.. exaggerate.. =) finally, reached cck.. went to mac to buy fries.. they came out hot.. goody.. cos it was raining den.. saw a cat at the interchge.. it was so closed to us.. we were like so scared.. sheeshx.. den the bus arrived just in time.. reached hme at abt 11 plus..

date: 4 dec 2005
time: 5.40pm

Saturday, December 3, 2005

yarr.. yest had bbq.. quite fun lahx.. supposed to meet at the Pasir Ris Mrt Station at 1 but reached there at abt 12.30 lidat.. kkx.. lemme tell u wad happened all before that.. nat and i headed to lot 1 fer lunch first.. din ate much.. all i had was a drink.. kinda full mahx.. saw a few of the guys in our klas waiting fer ppl.. duno fer hu.. wadeva.. hahx.. den nat tot need to bring towel cos ltr we gona have a water bomb game mahx.. i brought 1 but she din.. so she went to buy.. haix.. actually we supposed to meet yili and yin ting at the cck mrt station de.. but in the end we left early.. the mrt ride to pasir ris thr was like so long.. halfway, we were standing, and the other half we were sitting.. quite cold inside.. lukily i brought my jacket.. lolx..

the first thing we did wen we reached pasir ris was to go to the supermarket to buy ice.. my habds were like numb le lorx.. taking the ice.. haix.. den we went to the control station to wait fer the rest.. yin ting and yili arrived shortly.. den weichang and guys.. den alot alot more.. ltr we took the shuttle bus to Aloha Loyang.. our chalet was terrace 1 acacia.. quite big lahx.. den ppl started putting their bags on the table.. den they all went to play 'Terminal Password'.. nat and i din join cos we were not really interested in the game.. den nat bagan taking fotos of our klas playing.. ltr, she took a foto of a grasshopper lahx.. lame lahx.. said the grasshopper looked cute eating the leaf.. alot of fotos are still with her so wen i get the fotos frm her le den i show ur.. ltr we played 'wacko' or isit 'whacko'? aiya wadeva lahx.. quite fun.. shunyu and yunhui were alwaes the whacker.. aft tat, we all went to the beach.. nat took a foto of our klasmates' back where they faced the sea.. it was quite nice lahx.. ltr, we both shouted out asa loud as we could.. i felt so great aft tat.. den we had the water bomb game.. i was aimed at my eyes by shunyu.. on my stomach by junjie.. took my revenge.. yeahx.. hahx.. had a walk down the beach cos i wana let my shirt dry.. and wen i was returning back to the chalet quite dry le, noe wad happened??? yili took her waterbottle full of water and poured it on my back! i was like so angry at her lorx.. i felt like slapping her.. haix.. nvm.. wet den wet lorx.. sheeshx.. chged to my dry clothes ltr.. den saw ah zham and doggy inside the swimming pool.. ah zham is zhan ning and doggy is junjie.. hahx.. noe why? cos ah zham is a nick given by the guys cos he's name gt zhan inside mahx, den ah zham is like quite cool, like he wana slam ppl lidat.. noe why jj is called doggy.. cos jus now, while nat and i were busi filling up plastics bags of water, junjie was inside filling too.. den he was taking the showerhead and washing sth.. he accidentally splashed some water on me and i snatched the showerhead frm him and i was 'bathing' him like a dog.. nat and i took turns splashing at him, and nat was like calling him doggy all the while.. hahx.. so funni lorx..

had bbq ltr.. so hot sehx.. waiting fer food oso hot.. ate quite alot of food lahx, den we kena teased by shunyu fer eating so much.. haix.. like he din.. bleahx.. bbq lasted fer quite long so nat and i went to the arcade to paly.. not really tat fun though.. quite small.. went to the playground ltr.. shh.. dun tell anyone.. hahx.. den went back to the chalet.. ltr to the beach agen.. quite dark le, but quite peaceful lahx.. shouted agen and oso shouted 'you suck'.. fer a valid reason..

-to be continued-