Tuesday, November 30, 2010

#319 - Eyebrow Trimming and Xbox Kinect Session

Yesterday was the last paper for As.

Whipped this up for brunch!
Then headed to school etc and took the last paper ever!

And 1hour and 15mins later, freedom is finally HERE! :D:D:D

Everything passed by so fast in the blinking of an eye.
It's the last time all of us will be in our school uniforms.

 I think I am a model student lor. :)

Anyway since prom is nearing, Raine and I decided to get our eyebrows shaved and trimmed and plucked.

But before that we had our lunch at this small Japanese eatery, Men Men Don Don at Westmall.

Such a cosy place. 

 Can't remember the Japanese name for this but it's egg onion with udon!
Raine said it's very nice! ^^

 I had Ebi *something* udon!
Love it!
The udon was Q-ie! :D

Will come back to try the don next time!

Headed back to Yew Tee Point and we met with Elaine.
Long story but she joined us to have her eyebrows trimmed as well.

First time doing trimming a bit scared and shy.
But hurts only a little.
Tolerable. :)

Was told to enter a room when we requested for the service.
Hehe like going for facial or massage like that!

 See this girl so happy, got bed for her to sleep, of course happy lah! 

Raine had her turn first while I kept myself busy snapping unglam photos of her.
The people here are friendly and they don't stop you from taking photos at all.

Before with super long eyebrows' hair.

The beautician finished one of her brows (her right side, left to you) and even asked me to take a photo to compare the difference! Haha so cute.

In the middle of before and after - Can you see the difference in the length and the shape?

And dang I forgot to take her after photo because straight after she was done, it was my turn already!

No photos of the procedure because Raine accidentally zoomed all the way and all the photos were either blurred or show my super big face lol.

Before with messy eyebrows and neat hair.

After with nicely trimmed eyebrows and messy hair.

I noticed that mine's a little arched on the right.
But it looks alright if I don't smile like that. *comforts self*

With Elaine and Raine with her mane. :P :)

Headed to mama's house after that to join the rest for her new Xbox Kinect! :D
It's damn cool canzxzxzx.
Better than Wii, where you still need hand-held controllers.
Kinect senses your movement and they even have a built in camera as well!
So you control the settings etc by moving your hands up down left right!

They were playing Dance Central when I came.

Lots of funny moves captured!

And there's this driving game where you imitate a steering wheel and turn your hands when you need to and Kinect can sense it and your car turns as well!
Cool right!

And there's the sports games too where all of us had a great time working out there!
I guessed I did the best at boxing.
The rest I CMI.
HAHA because boxing is just keep punching punching punching.

Alright last photo of the day because I have no more space left in my Picasa Web Album for Blogger! :(
Sian max.

Update again soon!
Till then, keep the hits coming and clicks on the ads!
Thanks and love! :) :D

Saturday, November 27, 2010

#318 - Outing with The (Doh) Bitches

We headed to Penninsula Shopping Centre for our first stop.
Thanks to Raine's dad for sending the 3 of us there!

We headed in and this caught our attention.
(Outing photos koped from Lynette's blog)

Woo HUGEEEEEEE size boxers, could fit an average of 4 people inside!

LOL Lynette had to pretend to be posing for the camera so that I could take a photo of it without the shopkeeper knowing!

And Raine spent a lot there on her wigs!
Bought 3 in total or something!
Hop to her blog (click) to find out more, PROVIDED she has already updated them.

We spent a long time there entertaining ourselves lol.
I got bored a while because stuff there don't really interest me!

Then we walked to FUNAN IT Mall to collect my new camera which Roger and friends had help me buy!

Woo love!

With the accessories and an 8GB SDHC Memory Card.
Thanks eh! :)

Headed to Watsons to shop for make up with Lynette being Raine and my advisor.
LOL we are serious noobs when it comes to make up.

Spent a bomb (it's like you bought so little but you paid a lot) there and then settled for dinch (lunch and dinner) at Pastamania!
Consecutive 2 days of Pastamania I know!
But I am not sick of it!

Here's what I had!

Cheesy chicken sausages in tomato herb sauce!

First try at it, not bad! :)

Creamy Chicken.

No photo for Raine, since she ate hers when we were busy taking photos of the food.

Decided to head to Central to shop for prom stuff and it was raining and we didn't have umbrellas! :(

Finding the way out etc and told Lynette to snap this photo.
Looks nice eh.

Doesn't look as though it's in Singapore eh. :)

And so we walked in the rain to Central!

Saw Daniel Ong hosting some event and then we were giving coupons to redeem free candyfloss!

And sobz, I found an insect hidden inside my candyfloss while eating it halfway.
But luckily I saw it and threw it away. :)
Camwhored a little by the river.

By the way, that's Raine with one of her wigs! :)

3 of us! :D

Ask some foreigner to help us take a photo as well.

After that we took 190 to Fareast Plaza.
And shopped for prom dresses etc.

Saw Steven Lim there omg.
He had like super long hair with curls!
EEW max.
And both Lynette and I caught him smiling. *faints*

*walks damn fast away from him*

Spent a super long time there but left there contented! :)

Super tiring day with aching feet, had to stand all the way on the bus till like 1 or 2 stops left then Raine and I got a seat.
But overall a fruitful day I guess! :)

Oh and Raine and I got the same prom dress!
It's like both of us saw the same dress at the same time and thought how nice it was.
But it was too lowcut!
Thankfully, it could be altered and so Raine got the black one and I got the navy blue one and we've decided to wear the same dress to prom!
Don't care what others say.

Lynette got her dress, a different one from us, as well.
Like damn lucky, one shop was selling at twice the price of the other and needless to say, she settled for the cheaper one!
Of course huh! Same dress design eh!
Who would pay more!

Well all of us settled our dresses at Fareast.
Just pray hard nobody else wears the same! :)

My loots for the day other than the camera:

Strawberries shaped hair curler.
Still figuring out how to curl my hair using it exactly!

All that plus the prom dress, an eyelash glue I share with Raine!

Hoho I still think I bought very little that day even though I spent the most that day.
I have the you bought so little but you paid a lot feeling.
Damn sad when I reviewed what I bought when I went home that day canxzxzxz.

But if you don't include the camera and food, I spent only $152.55 which I believe is so much lesser than what Raine spent!
Haha in a single shop eg SKINFOOD, she already spent more than $150 which made her a member immediately! :O
*can't help but think of the $2.10 blackhead remover which can be only used once*

And her wigs...
And obviously happy with her loots! ^^


Till then, goodbye!
Will update soon! :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

#317 - Wedges

Woo I can has new shoes (wedges)! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

#316 - Pseudo Freedom

OMG As are officially coming to an end!


NO I am tired now actually, I guess I need my sleep.
My body kind of pulled me through all those days and now that it knows that it can rest, it's kind of showing symptoms of fatique.
Whatever, I am giving in, I am so tired anyway. :)

One more paper left and byebye A Levels! :D
Pseudo Freedom now!

So how was your day spent today?

I was stuffed full with food at Pastamania!!!

The usual combos plus these:

Now I see these I feel like puking.

And I sort of got my prom dress! :)

Going out to shop with The (Doh) Bitches tmrw, can't wait! :D

Update again soon, xoxo.

#315 - When to use i.e. in a sentence

Hello hello hello!

Have you been using i.e. in a sentence correctly?

Check to find out. :)

Don't worry, it's not some virus or boring long paragraphs.
It's funny, cute, and most importantly, very orange!!! :D

Saturday, November 20, 2010

#314 - I know you want to bash me up

(Those with perfect complexion and skinny faces go away)
Let me dream cannot huh! LOL.

Wahahahaha I think I totally deserve a bashing!

 See the freaking difference?!

Now then I realised I still have a very very fat face leh! :(

At least I 'confessed' to the editing :D

Hahah saw a blogger mentioning about this china version of Photoshop and I went to try it for fun!

Lots of cool effects and you can make your eyes bigger, liquify your face, make your skin flawless, get rid of eyebags, add fake lashes, fake eyebrows etcetc!

Damn cool and I think it's easier to use than Photoshop!

One bad thing is that it's in Chinese. :/

Don't say I never share such good stuff.
Here's the link:

Get pretty on the web now! :)

 This photo is so gonna be my inspiration to slim down! :D