Thursday, June 28, 2007

hell loads of fun today!! :D i feel so high now and i want to jump on the bed forever. sad that we didnt bring along a cam to take photos though. went with huisian, yunhui, wanlin, ain and syairah to bugis today to look for the costumes to wear on sat. was given the address of the costume shop by my darling and was told it was somewhere near the raffles hospital. and so we walked along the streets and found the shop. 'Masquerade' is the shop's name and we had to climb a darn steep ladder up to go into the store. there were so much costumes and then we started screaming. cause the place looked creepy, plus the fact that the owner had a black cat which stood at the side. screams again.

started looking through all those costumes and each of us started trying out the ones we like. i had on a wedding gown which i could fit in but it was too long. however, when i tried to take it off, it couldnt get off. i was practically shouting. HELP! thanks to huisian, i managed to get out of the gown and freed myself. man, i was so afraid when i cant get it off lah. imagine if i have to wear that for my whole life, i will die can. hahahaha. THOUGHTS RUNNING WILD AGAIN! :D wore a kimono and was quite pleased with the costume as it wasnt too revealing. i like the ribbon thingy which you wrap around your waist. so cute! haha. learnt when wearing a kimono that you have to cover the left of the v-neck thing over the right, not right over the left as it's for the dead. so i was quite cautious when i wore the kimono, haha. tried on a marilyn monroe dress and i realised that the part at the waist was like so loose. i dont look nice in it. haha. then i wear a greek dress which is something like the angel's one. the material was very cooling but my body looked squarish wearing it since it was baggy. i didnt find any costumes i really like alot so the rest of the time, i spent time looking at the other costumes and seeing the rest change costume after costume. in the end, ain decided on an indian costume (i think) and syairah, a kimono which is so nice! :D

we left earlier and ain and syairah stay on. went to bugis mall and bought tako balls. then went to bugis street to have my belt altered. had a hard time finding back the same shop which i bought my belt from. then decided to try other shops and see if they punch holes for free. i was quite shocked to hear that they charge people from 50cents to 1dollar per hole. sia lah! i was so not happy then i started to look for the shop where i once bought the belt from. and for until like ages, i finally found it. it's free, even for those who had belts not bought from them. so good can. *CLAP CLAP* took the train home and reached home at 7.05pm. (:

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

this is so darn funny. recommended by wanlin. this video of avril lavigne singing girlfriend in different languages. i think that the chinese one is the most hilarious! that's probably because i am a chinese. HAHAH! enjoy. :D

hello to school.
bye bye to bed.
school started today and i felt so darn tired, cause i had to wake up early again. left home late and reached the school looking quite lost. much time spent on the 'rehearsal' for cf which i wasnt really looking forward to since it's like gonna be from morning till afternoon which is like so hot, unlike last time, which was at night. tons of homework given today and was kind of tired of the way the teachers kept giving us homework. ): sad sad day.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

a few days back from the dentist and what i got now is a sore cheek due to constant accidental bitings, a full of ulcers tongue, and a bloody hole. when i say bloody hole, i dont mean in a vulgar sort of way, it's just really bloody. with blood. the though of it makes my stomach churn. ugh. :/

and school's starting on monday and i still have many homework not yet completed. and i promised myself to complete like 2 bao zhang bao today plus my summaries for english compre since i have already done the qns. i feel so lazy can. not in the mood, but i will chiong lest i get a scolding on monday. :X

hooked up on XANGA recently because of the smilies. and create a account for it. still quite a noob at it so shant reveal till i get everything ready.

Friday, June 22, 2007

remember the time when i posted here that there's a hole in one of my teeth? well. i went to the dentist yesterday and had it extracted. i had an appointment at 3.30pm and i met the dentist at 4 plus since those patients in front of me took a longer time inside the dentist room. the dentist was a friendly guy who said hello when i entered the room with my mum. then he started tapping my teeth and looked for holes that required fillings. turned out that i had 3, 2 big ones and 1 small one. :O the doctor first injected 3 needles into the left side of my cheek where my decayed tooth that requires extracting was. it was so darn painful when he pulled out the needle. after awhile, half of my mouth and tongue became numb. the feeling was so weird. haha. so i had my teeth filled and the process was so long. i hated the drilling so much. the noise coming from it was so unbearable. i felt like screaming out. :XX then it was like finally, the dentist told me that he was going to extract my tooth soon. i had never extracted a tooth by a dentist before since i'm always the one who extracted my teeth out, so i was quite afraid of the pain. the dentist took something that looked similar to a screwdriver and then inserted it into my mouth. then he said it was done. before that i cried lah, i thought it was going to be painful but i felt nothing at all. so funny. then i started laughing. hahahahah. cos it was finally over. my tooth was so darn long, like about 4-5cm. gosh can. the dentist told me then that i would need to have stitches in the hole where my tooth was and he started sewing my hole. i felt nothing at all. it was a 43964957205 years until everything was done. i was given a mouthwash, painkillers and two packets of antibiotics for medication and this whole thing cost 280 bucks! the dentist clinic earn fast money man!

while i am typing now, my teeth still felt a bit numb but i think it's gonna be okay. will be removing the stitches on thursday night, i cant wait. i think i am gonna lose weight soon since i cant eat much using one side of my teeth to bite. plus the fact that my mum dont allow me to eat oily and fried stuff and i have only eaten those healthy things like vegetables and fish and porridge. ): I MISS MY EXTRACTED TOOTH! I REGRET NOT BRINGING IT HOME TO KEEP. )))): (my mum refuses to keep it, and i thought there was some belief about teeth so i didnt say much, then when i told her on the way home, she said that i didnt say anything so she thought i dont want to keep it) sobs sobs.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

i am back from camp!!! sad that it's only 2D1N. but we're gonna have a longer one during dec so it's okay! :DD

was informed by hawaii (hwaiyi) that we have to reach school by 8 (1 hr earlier than the others) as we were like sort of in charge of the games and stuff. so i woke up early and took my stuff to mac to have breakfast. saw doreen, wei sheng and guan yeow. hawaii came shortly after. then went to school after the breakfast. a breifing was given and we were told of how the game goes, blah blah blah. left my bag upstairs at 3a (no more sleeping at the library since mr lau doesnt allow). then attended a 'talk' by miss tang on racial harmony. we'd be doing a skit later. plus ice-breakers games where there was one where we had to remember ppl's names and another which was called 'tempo tempo'.

lunched later at the canteen, and i swear the food is 10 times better than last time's. we had nasi lemak and it's finally edible! xD after lunch was amazing race. and i 100% confirmed that the participators had lots of fun. hawaii and i were in charge of a station at limbang park and i bought fries while waiting for others to come. ours was sort of a memory game where they had to find matching numbers. and then we thought that all the groups had arrived and finished already so we went to mac and ate with the others only to find out that izzaty's grp is still waiting for us at the station!!! we didnt know. :x

dinner was a simple affair. we were given 10 bucks to spend on the grp and we got to cook dinner ourselves. it was absolute fun. :D we had pasta with mushroom sauce, sausages and mashed potato for dinner. and i found out that we could buy alot of things with 10 bucks. and we spent like $9.30? the other grps exceeded from what i heard. :O anyway, it was great experience lah. :) after dinner, we rest and bathe later at the canteen toilet. then, we had time to plan for the racial harmony skit and i wasnt quite pleased with it. haha. cos i think we didnt really did up a good one. )): supper was later and i had 2 cups of milo. stay up later waiting for deborah and emilia as they had to give ms tang a rough idea of what we were doing for the skits. played old maid later with both of them upstairs and decided to turn in but it was still noisy. had a hard time trying to get to sleep. ):

was awaken by the sound of the sec1s at 6 plus. like wth. i was sleeping so soundly canz. was quite irritated and starting shh-ing all the way, but it was no use. so i said, 'hey, can you guys please keep quiet? if you want to talk, go outside and talk. you dont want to sleep, we want to sleep ok?' i know i sound rude but they were really noisy. laughing away. wtwtwtwtwt. my phone alarm rang and i woke emilia up since deborah was already awake. packed our stuffs and then went to the toilet to brush up. had breakfast in home econs room. there were toast with nutella and peanut better, eggs, sausages, cambell soup and milo. i had all of those except for the toasts.
was given some time to plan the skit and it was so rushed. we were the first grp to perform and i think it was quite vague. teabreak later was polarpuff cakes and i had 2. :D then we had this debrief and prize-giving. and my grp got first! :D mac later with some eldds-ians and went home.

some photos from 160607.


Monday, June 18, 2007

haven been posting for 5 whole days. been busy with some impt stuffs lately. (push specs)

14 and 15 june

really effin busy. not saying any details about it.

16 june

watching of the shrek 3 movie with beloved cousins. had lunch at mac at tm. it's been ages since i last ate fast food. yeah. so they tasted so heavenly to me! :DD screw the person who served me. i had so little fries, he doesnt know i haven eat fries for ages, boooo. ))): went to century square later and took neos. and the machines there are darn superb with many nice effects. movied later. the show was not bad but i preferred shrek 2. haha. quite short too. dont like. :X bought necklace and earrings at cs for wanling and qiuyan for their belated belated birthday presents with shimin. took the train to bugis later for shopping! :D had tako balls as i had a sudden crave. yummeh. :) walked to bugis street and bought a pair of earrings. oh, i am easily contented. =) saw many crown stuff but it wasnt the one i was looking for. sigh. met the rest of the female cousins later for dinner. had a hard time deciding since some of us didnt want to eat at some restaurants. settled for sakae sushi later. i had chawanmushi (a must-have) and tempura udon. udon is so uber nice can! :) spent 3 hours there eating, laughing, fooling around and taking photos. (shall upload once i get them) i'd bet we were the loudest ones there. haha. paid the bill later and the 9 of us ate a total of about $140! that's alot. cam-whored later at the mrt station and reached home at 11 plus. :/

camp's tmrw and i haven pack yet. not in the mood to go, still feeling so sick and tired due to lack of sleep these days. aww.

i lost 4kg during the hols. OHMYGOSH! :O

Stop all your pretence, faker.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Currently Listening To: I Just Dont Love You No More (I'm Sorry) by Craig David

hmm. been feeling kind of nostalgic plus emo these days. seriously no idea why that feeling is within me. probably i miss school bahs. haha. kept on listening to songs that brought me back many fond memories of last time, yeah. kind of sad time passed so fast. ))))): anyway, i shant post sad stuff lahr, dampen readers' moods yeah. anyway, haven relly started on hols homework yet. been neglecting them except for maths. MS SIM, READ THIS! HAW-HAW! tried doing other homework but i just dont have the study mood, i'm still sick. awww. completed my english comprehension today, 1 only, but yeah, at least i did something. watching shrek 3 with beloved cousins this sat and hopefully i would get well soon by them. random entry for today then.

You're contradicting yourself and I dont like it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

bowling today, i planned and yet i was the one who didnt go. how ironic. anyway, photos photos! :DD

yes yes, i know i looked like a cooked lobster. all thanks to the bbq smoke plus heat. rawr.

something random. i didnt gain weight this hols. i lost 2kg! hahaha.

Monday, June 11, 2007

bbq ytd! met with cousins at lakeside mrt station. and then went on the bus with peiwen and her friend, maisie tgt with the rest. waited for peiwen's mum to arrive and we shopped for the logistics stuff, yeah. then the adults left, while we went to the supermarket to buy the fooooood! haha. went to peiwen's house and we had a hard but fun time putting those food on sticks, although they look a bit digusting. :X

was ready to set up and go. and so we did. however, when we reached the bbq pits, it started to rain. gahh. i was like @*$&(@^@*($^(!!! why rain sia??!! our spirits were dampened lah. i was 'praying' all the way, and yet my cousins inferred me as being emo. i like being called emo though. :P then it's like finally the rain stopped. we had everything ready and blah blah. the normal stuff. had fun bbq-ing with the cousins and took lots of photos. yeah.

thanks to wanling and qiuyan for the early birthday present. my first this year! :D the earrings and the shirt are nice. although the shirt is kind of small. haha. anyway, thanks again. photos from bbq shall be uploaded next time as i have yet to receive them from my cousins yet. :)

and i am starting to wonder if i ever make a mistake in the first place.

Saturday, June 9, 2007


yesterday was love! outing with besties, raine didnt come though. aww. was the first to reach northvale, and afiqah arrived later, then nicole and elena. nat called and said she'd be late. and so we decided to have lunch first. settled for food culture and when we sat down, all of us dont feel like eating so we went down to the basement and bought sweettalk. dumb lah. hah. then nat arrived and all of us went upstairs and took neos. many many spastic shots which were absolute love!

then we went to westmall. and the first stop was the arcade, where we went crazy over the game air hockey. the pugs were really flying all around and outside the board. all of us were so crazy and many people were looking at us bewildered i swear, due to the fact of the flying pugs. we even had to stop a few times to pick up the pug which flew out. haha. that game was sort of a warm up game perhaps. most of us were sweating like hell already. FUN though! was left with 1 token for each of us and i had cycling. was sweating all over after the game cos the bike was heavy to control. but arcading was SHIOK! walked to CSC club later and had a whale of a time bowling. i haven been bowling for ages and for the first few times, i got gutter until i finally got a spare and then a strike. coolsome! oh, how i miss bowling. had 2 games and decided to find someplace to eat. entered swensens as no one went to attend to us. we sat down and looked at the menu and suddenly didnt feel like eating at swensens. and then all of us sneaked away. :XX so bad lah. i hope no one regconised us then. headed back to lot 1 and had our late lunch at pizza hut. had these 4 pax combo with an extra add-on. hawaiian pizza for all of us since it's our favourites and talked crap while playing truth or double truth.

went to northvale later and sat at the chairs downstairs and had some talk. reminisce you may call it or whatever. nicole left early as she had camp the next day and the rest of us went to elena's house for a game of Pictionary and Twister. really enjoyed myself there. was a happy girl yesterday, didnt feel like going home but it was quite late so left with the rest. tata.
something random here. recently read in the news that if you knock down a dog and run away (hit-and-run), you are considered as breaking a law, but if you knock down a cat and run away, it's not. weird huh? different animals being treated differently. :/

Thursday, June 7, 2007

i bought a 500ml of 100 plus today. was told by my mum that it might help in curing my sore throat. but it didnt. aww. i really hate my sore throat. i hope it will go away someday and never come back again. i hope my throat will kick the sore away, and then i will have a normal throat again. haha. i cant sing high pitch, i cant raise my voice. despite all these, i can shout at the top of my lungs and i can squeak like a mouse. hur. that's like the only thing i can do. every few secs, i have to cough. my throat was itchy, it's as though thousands of ants are crawling inside. i hate the doctors too. they always prescribed the same type of sore throat medicine. the orange colour one. it's of no use, i think strepsils work better. maybe they should change the sore throat medicine to strepsils one day and i think i would be the spokesperson for it. haha.

physics spa was okay today. and i just realised that mr koh has got sore throat too. poor us. i dont know why 'sore' just like leaving in our throats so much. gahh. anyway, physics spa. didnt really had a hard time drawing the graph cos my readings were quite accurate. yay-ness. chem later, recap of mole concept with mr LYT. he was detailed in his teaching and i think he's a good teacher. :D

shant reply to tags. i am too lazy to type already plus there's a SAW in my throat now. oh hoho!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

replies to tags:
ZHENYI!: hahha! glad that you know. lols. orange is nice but you are lazy. oh hoho. :D
miinyan-: :) hahah. thanks. :) i tagged your blog already! :D
gin: haha. yeah. maybe. wonder who she is. :)
Thaqif: hahah. i am good, ain't i? :) thanks for the tag!
yongkian: hehh. yeah. i knew that. xubin has got the looks but not the voice. yeah. :D kind of expected.

i am tempted to change skin again. :C

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

man. i am so horribly sick so i didnt post the photos as promised ytd. was down with high fever and sore throat plus dry cough. went to amk hub ytd and yeah, bought lots of nice stuff. the place is small but lots of cheap and worthy stuff because of GSS! haha. was feeling so weird all over and went to take my temperature, 38 plus plus! therefore, walked to the clinic at limbang and turned out that it was closed. luckily, the others werent. so i went and waited for like so long until the doctor arrived.the doctor didnt really do much, just took my temperature and looked at my throat. lols. slept at 8 plus ytd. wake up early today for maths and my throat hurted so terribly. gahh. :X walked to school looking like a zombie and learnt boringly boring maths. :/ and lao tian ye dont want to fang guo me, still rain when there's the big bright sun lo. :((( was quite cold lah, but ms sim was being so good today to release us early. :) one thing to be happy about. actually didnt want to upload the photos, but i shall, FOR THE SAKE OF MINYAN! :D do feel honoured. and dont think i'm crazy doing all those dumb poses!

i think these photos are so ramdon, so dark and so boring. oh well. thanks to all those who tagged! LOVE YOU GUYS LOADS! :D

Sunday, June 3, 2007

i wish you'd hold me like this forever
woah. ytd was superb. wake up at 0630 and reached school at 0759 munching on my sausage mcmuffin. waited for quite long till we finally boarded the bus. reached RP at about 0845? not that sure. haha. we had two runs and there were so many things to worry about. but the technical crew really helped us alot. sneaked in many snacks and drinks into the control room when we were not supposed to yet we didnt get scoldings when the crew saw us. haha. hwai yi and i didnt really like practise with the lightings much. most of us were like fooling around, jumping and posing like idiots in the control room. some photos later. :) sometimes we were asking lame jokes and laughing, sometimes we answered lateral puzzles which i swear is really interesting and makes my brain works, sometimes we were imitating thos dancers who jump-split at the same time. coolsome luh.

lunch at the cafeteria later with liying, yongkian and hwai yi while others ate the catered food, which taste so blah. i had oyako don and it wasnt really that nice. udon is much much better. cheezy hotdog again after that. went to 7'11 to buy some snacks to munch on inside the control room later. fooled around again. dinner later and i had nothing. the catered food dont look nice and i was quite full, so i gave my share to huisian. yeah. minutes and minutes later, people started entering the auditorium and most of them dressed so well. haha. then the show began.

and i have to say that i like the syf dance about the dolls thing. it's superb can. i dont know how to explain the 'goodness' but yeah, thumbs up to them! ELDDS did well too, with asyiqin scaring people off and doreen as the leader. woah. the rest of the gang were great too. 15 mins interval later and then it was band. i love the pieces they played and the twinkling of one of the instruments but i dont know what's that called, haha. piano by fishy (peijun) was nice. he can teach people already, he has already passed grade 8 and taken his diploma. :D choir no more pon chi, but with other nice songs and i kind of like the latter one, yeah. kimberly with her full house song, fab too. dancers later, dancing to the song 'Ain't no other man' which i think brought the highness to the audience. and so overall, the show ran smoothly. :)

dismissal later and i actually wanted to join some of the 2a guys plus jiazhi they all for supper, however, i was not really that hungry and eating at night will put weight on me, so i rejected them. took the bus back and reached home at about 2230.

aww. i am so tired. pictures tmrw perhaps. :D

Saturday, June 2, 2007

replies to tags:
mUsHy: thanks alot. and you are? :)
YUN: will explain to you next time then. dont kill me hors. lol.
hwaiyu: haha. it's only a joke. lol.
>Yongkian!: ytd was sure loveeee! :D many spastic photos yeah? hahah!
miinyan-: hahah! okay, i will tag you on a regular basis then! takkaires too! :)
Thaqif: yay! THAQIF is so good! hahah. :)
jiaying`: haha. that's because we went to the cafeteria at RP and ate there instead of eating those catered food. lol! the winnie joke next time then explain to you bah. hah. anyway, i tagged already, so can i have the song please? :D>Yongkian!: ytd was funnnn. i have already kope those photos from your blog le! :D