Monday, October 31, 2005

went to my grandma's hse todae.. had fun talking to the toddlers.. dey all sho cute!! eek.. wish i can take fotos of dem but i din.. haix.. time flies fast the youngest de noe how to talk le.. so sad.. i love babies who duno how to talk de.. anywae, scolded my bro fer setting a bad example by ignoring a baby cousin of mine and insulting him, telling the rest of the toddlers to ignore him.. he still dared to argue with me lorx.. FREAKO lahx.. i feel like giving him a tight slap!

went to causeway point to shop too.. nth much lahx.. den wen i going to take MRT, i saw alice.. so qiao.. hahax.. went to lot 1 ltr.. shop, shop, shop.. gt myself new clothes.. gt a mini-skirt, gt pants inside de... it mae not seem short to u, but to me is quite short le.. oso bought a DICE keychain.. so cute.. mine's sky blue de, my bro's green.. bleahx.. actually wana get myself a pair of new shoes and jacket de but din.. cos decided not to buy too much todae.. ltr need to bring alot of things bac hme.. no strength to take so mani tings.. my mum gt herself a pair of new shoes though.. had dinner outside todae.. so full le.. hahax..

anywae, read my previous posts and realised tat my posts are getting shorter and shorter.. i have not much to sae compare to last time.. but i still TALKATIVE.. rest assured.. could be bcos i lazi bahx.. i oso getting old le.. so mus understand.. hahax..

Sunday, October 30, 2005

woahx.. finally finished folding 200 starx, eh no, is 190 starx.. in jus one dae.. so happi.. hahax.. anyway, realised tat i have grown up.. tink tat love fer teens now can nv last.. jus puppy love.. gonna wait till i grow up before i get into another relationship le..

Saturday, October 29, 2005

recently got interested in folding stars.. so fun lorx.. it has got meanings de..
1 star = the only one
2 stars = lovey-dovey
3 stars = i love you
5 stars = i love you till the end of time
11 stars = deeply love person
36 stars = together forever
66 stars = never to be separated
99 stars = lovers forever
101 stars = together
365 stars = wishes will come true
aiya some of the meaning i duno how to explain.. my english not tat gd mahx.. so cant blame me.. *bish*..

Friday, October 28, 2005

haix.. duno why my heart is so fickle-minded.. liking two guys at the same time.. one of dem talk to me todae but our conversation was so short..he sounded cold.. so fast offline le.. haix.. i was like on the verge of tears le lorx.. i dun wan him to go.. my heart hurtx alot now.. i have no appetite to eat..
how i wished the rain would nv stop and it can forever hide my tears.. i jus wana cry..

Thursday, October 27, 2005

woo hoo.. had tug-of war in skool todae.. although our klas lost to 1C, we won while competing against 1D.. Ole.. hahax.. 1B competed against 1D oso lorx.. i was cheering fe r1B like siao, until i no voice le.. 1B won lorx, duh.. with a CHEERLEADER like me, sure win de.. jk.. jk..

our klas was so united during the tug-of-war tat i cried wen we won.. too emotional le.. hahax.. *sniff* den, wen the rest were still competing, 1A was seated in a big circle playing 'Terminal Password'.. we were liked so happy together.. i was so happy todae except tat there ws a gal who ruined it by calling us 'ASSHOLES' lorx.. din wana sae anything cos i'm a civilised person.. =) heex.. really enjoyed myself oni tat he was not there..

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

no skool todae.. so boring.. nth much to do de.. spent my whole morning reading comics and kiddy stuff like fairytales storybooks.. i'm so desperate le.. plus i din use com lorx.. cos morning go online nt much ppl de.. watched the encore of 'Super Funkies' at 4.. though i watched it yest liaox.. nth to do wad, so become desperate gal, not crybaby le.. hehex..

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

haix.. how i wish there are still examz now.. before exmaz i had tot it wuld be fun to enjoy ourselves after tat.. but i was rong.. there is nth much to do lorx.. everydae i go online, blog and watch tv.. somtimes even gt nth to do.. so sianx.. anywae, gt to noe my klass position todae.. frm last time de 24th position, i 'promoted' to the 19th.. so happy.. hahax.. and oso the chalet has been booked and the place actually overlokked a sea view.. kool ritex? i cant w8..

heard alot of ghost stories todae too.. it all started wen my fren asked my 'cher abt a pond which used to be outside our klass.. the circle shape where it was last time was still visible.. i have heard fem many tat it was bcos of a suicide committed tat make the skool removed the pond de.. scary.. our 'cher refused to tell us anything and practically ignored us.. den wen nat and i were in mac with sandy and jia ying, we started telling each other ghost stories.. jiaying gt so scared tat we had to accompany her to the toilet and she actually gt a guy to accompany her hme.. haix..

saw the first Nokia camera fone todae.. looked like a remote control lorx.. so big.. hahax.. after tat, nat and i walked hme.. wen i was abt to reach the lift lobby and i wana press the ligt button, the lift suddenly opened as though there was a sensor lorx.. as if there is one.. i gt so scared and started tinking abt the stories tat my frenx told me.. somehow the lift took so long to reach the storey of my hse.. i ran back all the wae to my hse lorx..

den i was supposed to play badminton with nat lata and i was actually afraid of taking the lift myself! i even called nat to come upstairs to accompany me down! we played badminton fer awhile den went to the playground to 'play'.. we jus sat on the see-saw and talked.. the playground was quite quiet and the constant creaking of the see-saw made nat and i uneasy.. i am easily spooked so i talked non-stop abt happy things so tat i can dun tink abt it.. haix.. poor me..

Monday, October 24, 2005

haix.. i'll bet tat i can get into Guiness World Records fer substaining the most no of injuries in a dae.. i strained my muscle thus causing a swollen arm with NO STRENGTH, hit my elbow hard on the metal tap, scraped my leg against the edge of the door, hit my leg against a table causing a previous bruise to become bigger and darker.. urgh.. oh ya, and also the back of my leg hurtx weneva i walked causing me to limp somtimes.. i have tried very hard to be careful le, but i jus cant.. i am jus so fated with INJURIES..

Thursday, October 20, 2005

had a STUPID dream last nite.. made me cry lorx.. haix.. dreamt tat the whole of my klas came to my house fer a party and as we were leaving the hse, i saw tat my neighbour's hse had been rented to klas 1XXX lorx, to celebrate.. dun wana mention the klas.. cos i dun wan anymore misunderstanding le.. one of the guys in tat klas scolded one of the gals in our klas but i tot he was scolding all of us so i shouted a long string of vulgarities at dem.. suddenly, we were downstairs and were sitting at the stairs.. i was still scolding lorx.. den, both the klas mentors appeared, SITTING ON THE GRASS!!! i was den scolded by my klas mentor fer shouting vulgarities at dem lorx.. den everyone started putting the blame on me and tat gal whom the guy meant to scold, scolded me too.. saying tings like," See lahx, they oso nv scold u, dey scold me oni wad, why help me?!" i was like so angry lorx.. den i cried.. and suddenly i was in a toilet cubicle crying and SINGING the song 'My Love'.. no link ritex? i den heard my ex-klasmate complaining tat she has no fren.. blah.. blah.. den i woke up.. i found my face wet with tears!! urgh.. [ Wait, the dream is not over yet! ]

i went back to Dreamland agen.. fast?! the dream was like continued.. i saw the guys hu scolded the gal agen.. and i 'diao' him.. cos he was the one who gt me scolded in the first place.. suddenly, i was urgently looking fer my bag, A BAG MADE OF COWSKIN!! nat was with me den.. we were den in a HAWKER CENTRE looking fer it wen i nv ever been there.. so stupid lorx.. but somehow the place seems so familiar.. and den i saw a grp of GANGSTERS sitting at a corner.. the ppl there quite 'shuai' lorx.. den one of dem was like looking at me.. he seemed to read my mind and knew tat i was looking fer my bag.. he den pulled out a long rows of chairs and suddenly a lot of bags appeared on dem! WEIRD! one of the doors den opened and i saw my fren, pei wen getting her bag and jus walked out.. i found my bag ltr.. together with nat, we took the lift down and saw tat we were in LIMBANG!! saw the rest of our klas there trying to figure out how to get out.. [though i have absolutely no idea why we cant get out..] and yunhui was actually sitting on a motorbike!! suddenly, we were liked in an X-box game.. everyting looked so 'cartoon' to me.. and i heard tat yunhui has to get alot of purple cards to get us out.. she went lvl by lvl and i woke up.. WEIRD, WEIRD, WEIRD!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

ouch.. hurt my leg yest.. cos i helped my mum answer a call den wen i noe the call is fer her, i rushed quickly to pass her the fone.. somehow, the floor seems so slippery and i knocked into one of the sharp edges of the chair.. the injured part sunk in and my first layer of skin peeled off.. not long aft, there was a bruise.. pain sehx.. haix.. den todae, it became swollen le.. with a red patch lorx.. urgh..

Monday, October 17, 2005

went out with my mum and my bro yest.. my mum wanted a haircut and my bro and i jus followed along cos we've gt nth to do.. while my mum had her haircut, we went to buy ourselves slurpee and mashed potato to eat.. after my mum had her haircut, we went shopping, well, sort of.. i bought 'Teens' cos gt 5566.. hahax.. yeah.. gt myself a new bag, new clothes.. saw lots of cute and chubby toddlers.. felt like pinching their cheeks.. eek.. lolx.. so happy..

Sunday, October 16, 2005

woo hoo, sci examx finally over le.. budden i tink i'm gonna flunk it.. i oni studied fer Physics lorx, Bio din study much.. scared i fail.. haix.. one more exam paper on mon den can relax le.. oh yeah.. hahax.. drank coffee at mac todae.. it's abt a yr i ever drink it le.. the taste was so *bleahx*, bitter lorx.. so i added lots of sugar and oso CoffeeMate.. so guys, nxt time if u wana drink SWEET coffee at mac, pls add:
5 packets of sugar
2 packets of CoffeMate
cos tat's exactly how much i put to make the coffee taste just right, to me.. den, aft finishing the coffee, my teeth became so yellowish.. bleahx.. went hme to brush it.. make it sparkling white.. hahax..

Friday, October 14, 2005

oh great! i looked sick, sounded sick and i'm STILL sick.. FREAKO lorx.. though my sore throat is gone (fer good, i hope) , i have got flu.. haix.. my nose is still blocked.. one stupid ting is tat, wen one side is not blocked anymore, the other side will 'take over'.. arghx.. i haf nv been so sick my whole life!! k.. i dun wana complain abt tis le.. u guys will get bored..

had art exam todae.. painted till my hands all black, well, sorta.. hahax.. my colours are so dull lorx.. the rest of my klasmates de all so colourful..i admitted being envious.. haix.. cant help it, since the dae i was born, i was NEVER good in art.. so nvm.. lolx.. tis is not heck-care attitude k? tis is SERIOUS.. (like i've been serious abt anything in life at all.. hahax..) no lahx.. oni wen sth is important to me, i'll be serious.. but i cant help being lame sometimes.. tat's my nature.. hehex.. cheeky nature, i noe..

and after u guys have read finished tis post, lemme tell u sth.. u have wasted alot of ur precious time here.. why not oso tag?? hahax.. the fact is:
tis gal, shufen is trying to be lame by typing so much JUNK in her post.. Muhahahahahaha!!!!! if u guys duno wad i mean, read the post agen and u will noe.. sry if ur time is wasted agen.. bleahx..

Thursday, October 13, 2005

haix.. although i am getting beta, i've got blocked nose and sore throat.. difficulty breathing.. arghx.. man, i hate being sick.. and wad's more it's the time where i am supposed to be having my examx.. freak lahx.. i nearly slept in klas during exam todae lorx.. too tired le.. cant help it.. dun wana type le..

Monday, October 10, 2005

haix.. i've nv been so sick my whole life.. i've gt sore throat, backache, dry cough, a slight flu, headache and oso stomachache.. wad the lorx.. luckily, i am strong enough to withstand all the pain and sufferings, if not, i would have been lying on the bed now instead of updating my blog now.. and noe sth weird? i had a dream the dae before.. it was like tis.. i dreamt tat i was having an exam, no particular subject.. My mentor gave me the exam paper and noe wad the first qn was?? "Write down two things u will share with ur stead if u had one.." Noe wad was my ans? i wrote 'time' and 'weal and woe' no idea why i wrote tat though.. i oso dun have stead!!

anywae, i earnt $60 by jus pasting stickers on postcards.. kool ritex? stayed up late yest till 12 sth 4 nth.. cos i trying to be lame.. hahax.. den in the morning woke up late lorx.. went to study fer geog aft tat.. cos thr's geog exam tml.. wish mie gd luck fer it.. lolx..

Friday, October 7, 2005

i must admit the hatred btwn us is getting deeper and i am kinda enjoying it man.. woo hoo! i oso realised tat my eyes mean a lot to me in my life.. they can 'speak' to other ppl, whether it is ppl i like, or ppl i hate.. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!! fer those hu duno wad i am talking abt, take it tat i am trying to be lame and talking crap.. lolx.. anyway, during DnT, our whole klas saw a GHOST!!

not in the DnT room lahx.. duh.. our teacher, mr benson showed us a foto he took of his frenx in K-Box.. at the glass reflection, there was a guy holding sth white.. it has two shadows but it wasnt really tat scary.. mr benson den told us tat the foto was took after 12 midnight lorx.. he refused to tell us where the K-Box is though.. luckily, i wasnt there.. if not, i would have freak out le lorx.. phew..

had surveys during PDP lesson.. four surveys in total lorx.. haix.. sianx.. wasted a lot of time lorx.. still gt the CIP thing.. i've 50hr 20min.. woo hoo!

Thursday, October 6, 2005

i was being rong todae.. wad the lorx.. mr benson accused me of throwing a tissue out of the window wen i din even use a tissue lorx.. freak lorx.. i told him i din, and his eyes still have tat type of doubtful look lorx.. den todae ms tang came late fer one period.. she looked at the rong time-table lorx.. haix.. i tink she too stressed le.. in the end, the last lesson, which was geog, was given to ms tang to teach.. haix..

went to mac after tat.. studied agen.. hahax.. so studious.. lolx.. saw yee gin and cindy ltr.. after tat, we went around the shops lorx.. cos we damned bored le.. left at bout 5 lidat..

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

had a 1 hr test todae lorx.. den it's like so damned stressed lorx.. and we still have EOY.. wad de.. we had a topic tat we were actually supposed to learn in sec 2 but it was brought down to sec 1 lorx.. and on tat topic our teacher gave, one section -> 16 marks.. i was like having mental block le lorx.. after the test, i was like ' oh finally it's all over.. ' anyway, one happy ting is tat our klas are gonna book a chalet during the holidays.. woo hoo! i cant w8 fer it.. lalala..

after skool, went to mac, agen, to study.. completed my geog hw there.. so hardworking.. i noe.. hahax.. jk.. add frenx on frnester agen, cos i desperate fer frenx.. hahax..

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

busy adding ppl on frenster todae.. went out with nat to study.. den in the end became shopping lorx.. dun feel like typing le.. sianx..

Monday, October 3, 2005

had a quarrel with my dad todae over a stupid misunderstanding.. den i cried lorx, cos i was being wrong.. tat was wad i hated.. anyway, i hated quarrels.. hahax.. went to cut my hair in the afternoon.. tot it was too long and too thick.. haix.. den nat said i so fast go fer haircut agen.. two mths le lorx.. told me she every six mths den cut lorx.. if i'm like her, i becum lion le.. lolx..
anyway, tis is a cute baby foto i have here.. so cute!!!
Image hosted by

Sunday, October 2, 2005

gonna show u guys more fotos of cute babies.. be sure to prepare tissue.. i scared u all drool..
Image hosted by
a grp of innocent looking babies
Image hosted by
kissing.. woahx..
Image hosted by
mmm.. nice.. mummy, i want some more..
Image hosted by
playing the piano..
Image hosted by
wahx.. eyes so big..
Image hosted by
hey! i'm changing..
feeling kinda down lately.. somehow, life seems meaningless.. nv tot of dying though.. could be suffering from depression.. i felt useless, frail, weak.. everyting.. i need my frenx and family.. i need someone to hold on.. alwys feel tat there is an empty place in my heart.. sorta a hole.. a hole tat needs someone to be there to cover it.. haix..