Thursday, May 31, 2007

i seriously think that i am going to flunk my english oral man. i got ms lee lah. argh. and the first thing she saw me, she ask me if i am nervous when i see her, and when i replied yes, she said that's good and give a cackle or something like that. argh. i was quite prepared for the picture thingy and i thought i had everything in my head, but when i see ms lee's face, everything just like gone lah. walao. dont know why lah. and i swear i saw ms lee hiding her smile while i struggled to stay alive in front of her. hell. D:

uhm. then took the technical crew, regina's car with mike (michael), liying and hwaiyi. yeah. and regina was like taking the wrong direction most of the time. we were supposed to head for the lane to woodlands, she headed for the one heading to tampines. haha. and she missed a u-turn, and we suddenly 'landed' in bukit panjang. the 'story' is not over yet. then we finally like reached woodlands, which is quite a miracle and yet she took a wrong turn, and headed to Innova JC instead of RP. haha. then we were like turning around, touring around woodlands, perhaps. and the whole 'process' was quite fun yeah. :D

when we reached there, we had our lunch. i had tempura udon, which is superb. the miso soup is so darn nice with the tangy udon. wahhh. plus, the chezzy hotdog there, darn cheest can. EFFIN NICE! :D then we hang around near the stage saying lame jokes with the technical crew. so funny lah. will share next time. haha. we went to the control room later and said lame jokes again and yeah. all of us were laughing. hoho. fun fun.

and i found out today that hwaiyi and i are not only in charge of the lightings for ELDDS, but for all the performing arts. wah. sia lahs. it's like so many cues lah. nevermind. i am sure hwaiyi can handle it. and i got to see the stage being lowered today. so cool lah, i wish i was one of those standing on the platform. aww. :( nevermind. i feel like sharing jokes with you guys, so i shall. haha! :D

Qn: Why does Superman's costume has an 'S' in front?
Ans: That's because he's wearing a size 'S'.

Qn: Why Batman's Costume has got no size label?
Ans: That's because he's wearing a free size costume.

A teacher asked the kindergarten kids what they got for christmas.
The first child said, 'Choo Choo!'
The teacher told the child to say in proper english.
So the child said train.
The second child said, 'Teddy!'
But he was corrected too.
So he said teddy bear.
The third child told the teacher he got a book.
And the teacher asked him for the title.
Guess what he said?
'Winnie The Shit!'
Get it? :D (no offence to pooh lovers though.)

Qn: What is a panda's greatest regret?
Ans: Not being able to take a coloured photo!

the rest of the jokes are quite long and i dont feel like typing them out. ask me sometimes perhaps. :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

replies to tags:

jiaying`: hah. yeah. i am kind of sick of my old skin. lols. hah. will try to get the full version. it's quite hard. :D

jiaying`: you never jio me what. :X

yongkian: yes yes of course. we already included you. haha. the font's century gothic. :)

stella: hha. i have more cold jokes lah. refer to on top for reference.

YUN: hah. is it? crazy in real life? yeah. haha. i have only got part of it. if you dont mind, i can send you. thanks and i want roses okay? hoho. :D

oh hoho. hols doesnt seem like hols at all, with all those homework and stuff. look at hols schedule. well, it isnt really packed, it's just feel packed. haha. anyway, our new chem cher is mr lim yuen tuck. yeah. for the rest of the year.

26 may
27 may
28 may - ELDDS rehearsal
29 may - Physics IP
30 may - English Oral; Rehearsal at Republic Poly (RP)
31 may - Mahjong session with yunhui they all (maybe)

1 june - Performance at RP
2 june
3 june
4 june - Maths IP
5 june - Maths IP
6 june - Physics and Chem SPA
7 june - outing with primary school besties
8 june - buying of stuff for bbq on 9 june
9 june - BBQ time!
10 june
11 june - bowling session with zhenyi they all (not yet confirm)
12 june
13 june
14 june - something important
15 june - something important
16 june
17 june
18 june - ELDDS camp
19 june - ELDDS camp
20 june
21 june
22 june
23 june
24 june
25 june

i am available for the rest of the dates. provided if i dont make any dentist appointments, i think i have to visit the dentist soon. yeah. plus i dont know when ahbu is going out with me for sakae buffet and the bugis thingy trip. haha.


replies to tags:
k.hong: haha. yeah. his songs are uber nice. :D
ZHENYI!: haha, i think the comments are so not true. attentive in class? no way man! haha!
jiaxin: haha. thanks. i love the song too. :)
miinyan-: hello! the song's superb. worth listening to. :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

deborah junior lied to me. :X well, not really. she did not go for the rehearsal last week and she didnt know that the timings had change. and i was given the wrong information. the cast had to meet at 9 whereas the crew at 12, however, i was told to arrive at 9 instead. until doreen and some others arrive, i didnt even know i arrive too early. hahas. i did my homework while they rehearse. and they were sharing so many jokes and here's some.
Qn: Why is the front of a penguin white and the back of it black? (with cute actions)
Ans: That's because the penguin's hands are too short to clean its back, it can only reach and clean its front! HAHA!
Qn: If iceman sprays ice, what do fireman spray?
Ans: Water. Fireman sprays water. (and if you still dont get it, i suggest you call 995.)
you are supposed to be laughing now. :D anyway, had lunch later at limbang with emilia, deborah and doreen. emilia and i bought 'ANYTHING'. that's a drink. and i found out today that 'ANYTHING' has 6 different flavours. woohoo. and it's something like a lucky draw lohs. haha. both emilia and i got the same flavour. and it tasted like sprite and kickapoo. mmm. yeah. it's whitish in color. back in school, when emilia and i were wondering whether 'WHATEVER' taste like, we saw thaqif and samuel drinking it. haha. and emilia and i took a sip of thaqif's. it tasted like ice lemon tea plus longan. haha. samuel's we didnt try. heard from thaqif that it's weird-tasting. hahas.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

If I were blue, would you be there for me,
And whisper in my ears that's okay.
Would you stand by me, let me hold you tight,
And say you love me one more time.

If I feel good, would you slow dance with me,
And touch my lips with tender love and care.
Would you die for me, would you run with me,
And never look back.


Would you be there to love, to be with me,
Would you swear that your love is always true,
Would you say that you'll always be the one,
to take my breath away?

Would you be there to love, to be with me,
Would you swear that your love is always true,
Would you say that you'll always be the one,
to take my breath away?

Would You Be There?

If I'm away, would you still think of me,
and wish that you could hold me now.
Hold me now~
Would you die for me, would you run with me,
All the way.


Would you be there to love, to be with me,
Would you swear that your love is always true,
Would you say that you'll always be the one,
to take my breath away?

Would you be there to save my soul tonight,
Would you swear that your love is always true,
Would you say that you'll always be there,
to kiss my pain away?


Would You Be There, For Me.

Would You Be There, by Redwan Ali. a nice song which you can hear during the Mars VS Venus song. so uber nice. anyway, if you dont know what the song is like, i have uploaded it in my blog and i'm sure you guys will like it. have been trying hard to find someone who has it in his/her music player and apparently i have not succeed in doing that, so i am making do with listening it from haha.

blogging about other stuffs today as well. visited the dentist today, was in hope of filling/extracting that irritating tooth of mine which has been giving me problems for about a month. gahh. turns out that the tooth could not be filled due to some germs/virus infection. and she was shaking her head the moment she saw the tooth. which really scared me at first. and she said that i have to go to the NDC (National Dentist Centre?) to do some minor operations on my tooth. it's gonna cost me 600 bucks to extract out the germs and stuff. the thought of it freaks me out. i was thinking of another alternative, extracting it. however, the dentist, a she, said that if i extracted that tooth, my upper teeth will be affected, and probably the tooth directly on top of the decayed one has to be extracted too. afgad! 2 teeth gone just like that?! hell. and the dentist found out that i have like 3 other holes in my teeth that required fillings. i had one filled, and the process was so painful. i was grabbing the dentist chair all the time and my hand hurt alot. and that filling cost like 50 bucks. it's like only a few minutes of drilling cleaning and whatsoever. woah, dentists these days sure earn fast money. meanwhile, i dont know what to do now, with my tooth there, i cant make a decision and one thing i know, i am not going back to the dentist again. rawr!


Saturday, May 26, 2007

hmm. meet-the-parents ytd. my dad went, my mum was busy working to be able to make it. aww. part of me wanted my mum to go so that she would help me in 'debating' about the ranking unfairness. i know my dad wouldnt do that and i was right. so poor me. i was the one raising up the unfairness towards it. and to think that ms sim agrees with me on it! i was taken aback at first, the way she said, she seem to be on my side. but only for a while. after that, she said, 'but we're now looking at your results right?' which is like no link, but what could i say? my mum wasnt there to side and debate for me. so i could only sheepishly grinned at her then. aww.

things were going smoothly with her and my dad, as in about my results. however, i was not very pleased with the way she claimed that i didnt improve a lot in my subjects but kept on saying that my maths was deproving. zzz. for eg, for history, i failed last term, badly, and now i improved by like 15 marks, and she said i improved only a little bit. man, she could have said that i have improved and yet she have to add that sniggerring 'only a little bit' remark. rawr. plus my maths was one of my okay subjects and she also have something to say for that constant A1 i got. she compared the marks this term with the last term's. and although my marks dropped a little, she claimed it was a lot. kind of exaggerating yeah? and she even ask me for the reasons why i was so bad in maths? without waiting for my answers, she said it was due to the fact that i was careless and that i lacked practising. she was smiling when she said all those. and man. was i angry or what? i could say nothing more since my dad agreed with what she said and practically repeated what she said to me. but couldnt be blamed. he always worked late and cant even see whether i am really studying or not. well, i admit. i didnt really put in a lot of effort in studying but i really tried my best. i am not born clever okay?

after that, my dad went to ask her about my conduct in class. and surprise surprise! she said i was obedient and attentive in her class and always cleared my doubts with her. which is like half-true only. i was so not attentive in her class unless i am desperate for the bonus marks she is giving to help me in my daily work. and she even said i was helpful towards classmates. *jaws drop* i mean, since when did she really realised my 'good'? 'since the first time i teached your class', i can imagine her saying that, smiling at me. eeeeeee. anyway, my dad was somewhat convinced. i thought the whole meeting was going to end. but it didnt. my dad asked more and more questions. mostly about who i was hanging out with blah blah. and suddenly ms sim turned to look at me and asked me if i've got a boyfriend?! flabbergasted i was. of course i said no. because i dont have. ahhaha. and then the whole thing like finally end. the ordeal. i was relieved. :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

oh my gosh oh my gosh. i cant believe it. gah. my com is fixed and i am updating now. whoooo. :D so happy now can and i am sorry that i promised to post weeks ago but i didnt as my dad was lazy enough not to bring the com to let someone fix it. anyway, i am posting a long post now to 'repay' for my 'sins'. hahas. and i really thanks those who constantly tagged. at least i know that my blog is not really dead as you guys are trying to revive it. HAHAH! i guess i really miss out a lot of things these months yeah? hahas. anyway, i would like to thank my godbro for fixing it so that i could use the com again. for free! :) and i have got like lots of things to say here. so excited now. :D

first thing first. my results. so argh. okay. i fared average-ly. hur. and there's like this stupid thing which is that half of the class (the lower ranking ones) have to attend the parent-teacher meeting. so like _____. and i was thinking who would be the unlucky one to be in the middle to have to meet the teacher. and i was the one! chicken egg cake lah. so suay can. when mr koh told me about it, i even double-checked it to see whether it's true or not. and IT IS! eeyer. and i 'lost' to the one who ranked before me by like 0.1 mark?! yikes! i think that it's so unfair and i am gonna raise this thing up tmrw during the meet-the-parent-thingy. i am gonna ask mr koh who was the one who thought of this stupid thing. it's darn unfair. i knew of a girl whose average is lower than me but her ranking in her class is the top half and she dont have to attend the meet-the-parent tmrw. and i have to. what is this man? i suggested whoever who thought of this to change this whole thing. he/she should look at the average instead. BOO! :(

hmm. and went to Republic Poly (RP) today. so BIG and SO CHIO with many glass panels and windows. plus there's like a big big pond? yeah. i think that the place is too big and they cant think of anything to fill up the land thus the pond was born. and the pond had nothing but stones and more stones. oh hoho. oh by the way, the stage where the syf people are going to perform is so darn big. it's like 5-6 times of our school stage. plus the centre of the stage can be lowered or raised. SCREAMS! effin cool lah. :D

er, okay i shall stop posting now. i shall be blog-hopping now. :D

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

oh hoho. ages since i last post here. hahas. at yunhui's house now using computer. lols. i guess i wont be posting already until after MYE when both of my computers are being fixed. i cant wait. like 4 days more? wahaha. miss posting lots lots. and i really thanks those who tagged. i know who my 'friends' are lohs. lols. anyway, life has been boring for me since there's no computer to use at home. i have become a couch potato then. and i realised that tv shows are getting more and more borier. so. yeah. look forward to my posts after exams. signing off now with loves. ps. I wont reply to tags now. so TEDIOUS! :D
oh hoho. at yunhuio house now. finally got a chance to post here. i will be posting after MYE which is like 4 days later. so look forward to my post okay? and i thanks to those who tagged. i love you guys. hahas. life's boring so nth much to post here. i promise long posts next time. :D