Saturday, December 31, 2011

#496 - New Year Resolutions for 2012

Time of the year again, to look back at my New Year Resolutions which I never fail to complete. T.T

Well it's okay to look back and see how much I've grown up by comparing my resolutions I had last year with this year's. :P

Resolutions I made on 2010 for this year:
New Year Resolutions for 2011 
- Lose weight (I've to start a diet REAL soon, omg I hate myself) 
- Chew my food for at least 30 times before swallowing (I know this is weird but it works hand in hand with my first resolution) 
- Do my best to get my Black belt for Taekwondo by the end of 2011 (Currently blue and going for the January 2011 one) 
- Run 2.4km at least once every ...three weeks 
- Book an appointment with a dentist and extract all of my wisdom teeth (I've been dragging this thing for long because I hate visiting the dentist, maybe I've got dentophobia) 
- Be more matured when I deal with problems 
- Save up as much money as I can (IS A MUST!) 
- Get more tops and shoes (which contradicts what I said about saving as much money as I can)

Every year this time, I hate myself.
Because I totally did NOT try my best in fulfilling at least one at all.
*go bang wall* 

Let's see!

I did not lose weight BUT maintained the same so I guess I will work harder?
Chew food 30 times? I am shocked I typed that. Bah.
Omg this is the saddest, I can't get my Black Belt anymore because my grading card is with my coach and I am too lazy to meet him to get it and I also don't want to commit to CCA in university. :'( But hey I am brown belt now! Up 2 belt levels yo!!
Run 2.4km? Who am I kidding?
Omg one resolution fulfilled! Went for a checkup and turned out that I shouldn't extract them yet since they haven't erupted out and I already book TWO appointments for next year!!! freddiemercury.jpg

Ehhh this one, no comments. Last teenage year!!!
Save up? Hmm trying my best yo! And I signed up with ChurpChurp and Gushcloud. Recently cashed out from Gushcloud, waiting for $$ come to me. And Imma cash out a 3 digit sum from Nuffnang soon!!! :) And then get bursaries when I can. :D
More tops and shoes? I got like 16 tops 3 rompers 2 outerwear 7 shorts 2 dresses 2 skirts 3 bags 3 belts and tons and tons of rings and necklaces and 5 pairs of shoes. Yeah I went to count.
And I am sure it's not a lot compared to those who splurge freely on brands/blogshops! ;)
Let's ignore the amount I spent on I-think-more-than-10-plus-bottles-of-nailpolishes.
Anyway I am still at this mindset that I can get pretty nice good and cheap stuff at places like FEP/Bugis/Gmarket if I hunt well and it's proven!!!
Blogshops sells similar items at like $6 - $10 more okay!! So I think I sort of saved up by getting from the places itself. Teehee. :>

Okay enough.
The time has come...

New Year Resolutions for 2012
- Stop setting resolutions that I can never fulfill
- Get a baking oven and bake bake bake
- Cook more dishes
- Study/mug real hard, never letting the same thing happen to me this year happen again
- Swear less
- Be happier

Okay I shan't be too greedy huh!!

And yessa!

 Got a super pretty 2012 organiser from Shi Min for my birthday!
I will put it to good use! :D
Got chio pictures every month one and random facts as seen below!

Have a great year ahead, my friends and readers!
Thanks to all of you who stay by me!

Happy 2012 (in advance)! :)

#495 - Christmas with the SHRIMS SS

Christmas was spent with a few of the Shrimmies.
Only 6 of us turned up (Kunda joined us later).

We had no plans except for gift exchange and then Roger suggested a homecooked dinner.
And so, a homecooked dinner it is! :)

I am the supervisor for the day while the rest cook!

Yepps I was that bored.

Cooking time!
I contributed okay!!!
2nd video couldn't focus but towards the end it was and showed that I contributed hahahaha!!

Setting up! :)
Mine on top looks better. :P

Anyhow we cracked lots of lame jokes over the dinner and it was a meal filled with laughter. ♥

Halfway through the meal, we saw a minced meat on Haiqel's plate 'rolling in the deep'.
He took it up and I videoed it.
Sadly I couldn't focus because I forgot to zoom out. :(

Time for gifts exchange! :)

Lol 10 seconds of awkward silence makes us look like this.
Trying hard to contain our laughter.

And our way of gifts exchange kinda failed. ._.

Towards the end, we finally settled it!
See what we got each other within the $10 budget!

Everyone wants Roger's gift, the lava lamp!!!

Omg Haiqel!!
I see what you did there!!! *smh*

Then we played with the shutter speed thing and lava lamp!
Lika cool yo!!! B)

Cookies and that scotch tape dispenser (which I die die don't wanna get but still got it, I WANT THE LAVA LAMP) from Yili! :)

Spammage of polaroids taking again! :)
Like those standard photos taken during your dad's times! Hahahaha.

Okay bye! :)