Saturday, December 31, 2011

#495 - Christmas with the SHRIMS SS

Christmas was spent with a few of the Shrimmies.
Only 6 of us turned up (Kunda joined us later).

We had no plans except for gift exchange and then Roger suggested a homecooked dinner.
And so, a homecooked dinner it is! :)

I am the supervisor for the day while the rest cook!

Yepps I was that bored.

Cooking time!
I contributed okay!!!
2nd video couldn't focus but towards the end it was and showed that I contributed hahahaha!!

Setting up! :)
Mine on top looks better. :P

Anyhow we cracked lots of lame jokes over the dinner and it was a meal filled with laughter. ♥

Halfway through the meal, we saw a minced meat on Haiqel's plate 'rolling in the deep'.
He took it up and I videoed it.
Sadly I couldn't focus because I forgot to zoom out. :(

Time for gifts exchange! :)

Lol 10 seconds of awkward silence makes us look like this.
Trying hard to contain our laughter.

And our way of gifts exchange kinda failed. ._.

Towards the end, we finally settled it!
See what we got each other within the $10 budget!

Everyone wants Roger's gift, the lava lamp!!!

Omg Haiqel!!
I see what you did there!!! *smh*

Then we played with the shutter speed thing and lava lamp!
Lika cool yo!!! B)

Cookies and that scotch tape dispenser (which I die die don't wanna get but still got it, I WANT THE LAVA LAMP) from Yili! :)

Spammage of polaroids taking again! :)
Like those standard photos taken during your dad's times! Hahahaha.

Okay bye! :)

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