Saturday, August 31, 2013

#649 - August Babies' Celebration

Last Sunday was a well spent one celebrating the August babies birthday with FULL ATTENDANCE! :)

 Love them loads, can forever bitch about other people (LOL despite sometimes not knowing who the person being bitched about is, is just interesting to hear stories of how 贱 some people are, don't judge) and shopping and studying together! (Y)
Somehow someday we got rather close and bonded and yeahh, we hang out pretty much nowadays!

 All girls shots with Yili and Yunhui, which we seldom meet with the rest!

 Happy birthday, Shakilah and Salihin! :) Hope you two love the presents we got for y'all!

The day was spent with games and then we ended it with Thai food for dinner!
It was a late one because delivery took one and a half hour! :O

But it was worth it!

 Loveee the green curry and clear seafood tomyum soup best! :)

Looking forward to the next meetup with the rest again!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

#648 - Meet up with The (Doh) Bitches

Met the girls for dinner the other day, we had mookata at New Udon Thai Food @ Golden Mile Complex!
My third time over there and the food didn't disappoint....except this time we were seated too near the rubbish area and there were baby cockroaches. D:

Raine had a car so everything was very 方便!
Even had icecream at Salted Caramel and then chilled a while!

Hmm, I think all of us change a lot over the years, physically and mentally somehow!

Till then! :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#647 - Ad: earthDOLL

A week back, I visited a shop at Bukit Panjang Plaza (BPP) called earthDOLL! :)

earthDOLL is a shop that sells a wide range of clothes with different styles and even they have bags too. With its wide range, you can find easily casual tops for a dress down day, dresses for meetups with friends and even the much more dressier ones to attend formal events with! What's better, you can get all of them at affordable prices which will not burn a hole in your pocket! ;)

Most of the items are priced affordably, ranging from $10 - $15, and premium items are priced slightly higher but at only $20!

Shopped at there for quite a while and I really like how organised the place is. The clothings are mostly sorted according to the shades and colours, which make finding items in the colour you want easy!

The staff are friendly and eager to help and therefore made my shopping experience a very happy one!
I was having difficulties choosing from so many items (made her take out some new ones which I didn't choose in the end) yet she was patient and told me to take my time! Good service. (Y)

Some shots of the stuff I got!

Love this top I chose because the material is so light and comfortable, perfect for hot weathers!
Furthermore, the embroidered roses add a pretty touch to the otherwise basic top. :)

And also this denim jacket, which is rather different from the usual ones because it has no collar!
A very versatile piece which can match with many different styles of clothes, went for the pastel sweet look this time!

earthDOLL is definitely worth stopping by to shop in with its really affordable prices and wide ranges of clothes. Do check them out at BPP #03-21 (PS: They have at least 5 new arrivals daily)!
For more details and updates of the shop and their new arrivals itself, do visit their Facebook page:!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

#646 - Pei Wen's 21st Birthday Party

Attended my cousin, Pei Wen's 21st birthday party last Saturday! :)

Theme was minion and we were told to dress in blue or yellow, and guess what?
The birthday girl wasn't clad in any of the colours and when questioned, gave a sheepish grin, hahaha.
I didn't have any yellow clothes (yeah I am surprised too) thus I dressed myself in navy blue and mustard.
Birthday girl gave the thumbs up, she said mustard also counted! ;)

These photos serve as a reminder for me to slim down.
My face fuller than the full moon KNS. T.T

Yummy food at the restaurant, heard from Pei Wen's Mum that the menu was specially selected and prepared for her! :)

 Two yummy and pretty cakes!
The top one was durian flavoured and I freaking loveee it! You can taste the real deal!!
Bottom one was a customised chocolate and vanilla flavoured one which one of Pei Wen's friend's Mum baked for her. :)

Cakes overload...

 So happy with my durian cake, kiapped my phone like an auntie and stuffed my mouth full! And I am not even a fan of cakes lor, it just says how dope the durian cake is. Or more like the durian is. Hehe. :D
PS: I think it's better than the Durian Mousse Cake I had at Goodwood Park Hotel? :O

My brother and I.
Yes we don't look alike, totally opposite, I know lol.
Why can't I have small and sharp nose like him!!!
But it's okay, at least I am the one with bigger eyes. Heh. ^^
This is also the reason why whenever I am out with him, people mistake him for my bf LOL.

Happy 21'st birthday, Pei Wen, blogging it now since your birthday falls on the 21st! :D
Hahaha, hope you like the present we got you okay!
Stay pretty and many happy returns! :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

#645 - Random Gathering

Heyyyyy. :)

So last Thursday, I had an impromptu meet up with the girls plus some of the guys at Siloso Beach Resort! Reason being?
Shakilah's bf was sweet enough to want to surprise her and thus he booked a room and invited some of her friends for her supposed birthday party!
Aww, so sweet right!!
But she found out about the surprise and put a stop to it! Haha, she is just not into the surprises kind and true lahh, the money spent on the room can be used for better things!

So... anyway, we were invited for this random surprise and made our way there to meet up and play games. :)
But before that, as usual, I went to indulge in good food with May.

Somehow whenever the girls want to meet up, I will end up meeting May first and then we will have yummy lunch together.... :/ :P

We were at ViVoCity and thus I decided to have Marché!
Wanted to try the Lunch Xpress menu and when we were on the way there, I went FB to check the time period, it was stated 11am - 3pm. And when I checked my watch, it read 3pm. *jiang jiang jiang* T.T
But we still settled lunch there in the end because I miss their wrap so much!

The lighting over there was so good for taking food photos, but for faces, it was too overexposed.
I had to edit the lighting for the above photo if not I'd look super white... But it is still too overexposed uh. ._.

See what I mean when I say lighting is good for taking food photos?

Went for food shopping over at Giant (Loveee shopping in supermarkets!! :D) and we bought lots of food, which included a super yummy cheese dip that we dipped almost everything in it like potato chips, tortilla chips, fries and even Mcnuggets!

Here's a photo of it! Super yummy but nothing beats LJS's good old cheese.
I wish they sell them in bottles. :(

Siloso Beach Resort was rather cozy, which I feel was less suitable for large crowds, more of for couples to relax and chill since it had this queen-sized bed with canopy 

Photos from the website to get an idea of how it looks like.

Well, I must say photos are deceiving, HAHA.
The hydrotherapy bathtub look really old with the small blue square tiles...
Check for reviews online if you're not convinced!
And the fridge in our room wasn't working, thus our icecream became smoothie. :(
BUT I must say the receptionists are quite efficient and helpful in attending to our queries!

Pretty sunset which couldn't be captured from the resort because it was at the other end!

We played The Resistance (Favourite game out of all so far, it replaces BANG!) and also watched the latest episode of RM which had us in laughters because we discussed this and that. :D

Fell sick towards the end of the gathering, didn't help when I already had a sore throat, plus accidentally had the shower head blasting at half of me (some at May) hahahaha.
But I pulled through! (Y)

Group shots and I managed a smile despite the throbbing headacheee.

Can't wait for this Sunday to come! Gonna have a mini celebration for the August babies. :)