Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#647 - Ad: earthDOLL

A week back, I visited a shop at Bukit Panjang Plaza (BPP) called earthDOLL! :)

earthDOLL is a shop that sells a wide range of clothes with different styles and even they have bags too. With its wide range, you can find easily casual tops for a dress down day, dresses for meetups with friends and even the much more dressier ones to attend formal events with! What's better, you can get all of them at affordable prices which will not burn a hole in your pocket! ;)

Most of the items are priced affordably, ranging from $10 - $15, and premium items are priced slightly higher but at only $20!

Shopped at there for quite a while and I really like how organised the place is. The clothings are mostly sorted according to the shades and colours, which make finding items in the colour you want easy!

The staff are friendly and eager to help and therefore made my shopping experience a very happy one!
I was having difficulties choosing from so many items (made her take out some new ones which I didn't choose in the end) yet she was patient and told me to take my time! Good service. (Y)

Some shots of the stuff I got!

Love this top I chose because the material is so light and comfortable, perfect for hot weathers!
Furthermore, the embroidered roses add a pretty touch to the otherwise basic top. :)

And also this denim jacket, which is rather different from the usual ones because it has no collar!
A very versatile piece which can match with many different styles of clothes, went for the pastel sweet look this time!

earthDOLL is definitely worth stopping by to shop in with its really affordable prices and wide ranges of clothes. Do check them out at BPP #03-21 (PS: They have at least 5 new arrivals daily)!
For more details and updates of the shop and their new arrivals itself, do visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Earthdoll!

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