Wednesday, August 21, 2013

#646 - Pei Wen's 21st Birthday Party

Attended my cousin, Pei Wen's 21st birthday party last Saturday! :)

Theme was minion and we were told to dress in blue or yellow, and guess what?
The birthday girl wasn't clad in any of the colours and when questioned, gave a sheepish grin, hahaha.
I didn't have any yellow clothes (yeah I am surprised too) thus I dressed myself in navy blue and mustard.
Birthday girl gave the thumbs up, she said mustard also counted! ;)

These photos serve as a reminder for me to slim down.
My face fuller than the full moon KNS. T.T

Yummy food at the restaurant, heard from Pei Wen's Mum that the menu was specially selected and prepared for her! :)

 Two yummy and pretty cakes!
The top one was durian flavoured and I freaking loveee it! You can taste the real deal!!
Bottom one was a customised chocolate and vanilla flavoured one which one of Pei Wen's friend's Mum baked for her. :)

Cakes overload...

 So happy with my durian cake, kiapped my phone like an auntie and stuffed my mouth full! And I am not even a fan of cakes lor, it just says how dope the durian cake is. Or more like the durian is. Hehe. :D
PS: I think it's better than the Durian Mousse Cake I had at Goodwood Park Hotel? :O

My brother and I.
Yes we don't look alike, totally opposite, I know lol.
Why can't I have small and sharp nose like him!!!
But it's okay, at least I am the one with bigger eyes. Heh. ^^
This is also the reason why whenever I am out with him, people mistake him for my bf LOL.

Happy 21'st birthday, Pei Wen, blogging it now since your birthday falls on the 21st! :D
Hahaha, hope you like the present we got you okay!
Stay pretty and many happy returns! :)

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