Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#271 - Vampires Suck

I think those who hate the Twilight (Movie) Series should watch this.
I think I should too.

This is to mock the Twilight Series.
With names like Becca Crane and Edward Sullen.

Watch the trailer if you haven't.

1.33 - 1.38. LOL!


Seriously can't get why people think that Robert Pattinson or should I say Edward Cullen is hot.

You tell me.

I can think of better examples for definition of hot please.

If you like the storybook's Edward Cullen, it's okay.
If you like the one in the movie thinking he's sweet, it's okay.
But to think of the one acting in the movie as hot? *rolls eyes*

Stupid things the fans did like:

Sources from Lord_Voldemort7's Twitpics.

I think you need to get your eyes check.

Anyway, Matt Lanter, (the guy acting as Edward Sullen in Vampires Suck) is like way better looking than compared to Robert Pattinson.

Matt Lanter.
Love his blue eyes! :)


 Robert Pattinson.
(This is by far the best picture I can find of him without any shaggy hair and less of the stubble. And I am not being biased at all, you can google Robert Pattinson and see what shows up.)
Somehow he looks more like a werewolf than a *coughs* vampire.
Talk about irony.

Side by side comparison!

Which one better you tell me?

Time for an eye-check up, my darlings! :)


  1. You say rude people suck but it's hard not to rude when you make stupid comments. I don't even know why I'M commenting on this crap. Looks like I'm the only one to comment and I wonder why. Maybe it's because of pointless and degrading posts like this one. And FWI sweetie, I think YOU are the one who needs their eyes checked.

  2. I am not being rude. I am stating facts. *rolls eyes* I guess you're just one of the Twilight crazy fans or someone who thinks that Robert Pattinson is hot. HE IS NOT. This is my blog and I am entitled to my own opinions. If you don't know why you're commenting and don't like what I say, then GTFO. Nobody needs your opinion anyway. And I have no idea what is to rude and FWI. O.O

    And the reason why you are the only one to comment is because the others either agree with me (I have 4 likes versus 0 dislike for this entry) or they are able to accept the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and not everyone has to LOVE Twilight or Robert Pattinson. People can love, people can hate.

    Thanks for commenting. :)


Be nice, rude people suck.