Monday, August 30, 2010

#272 -

Physics Paper 2 ended early today and so Raine and I went to Wendy's for brunch.

Okay I have to complain. Just ignore me if you can't be bothered with it.

I wanted to order the wholesome breakfast which cost $6.60 comes with drink of your choice, a triangular hashbrown, 2 pieces of toast, lots of scrambled egg and choice of smoked turkey/chicken sausage.

Apparently they ran out of chicken sausage (at 10 plus in the morning only?!) and I had to settle for smoked turkey instead.
On a side note, I realized that out of the 6 breakfast items they are selling, 3 of them contains chicken sausage.
Like stupid.
They are gonna like lose 50% of their business this way.

Okay so this is what I got together with a cup of Iced Milo.

The toast was a little too hard but tasted fine with butter. (They provided jam too but I didn't request for it)
The hashbrown tasted a little plastic and Raine can vouch for that.
The smoked turkey was too salty.
The scrambled egg was in abundance which is good however, when I went to the counter to request for salt and pepper, they only had salt.

Sigh what a disappointment.
Value for money?

To add on, the milk Raine had expired a few minutes ago.

Thanks goodness Raine didn't have a sip of it.
She saw and told the staff at the counter.

According to her, the staff did not even apologize and only ask if she want other drinks.
It shouldn't be the case.
What if Raine had drunk the milk?
The staff there did not even check for such stuff.

Sobz and the scenery wasn't good either. LOL.

The place Wendy's was being built at JP was not a 'conducive' one.
Whether it was in the morning/afternoon, the sun rays will enter from either sides.
Ended up most of the tables were unoccupied.
Plus the way the tables and chairs are being arranged seriously took up a lot of space.
Wendy's is not really that big to begin with.

I guess it's not really worth it to dine there.
But the vanilla rootbeer float is not that bad I have to say. :)


After the heavy brunch, Raine and I walked around JP endlessly looking for Teachers' Day's gift for the class to give our teachers.

Of all the things we got, I think this one is the funniest.
Bought for Mr Sin!

Haha an ancient looking book with empty yellow pages.
Raine is gonna paint her hand with the calligraphy ink and imprint the print inside the book.
如来神掌 a.k.a. Palm of Buddha!
Haha funny right! :D

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