Saturday, May 29, 2010

#241 - Taekwondo Tournament Part 2

Okay after like one week plus, I am going to talk about what happen in Taekwondo Tournament briefly.
It was at Bedok Hall and so we had a bus chartered to send us there.

These are the competition areas with Areas A, B and C.
They may seem like nothing much for us to perform there, but it's quite stressful (to me) since you're gonna be doing there with not one but FIVE judges looking at you front and back. *shudders at the thought of it, I am glad the ordeal is over*

Our holding area.

 Look at Hwa Chong banner! :O

Zoomed in for closer look! At first I thought it was some random banner promoting Chinese. -.- In the end, it's their 'rooting' banner. DOH!!

Fast forward to the prize presentation ceremony...

Look at us! We're the cool dudes wearing the blue/black jackets!!! B)

National Inter-school Taekwondo Championship 2010 A Divsion Male Poomsae Overall 3rd, National Inter-school Taekwondo Championship 2010 A Divsion Female Poomsae Overall 2nd, and Best Improvement Award (not printed because they won't know which school is going to clinch that award) all ours! :D Together along with medals by individuals and teams. (Mostly from teams)

I took part in only Individual this time because I didn't want the trainings to affect my studies. I didn't get anything in the end, but I am happy albeit being a teeny weeny sad seeing people all around me getting medals.

However, I managed to tell myself this: I lost to the bronze medal by 0.2 marks.
I only took part in the Individual Category and even managed to get into the Finals.
The rest had teams, I don't.
And lastly, (thick-skinned), if I hadn't taken part, I wouldn't have contribute 12++ marks for the Taekwondo team and the National Inter-school Taekwondo Championship 2010 A Divsion Female Poomsae Overall would be only 4th.

Okay. I am happy now. :D

Continued the happiness we camwhored and cheered and cried like madzxzxzxzxz.

Some of the photos. The rest are up at Facebook. :)


Sidekick! (Whoops, I forgot to 'tuck in' my hands')

The J2s with Sir and his woman! :D

Ending with 2 photos and a 'quote'...

'Once a JJ Taekwondo-ian, always a JJ Taekwondo-ian.'
Thanks Sir and Joanne for teaching and correcting us.
Thanks to everyone in Taekwondo who made this happen.

Taekwondo brought me so much memories and I never want them to end.
1 year plus, it may be short, but I've learn a lot.
I never regret joining it at all.
It was worth it, to learn so many kicks, patterns and sparring techniques etc.
To make so many friends whom I am closed with.
I am contented.
I will certainly miss having lunches after Saturday trainings.

I will continue this sport and hope to go back to JJ someday when I graduate. :')

Friday, May 28, 2010

#240 - Shopping and IKEA

Shopping at Queenstown (Queenway Shopping Centre) with Mummy and Brother today.
Well, not exactly shopping...
My brother wanted to get a new pair of school shoes since he lost his in camp plus his feet keeps growing (1 month 1 shoe FYI).
I tagged along since I wanted to get a good pair of running shoes for a long time already. :)

The trip was fruitful.

Finally got my Asics running shoes! :D

I saw a peach coloured version of this but they didn't have my size. :(
My legs are mild flat, I didn't know. Haha, limited choices plus I don't like the colours for some.
I don't really care if it's the latest, it just feels comfortable to me.
Thus I settled for this.

Plus I got 2 dresses from Queensway Shopping Centre as well!
Didn't really notice them until my mum told me to see.
I have my GIRLY side tooooooooo! :)

 Love the prints! :)

Forget about getting VANS (there are so many pretty ones), I was so broke after getting this pair of shoes I can only look. Hahahahaha.

After random walkabouts, the 3 of us were pretty hungry so we settled for dinner at IKEA!

(Pardon the unclear/too bright images, we were too hungry so I snapped and ate straightafter)
Minestrone Soup and Bun with Butter.
(My brother was too eager to try it, thus the drop there)

Pasta with Tomato Sauce.
(What a plain name)

Ginger-glazed Salmon (with warm potato salad, sautéed cabbage, and steamed broccoli on the side)
(I hate the ginger aftertaste, only had a small bite)

And lastly not forgetting....

(Nope, you're wrong, it's not the meatballs)


IKEA Fried Chicken Wings!!!

(Image failed to show how good it looks)

Let me Google it...

 There you go! :D

The smell~~~~
They're just so freaking good! -nom nom nom-

If you were at IKEA just now, you'd notice that ALL the tables ordered this!
The wings are perfectly fried! *drools*

I want to go back there again for this! :) :D

You'd think with all that food we'd be full.
Yes we were!
But we bought a hotdog bun each minutes later.

Gotta love the hot hotdog! :D

And I had a virgin taste of mustard.
It's eew, I'm never gonna have it again in my life.
It taste like those toothcare paste that the dentist plaster on your teeth before they cleanse it.

Byebye IKEA. :'(

Home sweet home, I is a happy girl. :) :D :) :D

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#239 - Updates

I had my virgin attempt at tasting beef today.
And I didn't know I was eating it.

Apparently, this Chili and Cheese Baked Potato from Wendy's® contains beef.
Minced beef from the Chili to be exact.
I felt that something wasn't right while I was eating and told Raine to try it for me.
She said it could be beef.
I clarified my doubts with the Wendy's® workers and it turned out that I've eaten beef.

What could I do?
Anyway, it's not that I can't really eat it.
My dad is the one who doesn't allow me to eat it because of religion.
My mum doesn't even care.

So I continued eating it until I couldn't take the taste anymore.
The potato is just too huge plus eating a lot of it makes one get sick of it. :/

After that, the sick feeling started to overwhelm me and I couldn't take it anymore.
So I ordered Frosty Float which is like any other float with soft drink.

Was not a bad choice. It managed to wash down/away the sick feeling I had in my stomach.

Raine also bought something from there.
Her Twisted Frosty which contains vanilla icecream with super crushed M&Ms.
Something similar to the Oreo McFlurry over at Macdonalds, but in a bigger portion.

It may not look appealing but I had a mouthful and it tasted pretty nice.

Anyway, Skittles introduced a new coloured packaging with new 2 cores flavours! :D
Other than the usual Red (Normal), Green (Sour), Blue (Tropical), Purple (Berry), Peach (Yoghurt) packagings, they have got ORANGE (2 cores flavours)!!!


Flavours include Melon Berry, Strawberry Watermelon, Blueberry Lemon, Cherry Lemonade and Mango Peach!

Mango Peach ones taste the nicest followed by Melon Berry!
Hate the Strawberry Watermelon ones (which I kept giving Raine) which taste so much like antibiotics I had in the past when I was sick. :/


Making Pink Lemonade:

A lady who was striked by lightning and survived came to our school for a talk yesterday.
She's brave and strong and persevered on despite many difficulties.
Making Pink Lemonade is a book written by her about her life before the disaster happened, and what happened after that and how she got out of this 'black' phase.
More details at the official website here.
PS: I love the webpage design. :)

We even went to have a short chat with her and took a photo.

She's 5 months pregnant currently and I am glad for her that she has a loving husband whom stood by her. :)


Was browsing through one of my bookshelves one day and I realized I still have 4 unread books (done reading the five people you meet in heaven)!!!
I shouldn't go to the library to borrow books anymore till I've finished reading mine! :O
And while typing this, I realize that I have had a book that is still not read by me but it's missing.
I think my mum sold it to the karang guni man or gave it to my younger cousins or something. :(

And and and, I just borrowed a Jodi Picoult book yesterday.
Lots of my friends read it and Imma try reading and see 'how it goes'.
So I will complete reading it and stop borrowing library books for the moment. :)

Hope it will be a nice read. :)


Early in the morning 6 plus in school, this is what I see. :)

Ending now, will update again soon. Watch this space. :D

Monday, May 24, 2010

#238 - URA Trip on 5 May

Outdated Entry: GP Trip to URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority)

Actually we did nothing much there except to attend a talk whereby the staff there show us a video about how Singapore had progressed over the years and also powerpoint slides on the various masterplans Singapore is developing now and also for the future.

The brochures/leaflets you see above are what's given to us during the talk.

Most of the time left was spent for us wondering around 3 storeys of 'artefacts' with Lynette and I busy taking photos of random stuff.

The door of the room which we entered for the talk.

I joked and claimed that the room must be a female because it said 'Theatrette' instead of Theatre.

Before we entered this room, we were like shushing each other because we saw this sign:

Turned out this sign was put up for US according to Mr Soh. Doh! (La Fa Me Do Re)

 Big and small size of the Singapore flyer on 2 different 'maps'!
Notice they use thumbtacks to represent trees? How cute! Got different colours somemore! :)

Wanna see how they represent Sentosa and Changi Airport on the small map?

Here they are:

LOL right! Hahahahaha.

How Sentosa looked like in the past...

Some colourful poll system. :)

-ends abruptly-

Wanted to upload 2 cool photos of Raine and I taken by Lynette but she's taking ages to blog it up so I figure I might as well update this dying blog of mine first before she finally blogged about it. Haha. :)