Monday, July 25, 2005

Went out wif Nat to Lot 1 yest to accompany to buy a present fer Yin Ting's bdae.. It was raining cats and dogs lorx! Wen we reached there, i was shivering like siao.. Den went to YELLOw to buy a bracelet wif Yin Ting's name engraved on it.. So sweet lorx.. Den we go window shop till we no strength le.. Went to take neoprints lata, and we walked hme in the rain cos we lazi.. Dun wana w8 fer the bus to come.. Haha..

Friday, July 22, 2005

First period sci physics agen sia.. I kinda dread it cos its gonna be tt CLEANER teacher teaching us agen.. Den i go asked the ppl in front to walk slower, cos i dun wana see tt IDIOT face! Wen we finally reached our klas, the teacher wasnt here yet.. Den, after a while, Mr Eddy came.. Wa.. Its was like we were released frm jail lidat, no nid to suffer anymore lorx.. He's gonna teach us until ms ng comes back.. The whole klas was like cheering lorx.. Yeah!! No more CLEANER!
After recess, we had english, and we watched a movie, cos after tt, nid write a news report on it lorx.. haix.. Since skool, we had so much PRESENTS frm our teachers lorx.. And if u duno wad it is, lemme tell u, its hw la.. Duh.. Den, Keng Wee and Shunyu fell asleep while watching.. Ms Tang got to noe abt it, and she told us to keep quiet.. We did as we were told.. Wen the movie ended, Ms Tang scared de two boiz, by shouting BOO at dem, and patting on their backs.. Haha..
Went to hall fer assembly to celebrate Racial Harmony Day todae.. Took my bag although teacher said not to do so.. Cos me ltr going to watch SYF ppl frm other skools perform..

We took a cab wif Ms Tang to Hwa Chong Institution, and we got off at the wrong place.. In the end we had to walked and den took a bus to get to our destination.. Haix.. Wen we reached there le, the performance had already started.. So we had to wait for the interval to go in.. We waited and we waited.. It was like so long before we were allowed to enter.. The shows were NICE, GREAT.. Everyting.. =) I enjoy it..

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The movie "World of the Worlds" was GREAT although there were alot of gross pictures filled wif lotsa blood.. Eek! The gal in the movie is jus so cute! The aliens were quite cute too, jus tt they are EVIL! Den thruout de entire movie, i was shivering like siao.. Glad to find some warm in him.. Haha.. So cold lorh..

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

U r nv gonna believe wad happened todae.. Nat and i were walking to skool wen suddenly there's was a downpour.. Oh man, were we wet! We both do nt haf umbrella.. Haix.. Den we went to seek shelter under the overhead bridge.. After tt, we suddenly heard a horn.. We saw a taxi-driver sounding a horn at us.. He was signalling to us, asking us to go in the taxi.. He oso asked some of the others who were oso wet.. Altogether there were 5 students, all frm KSS lorx.. Nat and I were like thinking, er, this taxi-driver is so kind sia.. Den we were oso thinking whether we nid to pay after tt anot.. Wen, finally, we reached e skool, he nv even charge us lorx.. I am so grateful to him fer sending us to skool.. If not haf been fer him, we culd haf been late fer skool and drenched frm head to toes! Thkz agen!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

YES! Finally the fight is settled todae.. We apologised to each other and everyting has ended.. I am so happy lorx.. Finally i wun haf ppl tinkin tt i am in the one hu was totally wrong lorx.. Hahax..

Monday, July 18, 2005

Sry, so long nv post liaox.. Now first thing i wana sae.. Sry to yee gin.. I din noe whether i diao u anot.. But i saw u giving me stares and well maybe i jus stared back and maybe we sorta tot we diaox at each other.. I still haf some doubts abt it though.. And i duno y, i feel tt yee gin is a ger hu can understand how i feel nw.. And i din mean to insult jie ting or anything budden she's like hate me and natasha lorx.. I duno y, but i feel closer to yee gin den to her.. It's lyk she cant understand how i feel.. Btw, i wana ask? Issit bcos of me scolding tj, den u guys zhen dui wo de? Or issit yee gin still lyk my gor den started dis whole ting.. I am confused now.. I want this whole fight to stop, which we are gonna settle on mon, and hopefully it can be resolved.. Now bcos fo this whole ting, i feel tt i haf since lost alot of frenz, those hu tink i am totally rong.. Well i admit i was indeed rong, but i was oni partly rong lorx.. The first time i saw wad they rite in their post and tag, i cried lorx.. Y wrong me? Haix..

Friday, July 15, 2005

The idiotic relief teacher fer sci physics cum agen!! Argh.. I jus cant stand her lorx.. Den in her klas ewn she teach, i put mah bk up den bhind i doing other werk sia.. To tink i will be caught by her lorx.. Den she asked me to stand sia.. Stand den stand la, like i scared lidat.. All the things she sae i oso dun understand lorx.. Listen oso no use de.. Ms Ng, i wan u back.. I miss you sooooo much.. :'( Bcos of tt, my happy mood fer todae was ruined.. Haix.. LIFE SUX..

Thursday, July 14, 2005

tot todae gt eldds, so stayed back todae wif nat and wei sheng (fireman cum doorman gor gor) =) At first, we went wif all of our gorx, Nelson (postman gor gor), Jun Chi (policeman cum salesman gor gor) and ws la.. Went to Mc donald to eat our lunch.. Saw guan yeow there.. Nearly lost mah appetite, luckily someone block mah view.. Haha.. Den we go tikam tikam machine there go turned small cups.. Fer nat la.. Den she accidentaly broke it lorx.. We all haf to help her pick the broken pieces up.. Lol.. Den go back skool w8 so long in the end sae dun haf.. Haix..

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wen to skool wif nat lyk normal todae.. Den wen we abt to enter skool, i suddenly heard loud breathing, den wen i turned around, guess hu i saw?! Wei Sheng sia.. Fireman Gor Gor.. Haha.. Lolx.. Den wen we entered skool, nat gave me Cabury Chocolate sia.. Me like sho happi cos Cabury Milk Chocolate ish mah fave.. Haha..
Den ltr halfwae during IRP, suddenly rained.. Kanna drenched.. As if, oni a bit la.. Haf physics todae.. The cleaner came agen, den we wana so called played with her, wen she came in we greeted her and sae thk u teacher.. Buden she no sense of humour, wen we greeted her lidat, she go scold us sia, sae wad we no respect.. As if we no respect lorx.. We do tt wif Ms Tang, at least she will play along with us.. Haha..
Den after skool gt swimming lessons but i nv go.. I go with Mr Yeo and some others to the canal near Villa Verde.. Quite deserted there, very quiet lorx.. After tt, we bagan walking bac to CCK swimming complex to gather.. Started raining sia.. Den almos drenched agen, i cleva, go take newspaper cover my head.. Lolx..
Went to minimart after tt with nat to buy icesticks.. Haha.. Den see the boix in our klas playing bball, den we see fer a while den go hme liaox..

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

One of the common test todae.. Studied hard fer it.. Coz me gd ger lorx.. Den halfway during the test, rain so heavy sia.. So noisy, cant concentrate tt well lorx.. I was hoping it wuld not rain ltr.. Cos ltr going to play badminton wif two of mah gors and mah bez fwen.. After skool, nat and i went to Mc donald to eat our lunch.. Wen i was abt to start eating, den our gorx came in.. Disrupt the peacful tranquility.. lolx.. Sry, gorx.. Den nat and i went back hme to change into our hme clothes den meet at there abt 3.30pm.. W8 there fer two of our gorx.. Tot they nt cuming le, do projrct and haf too much fun den forget abt us liaox..
Deb hey presto, there they are.. Haha.. Me doing magic.. Lolx.. Den we go booked court lorx.. Someone there queueing up lyk bu shuang lidat.. Go complain, waste our time sia.. Haix.. Den one of our gorx looked lyk his son lorx, cos he stand nxt to him so close.. Den where the man moved he oso moved.. Haha.. Den both of our gorx damned pro sia.. Noe how to smack and do sll kinds of moves.. I pei fu dem lorx.. Den they gt individual match, den nelson won.. Den nat treated him drinks but in the end treat both of them dtinks.. Haha.. Another of mah gor is Wei Sheng! Haha..

Saturday, July 9, 2005

i sux todae.. lolx.. Ok, i'm jus being lame cos there ain't anything to write abt todae!!! =p So i sux, get it, i sux.. LAMER, and tt's me.. Duh..

Friday, July 8, 2005

Gt physics fer first lesson todae and it really sux lorx.. Cuz ms ng broke her arm recently, den gt a 'cher who looked lyk a cleaner go relief her lorx.. De first time she stepped in our klas, i tot she wana collect the rubbish de.. I'm not being bad, k? It's really true lorx.. With her messy hairstyle, simple clothing, and as u noe, most of de cleaner hu worked are mostly indian de lorx..
Den wen she cum in klas teach, like bu shuang lidat.. Asked us to read the duno wad ' Conservation of Energy' de lorx.. Den started toking abt it.. Blah blah.. Dun really like her toking lorx, cuz too slang le.. Den the werd 'kinetic' becum 'kainetic' and 'another' becum 'AHnother'.. Haix.. Shi bai shi bai.. After tt, go ask us do wb, sae wad, muz do cuz veri important, budden wad we do de, pri 6 do b4 le lorx.. Sucky ritex? Den she went thru it wif us, den i asked her some qn, she treated like i transparent sia.. WDF! Jus totally ignore me sia.. Den other ppl asked, she nv ans dem jus scolded dem.. So impatient de lorx.. If she lidat be 'cher can earn money, i oso go do the same le lorx.. Jus tt i wun lyk her lidat, go wear until ppl tink i am a CLEANER! lolx..
After tt gt the wad mass signing de.. During PDP lesson la.. Left early cuz gotta go fer excursion to Sun Yat Sen memorial hall if i m not wrong.. Den chinese 'cher asked the guyz to help the gerz carry their bags to the staff room.. At first i asked Simon to help me take mah bag, budden Vernon help mi instead.. Den Chin Seng offered help by helping me carry mah files.. So gentlemanly.. Haha, lolx..

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Love SUX or is GREAT? Can someone tell me?! After a long talk i had wif nat, i felt tt sometimes love really hurtz and SUX! I am beginning to lose interest abt love sia.. Someone pls save me frm those unloving clutches! I m suffering in pain nw..

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Ala.. Mah blogger website cant play the music i wan sia.. WDF la! Y lidat de.. Plus the fact tt mah com is so sucky, i haf to keep signing in and out lorx..
AND and oso the fact tt e guy tt nat i i admire is acting arrogant already lorx.. NO NID arh.. As if he so shuai lidat! Well actually he quite shuai la, budden jus tt he alwys lyk to act cool lorx.. Can he stop tt? If he really cant stop tt nonsense of his, too bad lorx.. He jus lost two admirers.. Haha, lol.. Being lame agen..

Sunday, July 3, 2005

Went to KPS todae fer the open hse.. Though lots of dem sae tt i is gonna be grand, i jus tink it ok lorx.. Nt that grand or anything.. Really sux there, coz nth to do lorx. Walked fer so long till mah leg pain le.. Haix, stay there for so long den in the end fed-up den went hme..

Saturday, July 2, 2005