Friday, November 30, 2007

Tired. -.-

hahahahahah. i am back from camp!!!!!! :DDDD

and i am like so tired. so i shant post on what happened during camp today. (:

byebye. (:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Updates! :D

hohohohohohoh. it's been 458734958639561286592865918659056826586534 zillion years since i last updated. the first reason is because i am too lazy. :/ the second reason is that i am currently addicted to maplestory again. :D it seemed so fun now, i just hope i wont get too addicted till i neglected my studies and hols homework. :X

anyway, EL camp tmrw, 27nov till 29nov. wont be updating these days so pls dont expect me to update or something. instead, pls miss me. (: i haven pack my camp stuff yet, gahh. plus i am not going in any weird costume since i have decided not to take part in the horror theme. :(

i'm sorry.
you ain't anything worth remembering so i decided to forget you.
and i did.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Stupid Predictions on the World End.

"The only truly painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained."
i read the newpapers (wanbao) yesterday and saw this.

21 dec 2012.

some scientists or what predict that the world is coming to an end on 21 dec 2012. and it caught my attention, so i went on reading. it was like a rumour they said, and also claimed that now many were like talking abt it. (really meh? how come i never hear about it de? read newspapers then know. =.-) then they went to interview ppl, super boliao, whether they believe or not. stupid. :/

i mean like, of course the world will come to an end one day what. believe or dont believe what they predict also no use. you cant stop the world from coming to an end right? but then hor, i dont want to die so young leh. *started counting with fingers* i will be like about 20years old. if i used the predicted world-end date. huh??!! so young leh. i dont want leh. tskkkk. somemore they say is all because of what global warning. okay, acceptable reasons. better than what they predict would happen years back.

like eg:
- 27 November 1997: the world is gonna end because aliens are going to attack the earth. (I laughed like hell i tell you. maybe the scientists watched too much cartoons.)
- July 1999: the king of evil is coming down to earth from heaven. =.-
- 11 August 1999: Moon Eclipse. (more reasonable, but i cant see any link with the world coming to an end)
- 31 January 2001: i dont know what the reason is cos i dont understand the chinese words. what yeshu thing.
- 29 September 2004: a planet was found. they were afraid it would crash into the earth.
- 2006: same reason as the one in 2004.

other dates of the world-end. okay. i should cancel out the 's' in the date. cos i only took one reason which is super funny.
- 2038: a lot of people will die cos lao tian ye want to punish people. (super super weird plus funny. :DD)
grad night for some sec 4 and pri 6 people. saw many wearing proper prom attire at the yewtee mrt station today. and my brother today, grad night too. went to the school of cos, pri school, what do you expect. those lousy and cheap buffet, un-air-conditioned hall, with noisy fans. -.= and the theme this year for his school is hip-hop. so common. tsktsk. somemore they still have to pay 5bucks to go. diao. xiang dang nian, my batch dont even need to pay for the lousy grad night lohr.

okay, but this is better than my cousin's. she is sec 4 and actually the school planned for them to go to some grand hotel, i dont remember it, but yeah, in the end, the venue was changed to the school's hall. LOL. somemore they still have to pay, i think, 10 bucks? crazy. wear those prom attire to be just hanging out in the school hall? no way man!
buying camp food for eldds tmrw. TROLLEY! :DDD

they ignore each other
&& look the other way
but they both know
deep down inside, that it
wasn't supposed to end this way.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Random and Lame.

"Smile. Because you dont know who is falling in love with your smile."

and so i did.




has anyone fallen in love with my smile already? no. okay.



(my jaws are getting stiff)

oh and did i mention i've got a variety of fruits at home? like:

- bananas
- grapes
- kiwi
- rock melon
- apples
- orange juice :D


you know why bill gates is like so rich?
i analyse his name for a few hours. and i finally know why. you know his name is bill right? then billionaire short form is bill, so yeah. (: plus 'bill gates' seems like a place where you can store millionbillionzillion loads of money, so therefore he is so so so so so so so RICH!!

okay. i was being lame. stupid entry today cos i am too bored. :/

we all sing "we aint got nothing, nothing to do, a big fat nothing, nothing for me nothing for you." (((:

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Random. -.-

"Your dad must be a thief, because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes."
corny yet sweet. (:
my brother was mapling just now and a guy he partied keep giving him missions. =.-

like eg: - I shall sit and heal here while you try to protect me from getting 'hurt'.
- Collect 1000 horny mushroom caps.
- Collect 500 charm of the undead.

super funny i tell you. plus, he asked us to ask him why he's giving us all these so-called missions. and so my brother fu yan him and asked him. why? then know what he said? "Because mission make it (fighting) exciting and we'll have the mood to train."

make me laugh like hell. no idea why. ((((:


What hurts the most was being so close
And having so much to say and watching you walk away
And never knowing what could have been
And not seeing that loving you is what I was trying to do

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Screw Myself.

"I can forgive. But if you're asking me to forget, you're asking me to give up experience."


iamborediamborediambored. talk to me when i'm online.

and i dont feel like doing any homework now. :/

screw hols, i'd rather have lessons now. i dont know how to plan my hols schedule like many did. i cant set goals and targets myself and complete them. screw me. ))):

going back to school later to hand in physics. sian. so lazy.

You wanna make a memory
You wanna steal a piece of time
You can sing the melody to me
And I can write a couple of lines

Friday, November 16, 2007

Anti AhLians.

introducing the anti-ahlian blog. (: thanks to may for the website. i think she stumbled upon it or something. interesting stuff over there, plus plus, BONUS!

the ah lians decided to revoke! hahahahhaha.


i cant stand it lah, saw this website from someone's comment on the aalteam blog. then i was curious so i went to see it. was digusted, if you have seen it, you'd know what i mean. plus, i think the person in the profile loves the attention given to her b__bs. fill in the blanks. she seems to enjoy people giving her those sick comments plus the fact that she's not happy since she's reaching 18 soon and cant grow ____ anymore. i read a comment where someone say something bad like eg, someone say she not sexy, then she said something like you jealous i got big b__bs is it? i mean example lah, since i am too disg_____ enough to go back and look at the comments again. x)

If I don't say this now I will surely break
As I'm leaving the one I want to take
Forgive the urgency but hurry up and wait
My heart has started to separate

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Update plus Touching Story. (:


kope from my cousin. how true. (: i am sure all chemistry teachers would be happy to see this. hahahhah.
i realised i haven been updating for days. so i shall update to fu yan ppl. :D
i dont know why, but i keep receiving the stupid email on the orangeshark games thing. very very dumb, super irritating i tell you. normally, i already have lots of junk mail in my account, but all thanks to the birth of this website, i have to delete more mails now. rahhhh. somemore i went to the website to have a look and it's like _____. for those who are really bored. :/ they even have levels. ROTFL. my brother is kind of hooked on to it now that i told him about this website which is =.- NICE MEH?? )): (after a few minutes of browsing) okay, i think it's okay lah. hahahahahha.

went out today with wanlin and yunhui to JEC to study. we took a hard time hailing a cab from my house there and i was WOLS enough to realise that i took a COMFORT taxi. i found out when i was about to alight which is like so long long. hahahahha. cos i was busy distracting myself in the taxi by keeping on talking since i got motion sickness. :/ lunched at Kobayashi and i seriously think we ate a lot, but it was worth the money. (: studied later and then had 'teabreak' at the cafe in the library.


sad story. kope from may's blog. ):

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Outing At Cityhall.

open house was super ______.

outing later was fun. caught a movie, THE GAME PLAN, at suntec and later cam-whored a little at the esplanade, plus shopping and eating at marina square. and i swear i am never going there to shop again unless someone knows the place darn well, cos we had a hard time finding the place we wanted to go to. :/

THE GAME PLAN is quite a nice movie, with some touching parts, and i cried, a little. yeah. :) and i think i ate more than 1/2 of the popcorn. :X salted popcorn sucks like big time since it's super salty. hahahhahaha.

i just realised that the spongebob squarepants underwear i posted in my previous previous entry looks as though mould has grown on it. T.T

We're the new faces of failure.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


open house tmrw. so not looking forward to it. luckily i am in the morning shift, probably going out later. ((:

hahahha. and it's such a coincidence. 2a`o6 class chalet from 17 DEC to 21 DEC. if you dont know why i bolded the 17 DEC ? no idea. think again. it's ... YUXUAN AND MY BIRTHDAY!!! such a coincidence canz, i can imagine the (not that i care) look on your face. but heheheh. perhaps i will have a really HAPPY birthday this year. remember my present on that day ok? hahahha. so darn BUAYBA. :D anyway, it's super cheap can. $120 only? for like 4 days plus it's like a bungalow? those 2 storeys one, with 3 rooms. :)) and hahahah. yuxuan and i took charge of food. (:

if i say it like i mean it, then maybe i'll believe like it's true.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Spongebob Underwear and Mistakes.

hahahah. i was searching for icons on just now to make a new blogskin and i saw this icon which had a funny quote/whatever you call it. super true and funny.

"If emo people want to die, why dont they just kill themselves?"
agreed. (:


underwear for sale, anyone? hahahah. i think i am going crazy soon. :D

& see this. i happened to see this banner at yewtee mrt station there. and they made a slight mistake.
have you spot the mistake? (:
hahahahah. (:

i realised i dont need you to feel happy.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


"Sometimes just a small action is enough to show you how important you are to someone."

it's is always like that or at least that's what i believe in. agree?

the fun i had, gone with the wind, & never coming back.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Funny Toddler. :D

hahahah. i was still thinking of the incident which i threw my socks away. anyway, i recalled my mum once told me she accidentally flushed one of her undergarments down the toiletbowl. super funny. :DD she claimed she tried to rescue it but it had already disappeared. hahahahahahahh.

rahhhhh, super suay last sunday. was at causeway and i saw mr PH and his wife and his kid, okay, his whole family. hahahah. and my mum saw him buying 4D. :S then i got a photo of him. :D but i didnt edit it so that i could show you guys more clearly which one he is, but nevermind. here it is:

he's the one far back in black shirt and grey bermudas. and the one in pink is his wife, and i have to admit, his wife is quite pretty. hahahah.

and you guys should see this! i saw a very funny toddler in the Metro store that day. he love the mirror so much, he kept standing in front of it and did funny stuff. i was stupid enough ton stand there and just stare and later realised that i could have video-taped it down. so i took 3 videos of him, secretly! :/ but they aint funnier than the ones i didnt video-taped down. hahahah. sorry for the poor video quality though.

& if you guys cant see the video, here are the links:
funny toddler part 1:
funny toddler part 2:
funny toddler part 3:
The White One Is Evil by Elliot Minor MV:

&&& anyone has got this song? if so, mind sending it to me? (:

The White One Is Evil by Elliot Minor

Sit back, I'll take you for a ride
To anyplace where you decide
Keep holding on and don't let go too quickly
Knocked down, I'm lying on the floor
Oh shit, he's coming back for more
What can I do, where can I hide
For safety

Strive to kiss again, she blinds
I've been here once before
You keep me running in circles
Can't stand it, I'm running empty handed
It's not a waste of time
I know you do it for pleasure

Were you sent to destroy me
Look I'm still breathing
I warned you the white one is evil
She will kill you

Downtown, I'm going by the store
Oh look, she's coming back for more
I need to run, don't wanna catch me
Today she's serious

I'm trapped, caught and now I'm going under
Strike her down with bolt of thunder
Play your game but when I dare ya
Keep on trying

Strive to kiss again, she blinds
I've been here once before
You keep me running in circles
Can't stand it, I'm running empty handed
It's not a waste of time
I know you do it for pleasure

Were you sent to destroy me
Look i'm still breathing
I warned you the white one is evil
She will kill you

Were you sent to destroy me
Look i'm still breathing
I warned you the white one is evil
She will kill you

Standing stalling, always falling
Story of my life
Dying, kissing come embrace me
Always giving up
Standing stalling, always falling
Story of my life

Sit back, I'll take you for a ride
To anyplace where you decide
Keep holding on and don't let go
Too quickly
Knocked down, I'm lying on the floor
Oh shit, he's coming back for more
What can i do, where can I hide
For safety

Strive to kiss again, she blinds
I've been here once before
You keep me running in circles
Can't stand it, I'm running empty handed
It's not a waste of time
I know you do it for pleasure

Were you sent to destroy me
Look I'm still breathing
I warned you the white one is evil
She will kill you

Were you sent to destroy me
Look I'm still breathing
I warned you the white one is evil
She will kill you


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Many many things. :D

sad day with a few happy moments.

saw 7 out of the 12 2a`o6 guys today, such a coincidence seeing them at different places.

firstly, saw chinseng walking in the direction to lot 1 with some of his classmates.
secondly, saw keng wee, yuliang and pit soon. (not from 2a`o6) i saw them walking into the temple near our school. i was bewildered, why in the world would they go into a temple after school? pray? or maybe they just want to take a shortcut, but i think it's rude. :/
thirdly, saw ah ma, ah gong, vernon and another guy (i didnt see who it was, maybe another 2a`o6 guy) at limbang.
forthly, saw junjie on the way home.

it's just plain coincidence but still yeah. and i was shocked when ah ma gave a slight nod of acknowledgement when he saw me. and i just fake-smiled back. cause i was too stunned to react. hahahah. never know that ______________________. it's difficult to fill in the blanks. due to the separation last year, it felt great that 2a`o6 have not become strangers even though we are in different classes now. sigh. the good old times~

went home and i absentmindedly threw my socks into the dustbin. i cant remember what i was thinking about at that time but it seemed important and i treated my socks as litter and threw them. felt stupid. ):

& i realised that i bought the wrong brand of moo moo sweet although they tasted quite the same. may has got the original wrapper and it's totally different. ))))):

anyway, if you guys happened to go to westmall, heard from jiazhi that shunting is working at 'TOM&STEFANIE' at night and you guys can drop by and visit her. but i dont advice you guys to go and scare her, for fear that she might scream suddenly and get fired. :X

& i hope they'd bully you more cause in a way, they are helping me.

Friday, November 2, 2007


moo moo sweet! I FINALLY FOUND IT, ALL THANKS TO MAY! :DDDDDDDDDD super yummeh!

hahahah. :))

knew about the banding for english class today. heard that ms lai is gonna teach the band 1 for combined class of 3c&3e. then ms lee will be teaching the band 2 and ms yong the band 3. only 35 students go to ms lai class and 7 remain in ms lee class. honestly i would prefer having ms lee teaching me again, but this meant that my english is getting lousier. :/ hmm.

&&& hweisze's favourite hobby is smashing her face with burgers. hahahah. :D

i dont love you like i did yesterday.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

'O' Level Chinese Exam plus Love for Patrick! ♥

hahahah. have been kinda lazy these days. didnt feel like blogging but since the o lvl chinese is over, here i am! hahahah. o lvl chinese today, finally over! so happy canz. :) the paper was okay, and i think i will fare averagely. i sure hope i get an a1 lahr, which i dont think which will happen because i flunked my orals. i hope my orals doesnt affect or pull down my grade. good luck to me! (:

my entry proof to enter the examination hall. (:

and recently fell in love with patrick!! :D

anyone has a 'higher' butt than hers? :DD

Maybe we're torn apart
Maybe the timing is beating our hearts.
We're empty.