Thursday, November 22, 2007

Stupid Predictions on the World End.

"The only truly painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained."
i read the newpapers (wanbao) yesterday and saw this.

21 dec 2012.

some scientists or what predict that the world is coming to an end on 21 dec 2012. and it caught my attention, so i went on reading. it was like a rumour they said, and also claimed that now many were like talking abt it. (really meh? how come i never hear about it de? read newspapers then know. =.-) then they went to interview ppl, super boliao, whether they believe or not. stupid. :/

i mean like, of course the world will come to an end one day what. believe or dont believe what they predict also no use. you cant stop the world from coming to an end right? but then hor, i dont want to die so young leh. *started counting with fingers* i will be like about 20years old. if i used the predicted world-end date. huh??!! so young leh. i dont want leh. tskkkk. somemore they say is all because of what global warning. okay, acceptable reasons. better than what they predict would happen years back.

like eg:
- 27 November 1997: the world is gonna end because aliens are going to attack the earth. (I laughed like hell i tell you. maybe the scientists watched too much cartoons.)
- July 1999: the king of evil is coming down to earth from heaven. =.-
- 11 August 1999: Moon Eclipse. (more reasonable, but i cant see any link with the world coming to an end)
- 31 January 2001: i dont know what the reason is cos i dont understand the chinese words. what yeshu thing.
- 29 September 2004: a planet was found. they were afraid it would crash into the earth.
- 2006: same reason as the one in 2004.

other dates of the world-end. okay. i should cancel out the 's' in the date. cos i only took one reason which is super funny.
- 2038: a lot of people will die cos lao tian ye want to punish people. (super super weird plus funny. :DD)
grad night for some sec 4 and pri 6 people. saw many wearing proper prom attire at the yewtee mrt station today. and my brother today, grad night too. went to the school of cos, pri school, what do you expect. those lousy and cheap buffet, un-air-conditioned hall, with noisy fans. -.= and the theme this year for his school is hip-hop. so common. tsktsk. somemore they still have to pay 5bucks to go. diao. xiang dang nian, my batch dont even need to pay for the lousy grad night lohr.

okay, but this is better than my cousin's. she is sec 4 and actually the school planned for them to go to some grand hotel, i dont remember it, but yeah, in the end, the venue was changed to the school's hall. LOL. somemore they still have to pay, i think, 10 bucks? crazy. wear those prom attire to be just hanging out in the school hall? no way man!
buying camp food for eldds tmrw. TROLLEY! :DDD

they ignore each other
&& look the other way
but they both know
deep down inside, that it
wasn't supposed to end this way.

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