Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Updates! :D

hohohohohohoh. it's been 458734958639561286592865918659056826586534 zillion years since i last updated. the first reason is because i am too lazy. :/ the second reason is that i am currently addicted to maplestory again. :D it seemed so fun now, i just hope i wont get too addicted till i neglected my studies and hols homework. :X

anyway, EL camp tmrw, 27nov till 29nov. wont be updating these days so pls dont expect me to update or something. instead, pls miss me. (: i haven pack my camp stuff yet, gahh. plus i am not going in any weird costume since i have decided not to take part in the horror theme. :(

i'm sorry.
you ain't anything worth remembering so i decided to forget you.
and i did.

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