Sunday, January 30, 2011

#348 - Gold/Navy Blue Polka Dots Nails

Yes I know this blog is semi-dead. Had been very busy lately with stuff going on and now yes, I have the time to blog!

Remembered tweeting a week ago about showing photos of my newly painted nails and so here they are! Impromptu decision to paint like that when my initial plan failed because the nail polish were too sheer! 

I use TheFaceShop Gold (GL111) and Navy Blue with Shimmer (BL604) for it!

Dk why the nails looked silverish in the photos though.
I think it's the lighting!

 Took this photo by myself! *pats back*
Go figure how I managed to do it without using the timer! ;)

 There you go!

Tried damn hard to be neat for the right hand and redid them so many times till I think I think too highly of my left hand!
But I guess overall the result looks pretty good!
Loving my impromptu painted nails! :D

But right now, after a week, they are mostly chipped! :(

Gonna paint new nail colours for the new year already!
And this time Imma try gradient nails!
Hopefully it will be a success! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#347 - Ayer Rajah with 09S22!

Dinner at Ayer Rajah Food Centre with the 09S22's peeps! :)

Been a long time since we had a class gathering (like since chalet).
Was glad that many made an effort to turn up and those we couldn't had valid reasons as well.

Met up with Lynette, Munkit and Shawn to do some shopping!

Well we didn't really get to shop since Bugis was packed like sardines.
We had to wait till the traffic light turned green for the third time before we can cross.
Imagine how packed it is!

Headed to Sim Lim Square instead since Shawn wanted to get his NDS Lite to play his pokemon (lol) and his instax mini 7s (which he did not manage to get in the end) and also to visit Raine who is working there! :)

Haha the guys fooling around with the 3D specs near where Raine is working at.

There she is, in black, attending to her customers. ^^

And yes, she sells surveillance equipment of all things and if you wanna get anything, go there, 3rd storey, CHOICECYCLE to find her!
*See, Babi I so good, help you promote, wait you earn more commission*

Left Raine after helping her with a cool spy mission (only the guys were involved) and walked damn long to find a bus that could take us to the Ayer Rajah area!

And apparently we took the wrong bus, alighted at the wrong stop and ended up on somewhere that is not that near from our destination.

We took the cab, got lost again, and finally reached!

We were so late until the rest had finished their dinner and whatnots and some were actually leaving!
How sad.
Food for four! :D
 Oyster Omelette!

Indian Rojak!
Which I thought was damn ex considering the fact that it consists of canned hotdogs, fishcake, cheap smelly fish fillet (those orange kind that makes your mouth stink, like LaoSin, eew),cucumber and green chilli!
Mutton Chop!
Love how nice the sauce goes with the mutton albeit the mutton being a little too tough for chewing!

Super nice, I had the one with cheese! ;)

Chicken Satay!
Surprisingly tender!

Ultra mega full and we headed outside to find a place to settle down!

Notice the similarity between guys and girls in 09S22? ;)

The remaining of us went to sit at this bench near the HDB flats and started playing Werewolves. :) 

Gamemaster gets to sit/stand on the bench table!

 Waiting to be picked for the special roles!

 Whoops, got caught on the camera while deciding who to kill!
 So crazily happy together~
 Credits to Mama (Huiyi) for some photos here!

Wah so happy meeting most of them that night! :)

Hopefully we'd have one more SOON again!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

#346 - Job

I love my job.
It pays good.
The work is not tedious.
I get to leave early if my work is done.
It's only one MRT station away from home.
There is company transport.
Dress code is casual.
And I have wonderful workmates who made work less mundane.

Hehe and on a random work day, we planned to wear different coloured outfits because we are cool like that! :)

Hehe colourful right? :D
Daniel's not in the photo because he's helping us to take the photos!

Closer with these 2 because we all talk a lot!
(Yes, I know my face very round)

Individual shots with all!
Yi Jun.
Somehow she reminds me of Yunhui.

An na.
Her voice sounds so much like May!!!

We were from the same secondary school.

Tian Qi.
A quiet and guai girl.

Oh, and my job requires us to have passes.

Too bad it isn't ready or I would have shown it here!
Or maybe not since there's gonna be my face on it!

And we always have good food for lunch!
Sometimes our supervisor would drive us to the nearby foodcourts (with good food like Aston's Express) or even CWP for lunch!

Canteens in the company serve nice looking and tasty looking food too!
Like the one below:
-nom nom nom-
Such a huge slab of chicken plus pasta in tomato herb sauce at only $3.50.
The fish one is even bigger, bigger than the styrofoam box to be exact.

 And this super nice Chicken Nasi Briyani which I had for lunch yesterday!

Oh and on Wednesday, it was Healthy Living day!

 So all of us get fruits for free!
Look at the rosy apple, it smells super nice!

Haha I guess I really love my job.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

#345 -

I know I should have just leave my hair as it is.
It was a lousy haircut by a lousy hairdresser.

I just want my fringe to grow back fast.
Short until like what sia.

I sat there watching him cut off my hair, helpless.
*SNIP* and it was all too late.

To the hairdresser who seems to think 剪一點點就好 = cutting off 6cm of hair:

I really think I trim better than you do.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

#344 - Kite Flying with The (Doh) Bitches

Kite flying with The (Doh) Bitches last year! :D

Headed to Chinatown to get our kites because we weren't sure where else to get them!

Acted totally like tourists when we got there!

This entry was drafted so long ago just that I was waiting to kope some photos from Lynette's DSLR. :D
*plays CNY song*
Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni~

Found the pushcart that sells kites! :D

Decided to skip these stores first to see if there's any other kites shops!

Walked down the streets of Chinatown, feeling as though it's CNY already.

Ended up there was no other shops that sell kites so we headed back to the one we saw just now.

Choosing kites~

Raine got one for herself and another for me as a form of 'apology' for being late. :P

Last few shots of Chinatown before we left for Marina Bay!

Stood outside the temple in the photo to pray!

Arrived at Marina Bay and didn't know where to take the shuttle bus!
We crossed here and there like idiots!

Called shawn and he told us the way!
The longer one though. :/

Had to walk past this tunnel!

Skipping the bus ride and on to Marina Barrage!
First time there and was surprised that's it's actually quite huge!

*Pardon for sudden flood of touristy photos, skip this part if you must*

So many people flying kites on that day!

The weather wasn't exactly good, see the huge cloud?
But the wind was super strong!

Said before, but saying again: Gonna love my Lumix's zoom function! :D

After walking the big round thing, we've reached!

 Me with my kite. :)
First time flying ok!

Weather really wasn't that good as I've mentioned.
Looks like it's about to rain too (and I was right about that)!

See below for the progress of the huge dark cloud!

So scary but we still continued flying the kite!
And apparently, we tied the kite wrongly (my first time flying it) and thus had troubles flying it!

Then this Indian man came in to help!

And our kite flew damn high and it's like awwwww.
So touched that it can fly, that kind of feeling y'know!

Pretty shots by Lynette's DSLR!

Yupps that's my kite! :D
We only 'built' one kite to test first!

Our kite flew so high that I got scared of looking at it!
Somemore the sky felt so near because of the clouds!

It's so high lah, gandong max canzxzxzx.

Spotted some cute kites too!

See this maple leaf!
So cute righhhhht! :D

And this huge ladybird too! :)

Then when we were all enjoying, announcement came and mentioned that there was a lightning risk.
How sad when we were only starting to enjoy flying the kite! :(

So we packed and left.
Halfway down, it started raining and later there was a heavy downpour!

Lucky us who managed to escape that! :)

Stoned awhile under shelter playing Stress and noming food.

And don't ever buy this.
For a person like me who loves salty stuff max, this is too salty for me.
Not worth it!

 Rain stopped and we headed to Bugis Illuma!

And we had KOI!
First time trying too!

Hazelnut Milk Tea recommended by Lynette. :)
Pretty good, fragrant I have to say but too much pearls!

Ending off this entry with a funny photo of Raine in her cosplay lookalike clothes who was trying to imitate Sha Wu Jing, one of the characters in the Journey to the West.

Here's a side by side comparison!