Sunday, January 30, 2011

#348 - Gold/Navy Blue Polka Dots Nails

Yes I know this blog is semi-dead. Had been very busy lately with stuff going on and now yes, I have the time to blog!

Remembered tweeting a week ago about showing photos of my newly painted nails and so here they are! Impromptu decision to paint like that when my initial plan failed because the nail polish were too sheer! 

I use TheFaceShop Gold (GL111) and Navy Blue with Shimmer (BL604) for it!

Dk why the nails looked silverish in the photos though.
I think it's the lighting!

 Took this photo by myself! *pats back*
Go figure how I managed to do it without using the timer! ;)

 There you go!

Tried damn hard to be neat for the right hand and redid them so many times till I think I think too highly of my left hand!
But I guess overall the result looks pretty good!
Loving my impromptu painted nails! :D

But right now, after a week, they are mostly chipped! :(

Gonna paint new nail colours for the new year already!
And this time Imma try gradient nails!
Hopefully it will be a success! :)

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