Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#347 - Ayer Rajah with 09S22!

Dinner at Ayer Rajah Food Centre with the 09S22's peeps! :)

Been a long time since we had a class gathering (like since chalet).
Was glad that many made an effort to turn up and those we couldn't had valid reasons as well.

Met up with Lynette, Munkit and Shawn to do some shopping!

Well we didn't really get to shop since Bugis was packed like sardines.
We had to wait till the traffic light turned green for the third time before we can cross.
Imagine how packed it is!

Headed to Sim Lim Square instead since Shawn wanted to get his NDS Lite to play his pokemon (lol) and his instax mini 7s (which he did not manage to get in the end) and also to visit Raine who is working there! :)

Haha the guys fooling around with the 3D specs near where Raine is working at.

There she is, in black, attending to her customers. ^^

And yes, she sells surveillance equipment of all things and if you wanna get anything, go there, 3rd storey, CHOICECYCLE to find her!
*See, Babi I so good, help you promote, wait you earn more commission*

Left Raine after helping her with a cool spy mission (only the guys were involved) and walked damn long to find a bus that could take us to the Ayer Rajah area!

And apparently we took the wrong bus, alighted at the wrong stop and ended up on somewhere that is not that near from our destination.

We took the cab, got lost again, and finally reached!

We were so late until the rest had finished their dinner and whatnots and some were actually leaving!
How sad.
Food for four! :D
 Oyster Omelette!

Indian Rojak!
Which I thought was damn ex considering the fact that it consists of canned hotdogs, fishcake, cheap smelly fish fillet (those orange kind that makes your mouth stink, like LaoSin, eew),cucumber and green chilli!
Mutton Chop!
Love how nice the sauce goes with the mutton albeit the mutton being a little too tough for chewing!

Super nice, I had the one with cheese! ;)

Chicken Satay!
Surprisingly tender!

Ultra mega full and we headed outside to find a place to settle down!

Notice the similarity between guys and girls in 09S22? ;)

The remaining of us went to sit at this bench near the HDB flats and started playing Werewolves. :) 

Gamemaster gets to sit/stand on the bench table!

 Waiting to be picked for the special roles!

 Whoops, got caught on the camera while deciding who to kill!
 So crazily happy together~
 Credits to Mama (Huiyi) for some photos here!

Wah so happy meeting most of them that night! :)

Hopefully we'd have one more SOON again!

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