Saturday, January 22, 2011

#346 - Job

I love my job.
It pays good.
The work is not tedious.
I get to leave early if my work is done.
It's only one MRT station away from home.
There is company transport.
Dress code is casual.
And I have wonderful workmates who made work less mundane.

Hehe and on a random work day, we planned to wear different coloured outfits because we are cool like that! :)

Hehe colourful right? :D
Daniel's not in the photo because he's helping us to take the photos!

Closer with these 2 because we all talk a lot!
(Yes, I know my face very round)

Individual shots with all!
Yi Jun.
Somehow she reminds me of Yunhui.

An na.
Her voice sounds so much like May!!!

We were from the same secondary school.

Tian Qi.
A quiet and guai girl.

Oh, and my job requires us to have passes.

Too bad it isn't ready or I would have shown it here!
Or maybe not since there's gonna be my face on it!

And we always have good food for lunch!
Sometimes our supervisor would drive us to the nearby foodcourts (with good food like Aston's Express) or even CWP for lunch!

Canteens in the company serve nice looking and tasty looking food too!
Like the one below:
-nom nom nom-
Such a huge slab of chicken plus pasta in tomato herb sauce at only $3.50.
The fish one is even bigger, bigger than the styrofoam box to be exact.

 And this super nice Chicken Nasi Briyani which I had for lunch yesterday!

Oh and on Wednesday, it was Healthy Living day!

 So all of us get fruits for free!
Look at the rosy apple, it smells super nice!

Haha I guess I really love my job.

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