Thursday, June 27, 2013

#632 -

Clearing outdated photos thus I am blogging right now!

Here's my face if you miss me! ;)
 So, one fine day, my double eyelids decided to come out on their own and they lasted for a whole week! :D
I was so happy till the other day I woke up, and it began playing hide and seek with me for no reason.
So now I am o.O sometimes, since my left one has since became permanent while the right one is still unstable. LOL.
It's really like hide and seek, sometimes =.= sometimes -.=. You get my point.

Anyway, I went to try The Burger Bar by fatboy's concept the other day!
Located at a small corner in FEP!

Freaking hugeeeee burger I had to use a fork and knife to eat it and the fries' serving was so much I couldn't finish them!

Everything was in black and white so it kinda looks like I took using the selective colour mode, no?

 That's honey oat bun by the way, so yummy for eating on it's own!

The Burger Bar
14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #01-16A/B
Tel 62528780


Mookata later, I love love love the chili!

Then we went on a late night road adventure relying on a very not trustworthy BB map with a dying phone battery (I was phoneless at that time with my phone being sent for repair) and low petrol on the expressway. We are brave souls!
Drove a super super long tunnel and anyhow exited at those exits and then we ended up Tampines.

And we wanted to head to Chomp Chomp Food Centre, which we took half an hour or more to locate (circled round and round Bishan, Serangoon and AMK area, I can say I am quite familiar with them now) and then it started raining heavily we can't see the roads wts.
I was like "Thank goodness I am not the one driving, I'm sure I can't calm the fuck down."

But thankfully, we finally got to the place and then after sharing a bowl of durian mousse, it was home sweet home!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

#631 - IMM Customer Service Counter

So... yesterday marked the first week of me working at the Customer Service Counter at IMM.
Come by to say hi if you happen to be near there kayy! :)

Work was so far so good I guess?
Pretty straightforward, just scanning of receipts and bar codes for vouchers for customers and having them fill in forms and attending to their queries!

Met so many kinds of customers, some that make you want to raise your voice at them while some just bring smiles to your face.

-rant mode on-
Some people like to take US for granted (NBNB), they expect us to do/know every single thing and blame us when the Capitaland vouchers (a limit *while stock last* redemption everyday) are fully redeemed.
Then some, if they queued very long just to get a $5 Capitaland voucher, they get impatient and hurry you to faster process their redemptions because they are rushing for time. Crazy dingdongs. Rushing for time still collect $5 voucher for what! TSK.

I met my fair share of rude people! There was once an old lady, I needed her to fill in her name, NRIC, handphone number and sign ONLY and I told her nicely that and gave her the clipboard. She returned to me back without writing anything or saying a single word. I thought she hadn't heard me properly so I repeated myself. She TSKed me loudly and said "I did not bring my specs today, I cannot see lah! Can't you fill it in for me?!" 
_|_ seriously but I kept my cool and smiled at her. And then she proceeded to fill in after that. -.
Hurhur, thought you cannot see???
Then she told me to process faster because she was rushing for time and then gave me the buaysong face.
You see lor, just for $5 voucher then attitude me. KNS.
-rant mode off-

BUT I got to say I met a fair share of nice people as well and this is what kind of keeps me going! :)
I mean it's pretty normal to face crazy dingdongs since I am working at the Customer Service line, but I love how some people gave me faith in humanity. HAHAHA.
Some of them are so cheerful and smiley and I feel so happy serving them one!
Haha and I am a little _____ so sometimes when I meet nice female customers smiley and all and then I realise they are married with kids, I also feel happy for them (don't judge my thoughts :/), I even thought that "Hmm they really deserve such happiness, to be happily married and have a family."

And I met a customer once, whom I was serving and the whole processing system was so laggy.
I was apologetic and she said with a smile "It's okay. Take your time. You're doing your job."
Some dingdongs really ah, I think sometimes when I served them, I really sounded exasperated and I could see the next customer in line giving me the "I understand/I feel you" face.

Even a simple thanks/thank you with a smile is enough, just show your appreciation, is it that hard?
We are humans too, don't take us for granted.

Anyway, that were some wordy paragraphs, moving on to epic things I did... on the first day of work. *sheepish smile*

I got something to say, I have nothing against ah tiongs! It's just I didn't know the person I am speaking to was the manager!! Because it's Popeyes and I was expecting like some Filipino/Singaporean manager so I kind of judged him. He didn't say he is also. :(
I said "Hi, I need your manager to sign this." and then he grabbed the paper away without saying anything so yeah....

And for the calling of the customer when he was at the Customer Service one, it was because he was at the counter earlier in the morning so it didn't occur to me that he will come back again. So when I saw his IC (I served him so I kind of remember it), I thought I forgot to return his IC back to him just now. So I freaking panicked and called him after verifying his number and then said, "Hi, is this XXX? Your IC is at IMM Customer Service counter."
He said, "But I am here."
I turned and saw him looking at me with a bemused expression then after that smiled.
I gave a sheepish smile and felt damn paiseh but yet it was funny at the same time. HAHAHA.

Okay please don't judge me but you can laugh at me. ._.
Epic stuff always happen to me one...

And that's all to conclude for a week of work!
I hope to meet more nice customers and then work more early shifts so can OT and earn more $$$!