Thursday, June 27, 2013

#632 -

Clearing outdated photos thus I am blogging right now!

Here's my face if you miss me! ;)
 So, one fine day, my double eyelids decided to come out on their own and they lasted for a whole week! :D
I was so happy till the other day I woke up, and it began playing hide and seek with me for no reason.
So now I am o.O sometimes, since my left one has since became permanent while the right one is still unstable. LOL.
It's really like hide and seek, sometimes =.= sometimes -.=. You get my point.

Anyway, I went to try The Burger Bar by fatboy's concept the other day!
Located at a small corner in FEP!

Freaking hugeeeee burger I had to use a fork and knife to eat it and the fries' serving was so much I couldn't finish them!

Everything was in black and white so it kinda looks like I took using the selective colour mode, no?

 That's honey oat bun by the way, so yummy for eating on it's own!

The Burger Bar
14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #01-16A/B
Tel 62528780


Mookata later, I love love love the chili!

Then we went on a late night road adventure relying on a very not trustworthy BB map with a dying phone battery (I was phoneless at that time with my phone being sent for repair) and low petrol on the expressway. We are brave souls!
Drove a super super long tunnel and anyhow exited at those exits and then we ended up Tampines.

And we wanted to head to Chomp Chomp Food Centre, which we took half an hour or more to locate (circled round and round Bishan, Serangoon and AMK area, I can say I am quite familiar with them now) and then it started raining heavily we can't see the roads wts.
I was like "Thank goodness I am not the one driving, I'm sure I can't calm the fuck down."

But thankfully, we finally got to the place and then after sharing a bowl of durian mousse, it was home sweet home!!

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