Saturday, July 6, 2013

#633 - Updates

So... if you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that I got a new cap! :D
Super super loving it!

And if you're wondering why it seems so familiar, here's a photo. :D

And I met with Raine one random night because I was feeling so freaking fat for having eaten a lot of junk food the past few days and I ran to her house (LOL) and then we cycled for like 2 hours!
So onz, I like!! (Y)

I think I am going to go for night runs again if my shifts are 1 or 2! :)
And I also started calorie cutting like the past again, yes I am serious about it.
But I still love food. ._.
So I guess I just need to work out more bahhh.

Bike accident which got me a huge bruise right now.
This girl, she laughed at me and even took a photo.
I guess that's what best butts are for. THANKS A LOT LEHH.

Okay that's all, just wanna update some parts of my life!
And I changed my braces colour again, PINK this time! :D

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