Sunday, July 7, 2013

#634 - Food As Motivation #25 - Saveur

Disclaimer: This entry is going to have a lot of good ravings about Saveur!

Saveur has been on my F.A.M. list for very long and I've heard so many people saying to try their pasta and duck confit. Its first outlet was at Purvis Street which was pretty inconvenient for me so I was glad when I realised a new outlet was opened at Far East Plaza. :)

So, I finally went to try Saveur the other day and I want to go back there again!!!!
This is the first time I tried a lot of dishes in a restaurant and love probably every single one!
The dishes do not disappoint and the prices are affordable!
Where can you find affordable and tasty French cuisine food you tell me!
Cheaper than your average Swensen's or Pastamania for mains!

Let's move on to the super yummy food, shall we? :D

 Saveur's Pasta: A signature of Saveur's, pasta tossed with chilli oil, fine-chopped Japanese konbu & sakura ebi with minced pork sauce (SGD4.90)
This was a starter and the share was actually quite huge!
I love every single thing about it!

Foie Gras: Pan-seared duck liver served with creamy lentils & pickled pearl onion (SGD7.90)
First time trying Foie Gras, I guess it was okay!
Where can you get Foie Gras at such a low price you tell me!!
It was a little bitter for me but the lentils and the sweet onion made up for it!

Sauteed Potato (SGD2)
Perfect, just so gooooood, 'nuff said. (Pardon me for my lack of vocabulary HAHAHA)

Beef: Beef short rib braised in red wine served with root vegetables, meslun salad & potato au gratin (SGD14.90)
The beef was so tender and soft, it can literally melt in your mouth!
Au gratin was light and tasty and the salad dressing was dope, we cleaned off the whole plate! (Y)

Duck: Duck leg confit, homemade mashed potato, sauteed shitake mushroom, orange segments & prange infused natural jus (SGD10.90)
Super huge and fragrant duck leg!
The mashed potato was great with a little sweet fragrance! The orange slices were surprisingly sweet!
Best eaten when hot! :D

Pistachio Panna Cotta: Pistachio-flavoured cooked cream, topped with ground and caramelised pistachio (SGD6.90)
The quantity is much more than it looks!
The cream was so so so smooth and rich, better than Paris Baguette's Royal Pudding definitely!

Omg I want to go back there again and try the other dishes!
Probably the seabass and salmon confit!

It's now 1am while I am blogging these and I am feeling so hungryyyy. :(

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #01-07B (Entrance at the outside of the mall)
Singapore 228213
Tel 67361121 (No reservations)

Caught Despicable Me 2 that day after our lunch!
The minions are so funny the whole theatre kept bursting out in laughter!

This part where the minions were serenading for their master's marriage...
Instead of "And I swear...", they sang "Underwear..." LOLOL.
Go listen!!! Somemore their expressions while singing in the movie were damn serious and 投入 can!! HAHAHA.

Light hearted movie with 'childish' humour!
Go watch if you haven't! :)

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