Wednesday, July 10, 2013

#635 - My Braces Journey

Kind of narcissistic entry ahead, just for future reference. :P

It's amazing to see how much my teeth have shifted in just 3 months plus's time!
Not to mention how my face shape changed! (Okay maybe angle)
And and my eyelids. *coughs*
看到了没有.... Single and double really got difference one hor!

My milk tooth gap is going to be covered up soon and although I am a little affected by how my top row's teeth are a bit slanted to the right now, I am happy that at least I see some straightening taking place.

This is what I mean regarding how the teeth is more towards my right side due to shifting of teeth to close up the milk teeth gap.
And yes, this photo also explains why I dislike taking photo on right side of my face, presence of dimple makes my already quite boink boink face much more... fat. ._.

I can't wait for more and more appointments!

On the road to straighter teeth, me. :)

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