Friday, July 12, 2013

#636 - Lessons

Today an intellectually disabled kid sat next to me in the bus. I didn't realise at all because I was sleeping throughout the whole bus ride. I was aware of where I am heading to and when to alight (the very last stop at the bus interchange). At the traffic light right before the bus makes a turn to the bus interchange, I felt someone poking me. I woke up and there she was, smiling at me, informing me that I have to alight soon because we are going to reach the last stop. 

Somehow, that moment, I really feel kind of 'touched' and also rather 'bad' somehow? I don't know the exact words for it. I have never interact with intellectually disabled people before and I always wonder what they are really like. People will be often quick to judge them thinking they don't really understand things *guilty as charged for being quite surprised then, to know that they will do such a thing, I am so sorry for even thinking about that* but actually you know what? They are all the same like us, it's just that they have a reduced ability to understand information or to cope independently (got that off Google).

That night was really an 'eye-opening' incident for me for I learn something new about them and I will now see them in a different light. :)

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