Monday, July 15, 2013

#637 - Food As Motivation #26 - Hatched / Last Week's Visuals

I have been a fan of Egg Benedicts ever since I had my first one over at Privé so one day I headed down to Hatched at Holland Village (since many have been raving about its egg ben and homemade mash) to try!

 Sir Benedict (Just One: SGD13; Do Two: SGD19)
Eggs were perfectly poached but the sauce was too light.
Pretty average tasting and the homemade mash was so-so only!
There were chunks of potatoes inside so I guess it's not entirely mash? :/

 Smoked Royale (Just One: SGD13; Do Two: SGD19)

 Papillote (SGD16)
This share is quite large, I took it from one side thus it looks very little.
I love the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs!
And I polished off the whole pesto sauce. :P
But the sauteed potatoes were such a disappointment. Hard and tasted burnt. :(
Saveur's one is way way way better (of course)!!!!

Maybe I had too much expectations of Hatched, I don't think it's really worth the price at all, or I should probably head down to the main branch and try?

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
Hatched (closed on Mondays)
267 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278989
Tel 64630012


Last week's visuals featuring le best butt. #whatsnew
Have yet to meet up the other cliques so none of their photos up here because mainly it's hard to meet up no thanks to our conflicting schedules. D:

Slacked at McCafe drinking my Hot Chocolate on a rainy day helping her think of ideas for her *probably gonna happen* 21st birthday party.

And guess what?
Right after that, we went for an impromptu session of cycling.
Yes, we damn on! (Y)

-abrupt end-

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