Friday, June 30, 2006

waas.. todae long long dae lahs.. ended the whole rehearsal at abt yao 7 lers can.. den reached hme is like 8 plus le lohs.. so de late.. LOL.. ya.. the whole thing was like dragged lohs.. cos all of us were late.. ok lahs.. nort really all.. den wen we boarded the bus and reached Ngee Ann Poly, it's like 3 plus liaos.. erm.. den rehearsed lohs.. nth much.. i was so very de tired.. erm.. den rehearsed wan liaos.. den boarded bus.. den we became like 10-yr-old.. we sang ABCs, baa baa black sheep, 10 little indians, the skool song, rasa sayang, erm.. singapura.. erm.. ok.. we are crazy.. nvm.. overall it was FUN.. FUN OK??

Thursday, June 29, 2006

275th post..
so fast hohs.. duno since wen liaos.. wana reach 300 posts lers.. *woots* LOL.. todae nth much happened lahs.. still so tired lohs.. erm.. saw the klas foto liaos.. my smile was like finally real.. so happy.. cos i think of happy things mahs.. ^^ den it's like fun shot gort one nia lohs.. so sad.. tat time we took gort two lehs.. duno lahs.. den the one whr ah gong pulled my hair de wasnt developed.. sadden.. wana see tat.. ya.. this yr no candid.. sadden too.. HAHA.. oh ya.. and fer art.. we were given a dumb dumb shoe frm b.first.. we were supposed to design it lohs.. o.0 so toot..

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

sec dae of school.. and i am still so tired.. yeah.. duno why lehs.. hmm.. saw our new chemistry cher todae.. mr i-duno-wad.. forgot lers.. wait.. i tried to recall.. oh ya.. lim.. hahas.. erm.. he's so funny.. kept on highlighting to us tat actually he is a nice guy.. *pukes* ok.. erm.. den.. todae.. i was buying my drinks mahs.. den my food was on the table.. den a dumb dumb bird go eat my egg lohs.. actually i duno de.. is chin seng they all tell me.. waahs.. so gd lohs.. they.. ^^ den i go chge my whole plate with the auntie.. so gd.. ya.. oh ya.. btw.. ah li laugh lidat de.. 'EEEEHEEEE' funny hohs? yadas..


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

first dae of school.. nort bad.. gort to see my frens.. (: so de happy.. but alot of ppl still in the holidae mood.. so everyone like very slack todae.. yar.. and tired too.. i oso.. cos nort really used to getting up early in the morning liaos.. so now still trying hard to adapt.. =X erm.. first thing first.. sitting arrangement was chge.. wahahas.. so gd but a bit dumb dumb.. though gort more spaces lahs.. i was sitting with HIMBO.. LOL.. so stressed?? erm.. den hohs.. ah nat is still SITTING WITH AH GONG!! notice tat i specially bolded it and underlined it.. bcos.. nat has been sitting with ah gong since the start of the yr.. hmm.. maybe tat's wad u called as affinity bahs.. hehe..

erm.. den gort height and weight measurement.. my height is still the same.. i wana retake.. arghs.. wo ming ming zhan qi lai jiu bi yinting and yunhui gao.. why lidat.. they same height as me lohs.. ok.. den shuo dao weight.. wo gen qi.. i gained 6kg!!!! 6kg man.. alot like can.. nort jus 1 or 2 lohs.. but anyway, i can 'slim' down de.. i am alwys lidat.. holidaes weight gain.. den school daes weight loss.. =.= hehs.. cant blame it lahs.. i really wana grrrrrrooooowwwww!!! nvm.. will try to jump more.. =/ hmm.. wad's more.. yar.. mr teo is so de bad.. 1st dae of school already gort hmework liaos.. yeah.. so sad.. ): erm.. our new history cher is Ms Natasha.. felt weird greeting her.. cos like greeting nat lidat.. xD den it's like ah gong kept saying tat ah nat is xiao neh and Ms Natasha is lao neh.. LOL.. so bad hohs.. yadas..

Monday, June 26, 2006

wahs.. holidaes gona over lers.. hahas.. wad i am typing now seems like wad i jus type yest.. i am so gd, not.. =/ hehs.. cos i completed all my hmewerk on............ the sec dae of the holidaes.. counting frm the back.. HAHAHAS.. cos i slack mahs.. sep holidaes i wun be lidat lers.. learnt my lesson liaos.. i shall be gd then.. i have already set a goal to complete all the holidaes hmewerk during the first 3 days.. see? i tink so far.. gort my 'future' all planned out lers.. (YEAH RIGHT) lols.. me so happy and HIGH.. HIGH u noe? yeah.. two meanings.. high as in sudden enthu in everything even studying..ugh.. =/ another is growing taller.. well.. i am sure i've grown taller.. at least a few cm bahs.. hur.. i certainly hope so larhs.. o.0

Saturday, June 24, 2006

woahs.. holidaes so fast ending lers.. so de sad.. buden i quite enthu abt skool suddenly.. duno why.. i suddenly missed everyone in school.. o.0 dun tio shocked.. anyway, have been guai these daes and done most of my hmewerk lers.. ^^ yeah.. only left the english summary.. ahas.. i forgot how the compre is lers.. mus read agen.. o.0 yeah.. so i am almost done lers.. i am so de siians now.. i totally forgot all the things i have learnt frm ace-learning liaos.. so dots.. somemore still gort test.. 3 lehs.. sia lahs..
hahs.. wana upload the video now.. hopefully can larhs.. ^^

aiya.. cant.. nvm.. i give the webbie and ur go watch..
well.. i am so bored now.. shall upload a video featuring some 1a-ians `05.. hahas.. shit man.. i cant get it uploaded.. sia lahs.. nvm.. shall try agen tml..

Friday, June 23, 2006

'Colors of Asia' rehearsal todae.. met with ah li at 8 to eat breakfast.. at mac.. cos i miss their egg mcmuffin.. herhs.. so i set my alarm the previous dae at 7.15.. weird timing huhs.. and MY ALARM CLOCK din rang.. sia lahs.. duno why.. so heng heng i was awaken by the ringing of the fone.. so qiao lohs.. it was like 7.25 liaos.. so i chiong.. saw nat's mum on the way to skool.. den i rushed to mac.. den ah li nort thr yet.. so i walked here and thr.. dun even noe wad time it was.. cos thr was no clock ard and i din bring my hp..

the rehearsal was soso and it ended at abt 1 plus lohs.. den it's like abit disorganised.. i dun tink gort tat werd in dictionary buden nvm.. this is shufen's dictionary.. hehs.. ^^ ok lahs.. den overall nort bad liaos.. lidat lohs..

Thursday, June 22, 2006

walaus.. todae fd so waste time lohs.. so toot lohs.. dun wish to sae more.. we were supposed to practise our dance den became an argument fer the clothings.. sia lahs.. den argue fer like so long.. make everyone's mood so down.. LOL.. den it's like we wasted 1hr plus plus lohs.. shant complain more lest i offend ppl.. i hate her more and more.. she din even feel guilty at all.. btw.. i tink they are gona tui huo fer the LKK necklace.. hopefully can lahs.. ^^ skirt is no hope liiaos.. we gona wear a pale yellow de.. arghs.. imagine us wearing it with our black klas tees.. o.O

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

waaas.. so fast holidaes ending lers.. and my hmewerk is like half-done nia.. uh-oh.. lemme list down the hmewerk i had fer the jun holidaes..

English compre + summary
2 newspaper reflections
3 qns on coordinate geometry
1 maths paper frm cresent girl's school

those strikeouts de are completed de.. the ace-learning was the first one I completed cos I knew fer sure I wuld spend a lot of time doing it.. ^^ erm.. now only left 2 newspaper reflections, 1 summary and oso some qns in the maths paper which I duno how to do.. LOL.. ><

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

sia lahs.. so siians now.. play maple now oso abit bu san bu si lohs.. quoted.. hahas.. den it's like nth to do online lohs.. chat mahs.. lao neh.. wacthing movie with her DEAR KENNETH lohs.. erm.. den meanwhile.. ah li editing her blog.. den jia zhi seldom online.. max's com gort prob.. teck wei seldom online oso.. so nort much ppl to talk to huhs.. hais.. zui huai de shi nat.. zhong se qing you.. nvm.. shant talk more ltr her ahem come hoot me.. shall do quiz to pass time.. kope frm shimin's blog.. ^^

Ten years ago, it was 1996.. Take this survey, post the results, and see how many things have changed since then..

1.How old were you?
1996: 4 yrs old..
2006: 13 going on 14..

2. Where did you go to school?
1996: nursery.. [doe a deer, a female deer~]
2006: kss.. ugh..

3. Where did you work?
1996: HELLO QUIZ?? i am 4 yrs old at tat time.. oh puh-lease..
2006: currently schooling..

4. Where did you live?
1996: CCK..
2006: same, 10 yrs no chge..

5. How was your hairstyle?
1996: i think i've gort the length all straight.. ugh.. dun needa imagine.. thks..
2006:layered hair with side fringe.. (:

6. Did you wear braces?
1996: 4 yrs old wearing braces.. siiaos.. most of us have milk teeth lohs.. wear fer wad.. so pearly white de..
2006: nope.. the dentist said i dun need them.. phew..

7. Did you wear contacts?
1996: contacts at 4 yrs old? siiaos..
2006: i wan.. but cant.. cos my degree too high liaos.. =X

8. Did you wear glasses?
1996: nope.. my eyesight tat time so good.. ^^
2006: yadayadas` yesh.. x)

9. Who was your best friend?
1996: erm.. i dun tink have bahs.. cos tat time we fren here fren thr.. anyhow de lohs.. herhs.. XD
2006: alot.. (:

10. Which of your pets were still alive?
1996: eek.. no pets..
2006: same ans.. whr gort time??

11. Had you had your first kiss?
1996: does blowing kisses counts? u noe tat time, whenever u are going hme, ur parents sorta force u to blow kisses at the other ppl.. hell yeah.. tat type..
2006: nope..

12. Who was your celebrity crush?
1996: ME.. WAHAHS..
2006: still ME.. BHB..

13. Who was your regular-person crush?
1996: HALO QUIZ? 4 yrs old lehs.. so young..
2006: nope..

14. How many piercings did you have?
1996: two.. one on each ear..
2006: still the same.. me gd ger.. ^^

15. How many tattoos did you have?
1996: nahs.. dun have..
2006: nope too.. (:

16. What was your favorite band/singer?
1996: dun have.. unless u count my teacher singing ABCs to us.. =D
2006: nahs..

17. Had you smoke a cigarette?
1996: nope like duh..
2006: i dun smoke and i wun touch any of those..

18. Have you gotten drunk before?
1996: nope..
2006: same ans..

19. Have you driven yet?
1996: yeah..
2006: nope.. but i wished to learnt how to drive.. (",)

20. If so, which car?
1996: cars tat u move with ur legs.. tat type whr u can store legos in the seat.. XD
2006: ferrari.. i wish..

21. Looking back, are you where you thought you would be in 2006?
1996: LOL.. quiz.. think so far fer what.. take things as it goes lahs..
2006: wow.. i have been on earth fer 13 yrs le.. wow.. lidat? =X

Monday, June 19, 2006

wees.. yest went out with cous.. watched movie, ate dinner.. the show, R.V was nice? so it was ok lahs.. cos we missed a few parts of the show.. bcos we were late and the queue fer the popcorns and stuff were so long.. shit.. ath time i am posting this stupid green part.. the blogger kept deleting my post away.. arghs.. ok.. den the movie was ok lahs.. cos thr was a gross part whr they show shit.. i was eating my popcorn lohs.. and i felt digusted.. ugh.. aft the movie, we went to meet wanling den shopped.. den took neos.. neos jia xin scanning.. so might upload them ltr.. ok.. den ate our dinner at pastamania.. the food's great.. but we had to wait quite long.. cos alot of ppl.. spent abt 1hr plus plus thr.. den went hme..

Your 10 favourites

Favourite colour : BLACK, silver, sky blue.. ^^
Favourite Food : almost all i have tasted.. eating is one of my pastime.. xD Favourite song : all in my com..
Favourite season : winter fer the snow.. and autumn fer the falling red leaves.. aww.. so shweet..
Favourite day of the week : THURSDAYS!!! i am supposed to be happy and laugh on tat dae.. ^^
Favourite ice-cream flavour: Chocolate..

9 current

Current mood : siians.. nth to do de.. no one online tat i can chat non-stop with.. Current clothes : tee-shirt and shorts..
Current desktop : 2a!! sae cheez.. love 2a loads.. my dearest.. erm..
Current toe nail colour : erm.. i din do any manicure or wad.. so it's like the same as having nth on..
Current time : 11.49am
Current annoyance :no one to blabber to.. lunch time is not coming yet and i am hungry~ Current thoughts : how long is this quiz gona take me.. how come my cbox still isnt werking??

8 first

First best friend : erm.. i dun tink have bahs.. cos tat time we fren here fren thr.. anyhow de lohs.. ><>
First movie : erm.. nort tat sure myself..
First piercing : wen i was in K2 i supposed.. my mum brought me to have my ears pierced.. ouch~
First lie : hmm.. mm.. uh.. eh..
First music : row ur boat? twinkle little star?
First car : cars tat u move with ur legs.. tat type whr u can store legos in the seat.. XD

7 last

Last cigarette : i dun smoke and i wun touch any of those.. ugh..
Last drink : erm.. water wen eating my breakfast?
Last car ride : my uncle's bus.. yest..
Last crush : erm.. so sensitive qn.. WAHAHAS..
Last movie seen : R.V =D
Last phone call : nahs.. cant rmb.. these daes i sms on the fone.. chat thru MSN.. so wad's the use fer fone calls? =X
Last CD played : Junyang de bahs..

Have euu ever ..

Have u ever date one of ur bestfren : no duh.. my besties are gers.. ><
Have u ever broken the laws : nahs.. gort chance but din.. cos i dun dare.. ^^
Have u ever been arrested : NOPE..
Have u ever been on TV : yadayadas` i wish.. nope.. =(
Have u ever kiss someone you dunn noe : nope.. i wun do tat.. it's gross..

5 things you are wearing :tee-shirt.. shorts.. my specs.. erm.. erm.. u noe wad i am thinking hohs? gort 5 liaos..

4 things you have done today : talked via msn with shunyu.. erm.. use the com and typed my posts.. erm.. eat? packed my bed?

3 things you can hear right now :the sound of the tv on outside in the living room.. Be My Escape by Relient K.. the sound of the keys while i typed.. (:

2 things you cannot live without : frens.. and.. erm.. my handfone..

Things you do when u are bored : play maple!! chat!! hang out with frens!! sms!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Rules: Express your Love for SEVEN and get others to know more about you. xD Copy and Paste the following into your own blog and complete all SEVEN bullets of the SEVEN questions.. Then, pick SEVEN people to pass it on! Have fun!

SEVEN things that make me smile:
1. Seeing him happy.. ^^
2. Seeing my besties out of the blue somewhere (:
3. Using the com playing maple.. KEKE~
4. Hanging out with my bez buds.. ^^
5. taking neos? x)
6. Daydreaming.. :P
7. Seeing ppl make a fool of themselves.. xD

SEVEN ways to win my heart:
1. Love me with all ur heart.. <3
2. Able to make me smile.. (:
3. BE FUNNY and me LAUGH.. ^^
4. erm.. doing romantic things?
5. uh..
6. eh..
7. cant think of anything liaos..

SEVEN things I believe in:
1. LOVE.. wahahas..
2. FATE.. ^^
3. the existence of ETERNITY (:
4. Angels and DEVILS.. xD
5. I am a goooooooood ger!! x)
6. fairytales.. they do exist..
7. never giving up easily..

SEVEN things I'm afraid of:
1. CATS.. =X
2. Failing exams... who doesnt? =/
3. The sound when u brush ur hands across the guitar's strings or wen u are fling some metals.. i feel cold all over wen i hear tat.. dun ask me why.. x)
4. Virus attacks in com..
5. Maple acc kena hack.. :D
7. Exams.. they stressed me out, totally..

SEVEN things I do everyday:
1. Breathe, duh..
2. Drinking..
3. Eating..
4. Sleeping.. Zzz..
5. Chattering non-stop.. =X
6. Blinking..
7. Bathing.. lalas..

SEVEN people I want to see now:
1. MISTER SLOW.. hahahas..
2. Nat?
3. Jia Zhi? my personal counsellor.. hahs..
4. Afiqah?
5. Nicole?
6. Elena?
7. Raine?

SEVEN people whom I choose to do this:
uh.. i'll be gd and jus sabo the first five ppl tat comes to my mind can?
1. NAT.. WAHAHa..
2. Yili..
3. Regina..
4. Min Yan..
5. Yu Xuan..
tadaas.. done.. kope this quiz frm some guy's blog.. ^^

Friday, June 16, 2006

todae is thurs and i shld be laughing and feeling happy.. but i am not.. cos my mind is currently filled with HATRED of two bitches.. omg.. did i jus typed bitches? u ask.. oh yesh i did.. cos i jus kan bu shuang the two of them.. who do they think they are? jus bcos they are in charge of a particular thing tat involves the whole klas, they ask 4 guys along.. i guess.. and they are making the decisions fer us.. HAHA.. and they dun even noe wad we like and to think they are doing all this.. and i think it's all fer the sake to meet their 'loved one'.. and honestly, i tink tat it being so unfair.. cos we dun even have our own choice.. we are supposed to wear wad they think suits us.. hurs..=X i admit i am JEALOUS cos u two are going out with him but i was not.. ok fine.. this post may seem to zhen dui ur but i din.. it's jus wad i typed to chu qi.. cos it's my blog and i wana use it to vent away all my anger, my jealousy or wadeva u guys called it.. i seriously have to state tat this post meant no offence and sincerely apologised if u tink u are being critisized or wad here..

Thursday, June 15, 2006

went to dex's hse fer project todae.. *yawn* have to wake up so early in the morning lohs.. siians.. cos ah ma and dex boat said tat the earlier we meet out, the earlier we can finish it.. HAHA.. as if.. ok.. so nat and i took the lrt to bukit panjang.. sia lahs.. so damn freaking early.. i still wana slp.. anyway, wen we reached thr, it was still early.. so ah nat and i decided to play a trick on them.. HAHA.. erm.. so ah ma called ah nat and asked whr we were.. cos he reached oso lers.. den we lied.. we told him we were in the MRT heading towards Kranji.. ^^ we told him tat we had wanted to take frm Yew Tee to CCK.. buden we talked talked talked den forgot which side isit.. so have to wait fer us.. LOL.. den we called him agen.. den lied tat we were at the LRT station lers.. wen we werent.. ok.. den we asked him which side to take.. HAHA.. den he told us.. den abt 5 min plus plus, we appeared in front of them.. they tio shocked lohs.. cos they tot we taking lrt.. LOL.. so we continued lying.. 'oh, we came here by cab..' HAHA.. so bad rites? till now they still tot we took the wrong train.. we were so childish, not.. LOL.. erm.. den we took a bus thr.. 920.. waited fer so long lohs..

den we finally reached dex' hse.. thr were 30 storeys.. WAHS!!! we alighted at the 18th cos his hse on the 18th like duh.. erm.. ok.. so his parents werent at hme.. but his bro was.. inside a locked room watching tv.. weird.. first impression of his bro wasnt tat gd.. ah ma was naughty and he pretended to be very fierce and asked dex's bro to come out.. den his broo scolded 'cheebai, bu yao chao lahs!!!' den we tiam tiam liaos.. =X uh-oh.. so fierce.. erm.. den i realised tat ah ma and dex last time were nursery klasmates.. den ah ma was like saying he rmb wearing wad brown shoes wen he was 4 yrs old.. aha.. so funny.. den he told us wad dex once told him he learnt karate.. LOL..

ok.. serious.. did our project.. uh-huh.. so we gers were in charge of editing.. while editing, thr were music to 'entertain' us.. cos dex was playing his guitar.. HAHA.. so it was not bad.. quite nice huhs.. anyway, noe sth??? YU LIANG PLAYS THE PIANO!! GRADE 7 LEHS!!! cant believe lohs.. ok.. so dex played quite a number of songs.. den ah ma asked him play 'Row Your Boat' or sth lidat de.. it was so slow lohs and nat was like saying play finish le, the boat already rowed away liaos.. x) lol.. den i ask dex play 'long long ago'.. cos tat really is a nice and sad song.. and he played it real well.. hahas.. ^^

ok.. so project is not done.. and wei da de ah nat will try to finish it.. hahs.. so we played games ltr.. the guys played fifa.. hahas.. so lame lohs.. den maple ltr.. siian lahs.. so in the end, we went fer lunch.. and den headed fer lot 1 larhs.. erm.. i dun wana post liaos.. oh ya, btw, mrs ng, dex is NOT my dear.. thks..

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

#01. Your name -- shufen aka `crybaby
#02. Hobbies -- uh, does daydreaming counts? ^^
#03. Gender -- a GER DUH. ><
#04. School -- KPS >> KSS
#05. Height -- erm.. can i dun fill in this slot?
#06. Horoscope -- Sagittarius
#07. Zodiac -- Monkey
#08. Address -- Singapore..
#09. Email --
#10. Hair colour -- Black
#11. Eye colour -- black with abit of hazelbrown..
#12. Skin colour -- fair.. or as u called it, normal.. I WANA BE TANNED
#13. Right or left handed - Right..
#14. status -- single? is tat wad the quiz wans?
#15. Siblings -- one, an idiotic bro.. uh-huh..
#16. Last 3 digit of your hp no. -- *****365
#17. When's your Birthday -- 17 Dec `92.. long long time..
[[ haveyou``]]
#18. Tried smoking -- NOPE, and i am not touching one of those..
#19. Drink alcohol -- NAHS..
#20. Been hurt emotionally -- yesh.. i was.. it was horrible..
#21. Kept a secret from anyone -- duh.. asking the obvious.. ><
#22. Been on stage -- DUH! I'm in ELDDS!! OH PUH-LEASE..
[[ favorites`` ]]
#23. Color - >BLACK, silver
#24. Food -- erm.. everything tat tastes nice and ok to me?
#25. Number -- 2, 3, 5, 6
#26. Cartoons -- i dun watch cartoons anymore.. =/
#27. Song -- erm.. Bad Day? Amazing?
#28. Movie -- none currently..
Subject -- hmm.. it was english last time.. now not..
[[ now`` ]]
#30. Wearing -- clothes
#32. Looking at -- the computer moniter??
#33. Thinking of -- mister slow.. LOL.. not.. i am jus thinking whether how long i will take to finish this whole quiz..
#34. Listening to -- nth.. my new com sux.. cant listen to music..
[[ do u believe in``]]
#35. Love -- yadayada~ YESH..
#36. Faith -- erm.. maybe?
#37. Yourself -- sometimes.. cos sometimes i dun even noe who i am anymore..
#38. Ghosts -- erm.. maybe? hard to say..
#39. Angels -- i wish thr are.. ^^
[[ inthelast24hrs``]]
#40. Worn jeans -- yest? wen i went out?
#41. Cleaned your room -- erm.. no..
#42. Cried -- yesh.. not in the last 24 hrs.. but 2 daes b4, i did..
43. met someone new - erm.. no..
#44. Last person I talk to on the phone -- erm, my mum?
#45. Pink or Black -- BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!
#46. Sunny or rainy -- BOAT.. cos they can suit diff moods of mine..
#47. Chocolate or vanilla -- boat agen.. they are nice.. (:
#48. Hanging out or chillin -- hanging out
#49. Music or TV -- Boat..
#50. Hamburger or Pizza -- Boat.. I LOVE EATING..
#51. Smile or Laughing -- bothh! ^^ cos both of them means sth to me..
#52. Sleeping or eating -- BOAT..
#53. Mc Donald's or KFC -- erm.. mac fer the fries and mc spicy.. KFC fer it's cheese fries!!
#54. Silver or gold -- SILVER..
#55. Sunset or sunrise -- sunset..
#56. On phone or in person -- BOAT
#57. Diamonds or Pearls -- erm.. diamonds? pearls seemed so LKK..
#58. Adidas or puma -- ADIDAS.. impossible is nth..
#59. Band members or models -- neither? dun come bash me up..
#60. Local or international Artist -- Local? i feel closer to them.. wakakas~
#61. sneakers or boots -- erm.. neither.. x)
#62. barcari or tiger beer -- i dun drink alcohol.. xD
#63. Dunhill or Salem-- cigarettes? me dun touch them.. gd ger..
#64. clubbing or live music -- Live Music.
#65. Johnny depp or Brad Pitt -- NEITHER!
#66. angelina Jolie or Kate Hudson - NEITHER!
#67. colosal/epic or romantic comedy -- the latter one.. :D
#68. sexy/naughty or kind/plain -- plain.. i jus wana be me..
#69. BMW or Mercedes -- erm.. can i chose another one? Ferrari? teehees..
#70. incubus or maroon 5 -- maroon 5.. they rawk..
#71. long haired or bald -- Long Haired.
#72. pop or rock - boat..
#73. beach or mountain - beach.. i can be tanned..
#74. nokia or ericsson - boat..
#75. 311 or hoobastank - eh..
#76. Asia or America - both i tink..
#77. tattoo or piercing - nvr gona do tat.. though my ears are pierced..
#78. asking/answering -- BOTH! i talked alot!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

i had a haircut.. agen.. not even 1 mth over yet.. i tink is abt 15 daes lidat bahs.. my hair hen kuai jiu thick le.. so i wana cut.. and i did.. ok.. i had my fringe cut.. actually i din wana have it cut the buden the hair-dresser cut it.. o.O LOL.. den it's like she put all my fringe to one side.. and my fringe is like slanted.. i sae until like very kong bu hohs? anyway, the end result was quite ok.. not really wad i expected but still presentable.. i jus hope wen ppl see me, dun tio shock can liaos.. :D

Sunday, June 11, 2006

eeyer~ no gd no gd.. yest cant go blogger post.. cos it's down fer maintenance.. LOL.. erm.. ytd we had a klas gathering!!! so fun lohs.. i enjoyed every moment of it especially during the part whr we bbq fer each other.. uh-huh.. ok..

first thing i did.. erm.. went out early with nat to buy things needed fer the bbq.. and they include:

A bag of 4kg charcoal
A gauze/grill piece, wadeva u call it
A bottle of sprite, 1 litre
A bottle of coke, 1 litre
A panstry brush
A bag of ice, 2.5kg
2 packets of plastic cups, 40 a packet each
A packet of fire starter
A pair of tongs
A bag of plastic bags
Lychee Syrup/Cordial

alot hohs? jus fer me and nat to carry.. so ke lian.. somemore i have to bring an icebox with ice inside.. sniff.. k.. so the whole klas was supposed to meet at the cck mrt station.. so we went thr lahs.. not everybody went though.. hais.. we boarded the train ltr looking like idiots with all those packets and bags of food.. LOL.. den all of us sorta took up a cabin lohs.. and the guys werent gentlmen enuff to give seats to gers.. hurhs.. so we were like complaining and den talking loudly blah de.. and ah gong sae it's so sia suay knowing us.. LOL agen.. the ride was like so long as we were supposed to alight at Pasir Ris thr lohs.. the last ride.. and i was so tired.. hahas..

erm erm.. reached thr le.. den we were like deciding whether to eat lunch anot.. and we did.. at Mac.. ha.. den off we go.. to take the bus to PRP.. the bus is like so cool can!!! cos it's the old type de.. whr the windows are actually opened.. and bcos it happened to be drizzling, the wind kept on gushing inside de bus.. SHUANG DAO~ ok.. aft 10 rides i tink, we reached thr.. den it started raining.. aww.. i was like praying hard fer it not to rain ltr cos we are having bbq.. buden the rain started becoming heavier.. and we had to walked a long long way searching fer the bbq pit we rented.. which cost us $20 and the pit is so small like can? our pit no was 31 but it was really a long way down so we decided to settle down at pit 28.. cos thr no one and somemore the guys were complaining liaos.. that cant be blamed cos we thrushed all those heavy things in the guys hands.. wahahs.. and so it was still raining.. but we dun care abt it and heng bbq tat time no rain.. we went to rent bicycles..

den it's like so ex lohs.. so i shared it with nat.. cycling in the rain is so damn fun sia.. ok.. so we cycle den went back fer a drink den cycle agen.. on the way back, saw dex coaching himbo how to cycle.. hahas.. den in the end, he still duno how to cycle.. ><

den den.. we had water bomb!!! FUN it's like we threw here and thr while cycling on our bikes.. and finally i was thoroughly wet.. all thks to the guys.. herhs.. den we had bbq.. first food on the grill: hotdogs.. tadaa.. ok.. i wasnt very gd at it but at least the hotdog was somewad cooked.. so i did quite ok lahs.. seaweed chicken is the easiest.. so i helped ah gong and ah ma do.. xiao jing them mahs.. erm.. den suddenly i became the guy's waitress.. wad they order i serve.. lols.. but being the waitress was fun and everything.. and i realised sth.. ah ma is very bao shou.. shldnt elaborate further huhs.. ok.. sth happened at bbq and i was very happy.. (xing fu de wei xiao) shh.. no sae.. erm.. den aft bbq, we had to put out the fire.. so SPLASH.. ZZZZZZZZZ.. the fire's gone.. HURRAY!! LOL.. den we had fruit.. honeydew.. yum.. sweet and everything..

we had water bomb agen ltr.. actually alot of ppl dun wan de.. den nat and i jus went with the guys.. cos i wana play mahs.. and i gort wet.. i wasnt prepared.. all thks to ah gong huhs.. den i decided to bring my icebox thr to pour everyting on him.. and i did.. it was so shuang.. and he den decided to take off his clothes.. obscene.. hahs.. and den he spit out all those water i poured on him frm his mouth on me.. yuk.. hahs.. and since nat and i were alr wet, they dun tink it's fun to wet us anymore.. so we became their side.. aim is to throw the bombs at the gers who were dry.. HAHAHAHAHAHA.. bad huhs? ok.. so the gers werent very happy with wad we were doing.. uh-oh.. and bear paw's hp heng xiang bcos of the water den spoiled le.. anyway.. we had to cleared all those bimbs and plastic bag ltr.. cos a ger with tattoos were scolding us.. and she used the f werd.. woots.. should have ask her wad's the meaning.. shit.. hahs.. so we cleared up and were ready to go hme.. we took the bus back together and went to 7-11 fer a quick bite.. the guys bought pringles to prepare fer the world cup.. LOL..

erm.. den we reached hme at abt 11 plus lohs.. the end.. it was a very nice and happy dae fer me.. and i hop our klas meet out agen during the december hoildaes.. cos this may be the last time 2a is meeting out together as a klas le.. sad to sae.. i will miss all of ur, 2a.. hahas.. 2a rawks!!!

Friday, June 9, 2006

fd todae.. kinda fed up so i shant talk abt it.. saw shawn and joshua and the film team in our skool todae.. jia zhi gort their fotos.. but not shawn de.. anyway.. i have absolutely no mood to post todae.. thks to some reason regarding wad i posted yest.. and pls.. if ur can, dun go to my tagboard, bcos once u read it it will spoil ur whole dae mood seeing me so angry cum disappointed cum EVERYTHING.. i am very depressed and very luan now fer currently being rong and cold-blooded and EVERYTHING in someone's eyes.. i am gona breakdown soon.. jus lemme cry.. this post wasnt jus to bo tong qing.. it is really how i felt.. HURT. i nvr wanted a small thing to turn out this wae.. hais.. fine.. i shall end here..

Thursday, June 8, 2006

ii duNn caRe `` i duNn t0k tUhh chEats..
wow.. sth to suan me huhs? duh talk to cheats sehs.. heard tat some ppl sae she dun talk to cheats.. cheats = ppl who bought exp x2 cards in maple.. x) lidat oso can huhs? seriouly i tink this is too much.. calling ppl cheats.. if ppl who buy the card are cheats, den arent maple cheats too? cos they introduce us the cards mahs.. so LOL.. no offence to wad i jus said though.. it's oni my pt of view..

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

old frens meeting todae.. waited fer like so long fer the rest to come.. ><

first thing we do: EAT!! hahs.. we were like couldnt decide whr to go eat.. so in the end, each of us had to represent an eating place.. den we had open numbers.. whichever gort picked on, is whichever the eating place we are going.. so dumb and childish hohs? ya lohs.. i tink so.. lemme tell u how the scene was like.. 6 of us in a circle.. laughing and giggling, den putting out numbers using our hands.. EMBARRASSED~ so we finally gort an eating place.. KFC.. wahahas.. had a simple meal cos we are trying to save time..

nxt, we went to causeway.. jus fer playing the arcade.. ok.. it was so fun.. so happy.. so everything.. den actually we wana play bowling thr de buden hohs thr upgrading in progress.. hurhs.. so we decided to go to Bukit Panjang thr to play.. fun sehs.. i paired up with afiqah and nat, while nicole, elena and raine were in the other team.. wasnt really enthu abt it until i finally gort hold of how to in a way control the ball.. it so heavy like can.. lols..

erm.. den we went back to lot 1.. jus to take neos.. we are so de funny hohs.. and lame rites? den.. went to elena's hse.. played pictionary.. and jenga.. till abt 6 plus.. den went downstairs bcos of elena requesting us to play freeze and melt fer 5 min.. arghs.. i felt like a 5 yr old kid.. we were like young innocent kids screaming and running like siaos.. lols.. so i ended my day this way.. ta-daas..

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

uh-oh.. jus one day my bro's missing bcos of the school's camp, my mum actually asked me to go out with her in the middle of the night to the school jus in hope of seeing him.. diiaos.. ok.. it wasnt really in the middle of the night lahs.. it was like 9 plus plus.. lols.. ok.. den it's like we walked ard the whole perimeter of the school with us, i mean HER in hope of seeing him.. hais..

den it's like we din see anyone at all lohs.. all dark inside the school.. den my mum started thinking of excuses why she cant see him.. hais.. and so we finally went back hme.. one look frm her face.. one word to describe: disappointment..

Monday, June 5, 2006

A- You're damn good in bed..
B- You are always fun when it comes to meeting new people..
C- Your wild and crazy..
D- Damn good in bed..
E- You're Super cool..
F- People totally adore you..
G- Love is something you deeply believe in..
H- You have very good personality and looks..
I- You have a nice ass >.<
J- Everyone loves you..
K- You like to try new things..
L- You're so damn cute..
M- Success comes easily to you..
N- You have a BIG warmheart..
O- You love foreplay..
P- You are popular with all types of people..
Q- You are a hypocrite..
R- You're talkative..
S- People think you are so sexy..
T- You are the best in bed..
U- You are really chill..
V- You are not judgemental..
W- You are very broad minded..
X- You never let ppl tell u wat to do..
Y- One of the hardest gangsters alive..
Z- You're lovable..
wees.. got this frm minyan's post.. gona see wad's the meaning of the alphabets in my name.. i'll bet it will be funny and lame.. lols..

S- People think you are so sexy..
H- You have very good personality and looks..
U- You are really chill..
F- People totally adore you..
E- You're Super cool..
N- You have a BIG warm heart..

Sunday, June 4, 2006


my mind now is only filled with hatred.. HATRED.. i hate u.. i am sorry.. dun ask me why.. i duno..

Saturday, June 3, 2006

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of his/her perfect lover.
2. Mention the gender of his/her perfect lover
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment at their blogs.
4. If you are tagged the second time, there's no need to do this again.
5. The most important rule: HAVE FUN. =)

ok.. so i was kena sabo by yinting to this lame quiz.. hahs.. so i shall do it todae.. see i so guai?

Gender: MALE like duh..
1. Mus be taller than me but not so tall.. if not i have to look up.. >.<
2. Mus LOVE me.. duh..
3. Tanned.. yea.. i <33>
4. Not too skinny.. If not like i ill-treat him lidat..
5. Cleverer than me.. (Guys dun like girls who are cleverer than them) ya..
6. Able to cheer me up at times.. and be at mu side when i need him..
7. Doesnt smoke or drink..
8. Average looking
ta-daas.. done.. whees..

Friday, June 2, 2006

lit workshop.. siians.. wake up so early jus fer it lohs.. so dumb dumb.. okaes.. we waited fer like so long wen u were finally dismissed back to our klas.. talked abt poetry.. blah de.. yawn.. no offence but i show absolutely no interest in poetry.. hais.. erm.. den took the bus to Kampong Glam..

reached thr.. hot hot hot.. walk here and thr.. den so tired.. den entered a mosque.. first time entering worhs.. so windy.. learnt alot lahs.. buden cant rmb much.. oso quite tired lers.. erm.. den went to the museum.. lidat spell hohs? erm.. i was hoping tat it was air-conditioned.. ta-daa.. ir was.. wees.. so cool.. although the museum quite small lahs.. lols.. jus stay thr fer a short while cos not much time le.. so din get to explore much.. lols..

den went lot 1.. den got two teenagers ask us do survey.. den ah neh de so long lors.. the person dun wana fang guo ta.. i an shi her alot of times le.. no use.. in the end i pekchek le.. jus shouted ah nat, i wana go hme le.. hahas.. den went to eat.. den bought jun yang's disc!!! yay!! hahas..



Thursday, June 1, 2006

*woots* eng oral todae.. tio lim lay yong.. ok lars.. actually not tat bad lohs.. cos she quite funny so i felt rather at ease.. lols.. erm.. den halfway during the reading of the passage, she told me i spoke too fast.. >.<