Monday, October 12, 2009

#152.1 - Emo

The weather totally describes how I felt today.


We have known each other for 14 plus years. I still cannot accept the fact that you have done this horrible thing to me. Throughout the years, I try to understand and know you better, but you seemed difficult to get along with. I don't get why you must have your own sets of rules and a series of sequences to follow. Why do I have to change to know you better? It is unfair.

We used to be very close friends during primary and secondary school days, until secondary 2 ended, when you finally let go and I gave up befriending you. It was a wrong step. My results started going downhill. I tried to mend our friendship but it was too late.

I gave you a few years of peace while I decided to sort my thoughts out. I thought of those innocent days where we were such good friends. I could differentiate that you were different from other of my friends. You are better. You once said that there are no inequalities between us. We know each other for so long we share our deepest secrets.

As we studied, we often integrate what we have learnt together so that we can get the big picture easily. But now? What happened? You refused to help mend this friendship of ours.

You gave me false hope every time, to build me up and tear me down yet again. Remember I said that we are a team? Without you, my brain wouldn't function as well. Yet such demoralizing thing had to happen to me.

In order to salvage this friendship of ours, I even went to graph out the possibilities of us patching up and even plan the whole of the holidays so that I can know you better.

I thought we were friends. Seems like I was wrong.

Mathematics, how could you be so heartless.

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