Thursday, October 29, 2009

#159 -

I guess I haven't been updating much these few days.

Some good things to share:
  • Bannister won for the inter-house games on Monday! *insert gazillion xoxo*
  • 09S22 ranks 7th placing out of 30plus classes for Mathematics!
  • 09S22 ranks 13th placing out of 30plus classes for Chemistry!
  • I got an ice cream treat from Ms Loon together with a few others because I got great improvement for Chemistry, S grade to B grade! :D
  • Sir said that Christine and I should practise more for our sparring as we have got potential! :D
  • Star sign of the stars: If you're a Sagittarian, you are twice as likely to hit the big time!

    Some bad things to share:
    • I got a bruised and swollen foot because when I wanted to kick Christine during Taekwondo sparring, she blocked and I kicked her elbow with my instep. I CAN'T RUN NOW!!! :(
    • I need to study for Mathematics Revision Test because I failed my H2 Mathematics overall. :(
    • I have to go to school next week for OP rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday. As for Wednesday and Friday, even though I have no OP rehearsals, I will still have to attend school as attendance is compulsory. And I have to stone till 1pm before I can go home, what a complete waste of time! (angry)
    • I can't seem to get on good terms with H2 Mathematics and this is driving me crazy.
    • Nuffnang has not been giving me ANY advertisements at all since the start of Promos till now! My $$$ has shown zero increase. Pfft!
    Pain is weakness leaving the body!
    Pain is weakness leaving the body!
    Pain is weakness leaving the body!
    Pain is weakness leaving the body!
    Pain is weakness leaving the body!

    Trying to tell myself that while I look at my poor left foot. T.T

    PS: Sorry for the lack of photos! The next update will be with photos! :D:D

    Turn that frown upside down. :)

    Tuesday, October 27, 2009

    #158 -

    Singapore's Dancing Flashmob! :D

    Complaints Choir of Singapore.

    黄昏(改编版). Lame shit, pun intended. :)

    I think this is damn cool! :)

    Monday, October 26, 2009

    #157 -

    Omg I feel fats accumulating,

    I need to start exercise soon! :(

    I shall not procrastinate any longer.
    Running here I come! :)

    You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare,
    Either way I don't wanna wake up from you.

    Thursday, October 22, 2009

    #156 - When I grow up...

    Before I start ranting lame stuff, I have something to declare.

    I am sunburnt! Hahahhaha, now my skin is peeling like mad shiatz. Some of my friends said I look the same (tears), some said I look like some lobster (sobz) and some said I got darker (grins madly)! :D


    When I was younger, say around the age of 5 and 6 years old, I always wanted to be...

    A NURSE! (okay this nurse looks gay)

    Haha I think this doesn't come as a shock for most people as being a nurse is a most typical job for the girls that age.

    Let me recall why I wanted a nurse then...

    Hmm I guess it's because the teachers then used to potray nurses as kind beings and angels of the Earth. Haha okay, this part sounds so retarded.

    And I thought nurses will always end up marrying doctors and doctors (I thought) in my time were handsome looking creatures. :P

    But when I entered primary school, everything changed.

    I decided I didn't want to be a nurse anymore.

    Reason being?My grandmother told me one day that being a nurse, you'd have to clear the patients' bowels etc.
    I am like eew, okay set, I never want to be a nurse anymore! Haha! :D

    Then entering primary school, I thought being a Teacher was cool (like wtf right).

    Haha but not a mean looking one though.

    Maybe this? Oops, perhaps a little too demure.

    Aiya you get my point. :)

    Somehow I got sick of wanting to be a teacher in the end when I attended Secondary School.

    Reason being? I realised I can never be a teacher. I lack patience and am easily angered.

    Haha and when I entered Secondary School, I thought I wanted to be a Psychologist/Psychiatrist.

    I wanted to treat all patients, listen to their stories and help them as much as I can. :)

    This goal was a tough one since I have to study the correct courses and might even need to further study overseas.

    I gave up on it soonafter I left Secondary School.

    Reason being: Usually in Singapore, if one studies psychology, one is most likely to end up being a social worker or school counsellor which I have no interest in. And I will have to further study overseas which is something I can't get used to. :(

    After much thinking and considering, I know what I want to be when I grow up now! :D

    Guess what...

    I want to be...

    A TAI-TAI! (not that anorexic like her though :/)

    Haha I guess this is the dream of many girls like me. :D

    GOAL: To marry a rich and hot guy who will satisfy my monetary needs! Hahahahahha with love of course! :D

    Oh and not forgetting, he must be of Taekwondo background, minimum brown belt! :D:D:D


    Well maybe two is better than one.

    Monday, October 19, 2009

    #155 - Random Thought

    Life is a bitch.

    Random thought:
    Was just wondering if I die one day, how many peoeple would be present at my funeral.

    Sunday, October 18, 2009

    #154 - Shopping Spree


    Have been spending money like water these 2 days.

    Checked and calculated I spent $256 plus during these 2 days. It may seem a meagre sum to you rich asses but hey, $256 is a lot to me okay! Haha, show you where my money went to. :D

    It's amazing how so little things can amount to such a huge sum of money yeah, I guess I spent the most on the books and lingerie. :P

    Haha and look at the mess I made! :O

    Haha but I cleared them up in the end okay! :D

    I feel so much better after this quick update.

    Life's being a bitch but retail therapy ie. shopping cures it all. :D

    Sentosa outing with Taekwondo bitches tmrw! <3

    Friday, October 16, 2009

    #153 -

    LATEST UPDATE: I am going to Orchard Road again tmrw, to be specific, Wisma Atria. T.T

    Hello people. :)

    I've been slacking like madz since Promos ended.

    The day before ie. Thursday, I went to eat Sakae Sushi Buffet with The (Doh) Bitches again.

    Babi was the winner for the eating Cha Soba contest.

    Babi: 4½ bowls
    Skunk: 3 bowls
    Beaver: 2½ bowls

    Haha we are officially fatz! :D

    Today we went to Orchard to shop since Chemistry lessons was cancelled. Felt so out of place when we wore uniform there. Okay, to be exact, we were in our PE attire. Sobz, so embarrassing.

    Beaver wanted to get her BBB's screen protector anyway and I wanted to go to Marks And Spencer to get a deodorant so yup, the trip was worthwhile. Wanted to get a tank top from NUM but their tank tops have got this sling thing which is damn fugly so I didn't buy any in the end. End up I couldn't find the deodorant I wanted as well and I was sobz and wanted to get something so that the trip would not be a wasted one.

    And so I got myself a Ripcurl Pencilcase. :)

    Love it! :D

    Notice the small Russian doll keychain over there? It's orange in colour and bought by Mama! She knows I love orange. Yay I love Mama! :D


    Some videos I feel that are worth sharing. Enjoy!

    Saved the best for the last! Cool like madz! :D

    I feel so fat, have been eating so much these days. I shall will run tmrw! (gym)

    Monday's suntanning till I tanned like madz day! Love! B)

    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    #152.3 - Emo

    I got 31/50 for history! I passed I passed I passed! :)
    If everything goes right, I will be attending school on 11 January 2010 next year as a J2 student. :)


    To LynetteLove:

    Hey, don't so sad. Made me feel so bad. I think I too disappointed with my results to the extent that I might have forget you scored well for examinations.

    Well congratulations! Haha I am happy for you okay, really sincerely happy. You worked hard and really deserved it. :)

    And regarding the Babi thing, I have no intention on talking until like you don't exist. It's just that I am trying my best to encourage Babi. I don't like to see my friends getting upset over their results. This might have caused me to sort of IS and neglect you, but I have no intention of doing so. I guess I really overlook this whole thing. Don't think so much yeah. Really appreciated it when you never fail to encourage me (and Babi) always. :)

    Read your blog and seems like some stuff keep happening to you. Don't worry so much, will grow wrinkles one. Must learn to look at positive side okay! I always have the impression that you will always tend to worry for a lot of things. Like that will become very stressed one!

    So cheer up and look on the bright side. And really thanks for being such a great friend, may our friendship last long. (DOH) forever! :):):):)


    Monday, October 12, 2009

    #152.2 - Emo

    Now even Facebook laughs at me.

    Today's Advice: Embrace each moment with enthusiasm.You tell me how lah? I failed my Mathematics overall leh. T.T

    Daily Inspirational Quote: Be Positive, Pass It On.Yeah, positive about flunking Mathematics and then passing it on to others hur.

    SOBZ. I am not sad, just kind of disappointed (it's different from sad) and angry with myself. Why am I so stupid. Why can't I be like the others. I want to do well for this Promos too. Guess I'd have to buck up soon if not I will be GG-fied during A Levels.

    Congratulations to all those bitches who got promoted. People like me are still hanging and clinging on tight on the rope that might break anytime. And I don't want it to break.

    Last hope: History. Give me a pass, plox plox.


    To Babi:

    I know and understand how you are feeling right now. I know you have worked hard but it happened to just turn out like that. The feeling was shiat I know, it happened to me during the MYE. I just want to tell you that nevermind all these crazy shiat, but to look on the positive side. Stop thinking about 'what ifs' and instead ask yourself what you should do right now. It's no use crying over spilt milk, what's been done could not be undone. You just have to buck up (like me) and together when we promote to J2 (yes we will), we will work hard and show the rest how much we have done and beat them till they bruised all over. :)

    It's okay to feel dejected at the beginning but in the end you realized that the actual thing you should do is to just face it. Face it and counter it if not the problem will always stay in you. Don't escape from reality by telling yourself that you are a goner whateff shiat. And don't MIA, I believe it's just an excuse from you trying to escape from reality and sleep more. I know that dreams are sometimes better than reality but wake up from that idea okay! You can do it, it's just whether you want to do it or not. It all begins with a single step.

    Remember: It may be stormy now, but it can't rain forever. Things happened for a reason. People make mistakes and learn from them.
    And you have to always be prepared for any obstacles that come your way. Must jiayou and be strong okay! (gym)
    Cheer up okay, you said before it takes 42 muscles to frown but 17 muscles to smile, so smile more. Stop brooding over it. Things will get better. And you know Beaver (I believe) and I will always be there for you 24/7. We are always a call away. SO SMILE AND CHEER UP NOW HOR!

    PS: Touched not? Don't always say I bad bully whateff shiat okay, I care one! :D

    #152.1 - Emo

    The weather totally describes how I felt today.


    We have known each other for 14 plus years. I still cannot accept the fact that you have done this horrible thing to me. Throughout the years, I try to understand and know you better, but you seemed difficult to get along with. I don't get why you must have your own sets of rules and a series of sequences to follow. Why do I have to change to know you better? It is unfair.

    We used to be very close friends during primary and secondary school days, until secondary 2 ended, when you finally let go and I gave up befriending you. It was a wrong step. My results started going downhill. I tried to mend our friendship but it was too late.

    I gave you a few years of peace while I decided to sort my thoughts out. I thought of those innocent days where we were such good friends. I could differentiate that you were different from other of my friends. You are better. You once said that there are no inequalities between us. We know each other for so long we share our deepest secrets.

    As we studied, we often integrate what we have learnt together so that we can get the big picture easily. But now? What happened? You refused to help mend this friendship of ours.

    You gave me false hope every time, to build me up and tear me down yet again. Remember I said that we are a team? Without you, my brain wouldn't function as well. Yet such demoralizing thing had to happen to me.

    In order to salvage this friendship of ours, I even went to graph out the possibilities of us patching up and even plan the whole of the holidays so that I can know you better.

    I thought we were friends. Seems like I was wrong.

    Mathematics, how could you be so heartless.

    Friday, October 9, 2009

    #151 -


    Okay I know I haven't been updating much even though Promos are over.

    It's not because I am lazy, it's just that I have nothing much to blog about. Plus, if I were to post an entry, it will be detailed with lots of words which I think many would not bother to read. The thing with us people is that we like to look at photos instead of reading big chunks of words.
    Haha if you care to read that part above, you'd know what I meant. :P

    Imma continue blogging with words till someone buys me a camera. :D

    Haha oh let me talk about the mini baking session with The (Doh) Bitches.

    It was love, cheers! Haha after physics paper, we went to beaver's house to slack and then eat chicken rice.

    Then we bused all the way to yew tee and got our ingredients from NTUC and then went to Babi's house.

    Initially wanted to bake some tart/cookie/pretzel thang from Beaver's cookbook but we were so lazy. And we did chocolate cornflakes instead. Lol. Waste kaching on ingredients but nevermind since we are planning to really bake during the holidays. :D

    And so yeah, our first attempt at melting chocolate was a failure. :(

    But Babi's mother saved the day.

    And we got hot gooey melted Cadbury chocolate dripped over cornflakes, sprinkled with colourful toppings, MMM. :D

    Accidents do happen of course, I dropped one of the cornflakes thingy into the gooey chocolate! :O

    Washing up time!

    Slacked and plurked a while before heading to Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe for dinner.

    Yummy wanton noodles I ordered!

    Babi and Beaver got themselves Minced Pork Ramen which I had no photos of! :D

    Lovely day spent! :D

    Anyway, I am quite sian after Promos are over. I have nothing to do and we still have to go back to our school during the 2 marking days. -.-

    Wednesday: We had a hip-hop workshop where the school invited people to teach us hip-hop. It was quite dumb actually and I felt like a retard. We had this nutrition talk as well. Hmm, and then following later was OELP talk. This pretty much sums up my Wednesday.
    Dumb right? I can sleep more at home lor.

    Thursday: We had CCA Carnival which is for us, the J1s to know about each others' CCAs. In the morning, I had to 'promote' Taekwondo in my full gi. Hot like madzxzxzx. Thought it was cool that only we had our 'costumes' though. :D

    Hahah and overall it was okay uh. The first half ie. the morning was for the Sports CCA and the second half was for the Non-Sports CCAs. :) Halfway during the Sports CCA timing, it rained and we all gathered at LT5 to listen to talks.

    LOL, and the whole Taekwondo team had no time to change so we got into the LT5 wearing our gis and sat down barefooted. SHIOK! :D

    Later it was Non-Sports CCAs 'promoting' their CCA, and I slacked throughout at Yoga. MALI MALI HOM! (lol)

    Went to Beaver's house later slack use com a while with Babi and then we had dinch at Sakae Sushi. Buffet! Yay! Love it so much, it's so affordable. Babi ate 4 Cha Soba. O.O

    Left there happy and bloated. ^^

    Today: Got back most of my promos papers. Physics Cleared. Chemistry Cleared. General Paper Cleared.

    Was very very happy for my Chemistry results. I failed like every single test given and this time I got a B. 72/110! Yay! Not that good but hey I worked hard for it okay! Coming from someone like me who is not Chemistry's good friend who gets U grade, this is a good sign for me! :) Our class has got 3As and 3Bs and 1C only okay. :P

    Physics and General Paper ah. Hmm, pass lor. I am contented already.

    Now left History and Mathematics. Not that concerned regarding the former one, but is dying thinking about the latter one. I need at least a Subpass to get promoted. Pray hard manzxzxzxz.

    Okay I think I typed a lot already uh. Byebye.

    Tuesday, October 6, 2009

    #150 - Hiatus Mode: Off

    Hey all! It's time to officially break my Hiatus Mode for Promos are over. I am free!!! *SCREAMS TILL YOU GO DEAF*

    Life can't get any better than this. (funkydance)

    Had mini baking session with The (Doh) Bitches at Babi's house today.

    Will update more about it when I received the photos from Beaver. :)

    Had my whole week planned to celebrate end of Promos.

    Let's just IS tmrw because it's a Sian Day. Going to school for nothing and then in the afternoon, there's a 1 hour plus Taekwondo Meeting. No good plans at all. T.T

    Thursday - Shopping with The (Doh) Bitches
    Friday - Burning Lanterns Festival with The (Doh) Bitches
    Saturday - Dinner with Mama Tang and the ELDDS Clique
    Sunday - Shopping with Mommy (perhaps) or slacking at home the whole day watching videos.

    There are more planned for next week, it's just that the dates aren't confirmed. Sessions like mahjonging, suntanning, sauna-ing, sushi and cookies making, steamboat buffeting. Life's great. :D:D

    Pity the students having PSLE (tmrw!), 'O' and 'A' Levels (1 more month!)

    Just dreading the fact that we will be getting back our Promos papers most probably by next week. Dreaded.

    Byebye I feel so tired. :(

    Saturday, October 3, 2009

    #149 -

    Woke up to an orange carebear smiling at me. :)

    A smile brightens the darkest day.