Wednesday, November 30, 2005

yoz.. it's been three daes i ever update le.. hmm.. yeah.. yest went to Singapore Press Holdings.. fer a visit.. lame lahx.. on the wae there in a bus, i was like so dizzy lorx.. de bus kept winding and it's like we were on a ship.. den wad's more still gt traffic jam.. mus wait.. the sun is jus so hot lahx, cos i gt the window seat den it kept shining on me.. haix.. tsk.. halfwae down, i saw a lorry tat hit a motorbike.. the motorcyclist was injured and i saw lots of blood.. nat din see it bcos my head blked her.. hahx.. anywae, aft i saw the big pool of blood, i was like so quiet.. fer duno how long.. cos i cant imagine i actually saw tat much blood.. ugh.. till now, i still cant erase tat 'memory'..

aha.. we finally reached SPH.. there were others skools too other dan ours like st hilda, blah blah.. first thing first.. we were supposed to wear a sky blue shirt.. the pattern is quite nice, but isnt dat kinda dumb fer all different skools' ppl to be wearing the same thing? yar.. den they oni have large and medium size de, i took medium and gosh, it's like so long.. haix.. den we had a talk.. abt wad's gona happen ltr.. zzz.. aft tat we've gt reporters telling us news abt celebs.. den had a stupid game.. den aft we were supposed to write a 600 words report aft having an interview with a fireman.. duno if the person really is a fireman, though.. ltr, we had to form a paparazzi grp.. the bois werent really cooperative though.. oni shunyu volunteered.. had chicken rice fer lunch, provided by SPH.. i used up three packets of chili.. guessed i mus have like the chili alot.. hahx.. the guys in our klas were like so greedy lorx.. some ate two packets while some ate three.. hong lip ate quite fast, i rmb.. wen nat and i were jus abt to settle down to eat our lunch, he was preparing to throw his eaten packet away le!! woahx.. den yunhui treated us to ice cream.. yum.. we wetn to do our reports.. last minute den we did it.. and i think i oni wrote abt 200 sth words bahx.. sheehx.. we were supposed to hand it in lahx, i did, but nat din.. aiya, nvm de.. wun die de.. aft tat was followed by more talks.. den the photographer oso talked.. guessed how heavy is the camera?? 10kg!!! heavy ritex??

ltr had a tour around SPH.. quite fun lahx.. the guys were like busi fooling around.. anywae, their computeres are quite huge, abt a size of a NORMAL tv.. there were so mani newspapers lorx and i was telling nat we could sell them to the garang guni.. lolx.. saw our senior, Bing Rong there.. think he's having an interview bahx.. den went back to the auditorium lahx.. prize giving fer the report thingey mahx.. Shunyu, Mei Qiao and i duno wad's her name gt prizes.. yeah.. made our skool proud! *CLAP CLAP* den we had a photo shoot.. it took so long to get everyone into the smile was like frozen le, waiting fer the photographer to be ready.. hahx..went hme ltr, reached hme at abt 7 plus lidat..

Monday, November 28, 2005

yeah.. went to my grandma hse todae.. one word to describe how i felt there - BORED.. wen we were in the hse, two of my cousins, toddlers lahx, were like looking at us.. quite cute but i wasnt going gaga though.. they too shy le.. in the end, my bro started playing with them.. haix.. den i pretended to read the newspapers.. hahx.. lolx.. i did play with them in the end lahx.. i not bad ger ok? budden quite sianx lorx.. yea.. i so 'old' le, still play with them, very weird lorx.. so out of place lidat..

left at abt 1 lidat.. go shop at westmall.. yea.. gt myself a jacket, black color de.. YAY!! hahx.. so happi.. den while taking the train back to cck mrt station, i saw two guys, sorta staring at me, like lechers lidat.. not i sae i pretty or wad lahx.. true lorx.. i so scared.. den wen i looked in their direction, they both turned awae.. *BISH* punch them arhx.. hahx.. so 'se' like wolf lidat.. oh ya.. and i oso saw a cute baby.. wen the train came out frm the tunnel, the baby was like giving a response by making his mouth into an 'O' shape and saying O too.. SHO CUTE!! wana hug him.. dun mind the fact he's a male.. hahx.. went to lot 1, like duh.. saw alice in the library.. again.. anywhere i go, i will see her de.. last time i saw her at causeway, den another time at lot 1, now oso.. we are so 'FATED' horx.. *NO OFFENCE* huhx..

den on the wae back, in a bus lahx, thr's tis malay ger hu tinks she is chio or wad.. den she was like sorta staring at me and my bro.. she sorta diao us.. i dare not offend her, hu noes? maybe she frm gang de.. i scared.. hahx.. i nvr looked at her the whole wae hme.. pls, i am not a scaredy-cat.. din noe i spell correctly anot.. =P anywae, i completed my chinese hw liaox.. YAY!! *CLAP CLAP* but gt alot of mistakes, duno lahx.. that's wad my mum saes lorx.. aiya, wadeva lahx, teacher go thru den check lorx.. heex..

Sunday, November 27, 2005

hey guys.. gona post todae.. actually nat asked me out todae de.. cos last imte she bought de english assessment is NA de, supposed to buy EXPRESS de mahx.. duno why she nvr check lorx.. blur arhx? *NO OFFENCE* huhx.. so sianx at hme.. nxt tues need go skool, cos gt stoopid excursion, go to the 'BAO GUAN', suddenly forgot wad it's called in english.. den wen we come back, the skool bus jus dropped us at the cck bus interchange lorx.. diaox ritex? nvm.. den can go lot 1 too.. YAY.. budden quite sianx lorx.. tml, going to grandma hse.. *BISH* go thr not much to do, although gt babies lahx, i jus follow so ltr can go shop fer clothes mahx.. YAY agen.. nxt fri gt bbq.. whole dae gone liaox.. lukily nxt year still same klas, if not, is last time see my klasmates as a whole klas le, den i will cry de.. really.. too emotional le bahx, i guess.. i scared i kena sabo by nat to sit on the swings.. i scared!!! haix.. wait till tat dae come, den see lorx.. cant stay at the chalet though.. mai dou dou said we too young le.. haix.. i tink probably it's bcos gt gals and guys together bahx.. tink far far far.. u will noe why liaox.. kkx.. ending my post liaox.. buh-bye..

Saturday, November 26, 2005

i haven been posting le.. kinda weird.. yest went out cos cous came mahx.. den nvr come online lorx.. gt miss me anot? hahx.. my cous said i becoming more 'girly' liaox.. another i said before lahx, sae i more feminine.. wahx.. like i so feminine lidat.. duno wad makes them tink so lorx.. where gt? ask urself.. oh pls.. i wana die.. i dun wana be seen like a WEAK person.. mani said tat girls are usually weaker.. HAHA.. as if tat's the truth.. ppl are alwys looking down on gals, come on, are we really tat USELESS? nahx..

anyway, i've gt a new skool bag and oso new clothes.. YAY!! hahx.. so happi.. hmm.. maybe my cous sae i becoming more feminine is bcos i act like a small kid??????? mus chge tat.. if ont, ltr nxt time they sae i act cute.. cham.. so sianx.. tis daes oso nth to do.. dun feel like doing hw too.. so mani.. jus did english todae.. see, me so guai.. BHB.. actually i oso duno why i posting so much crap todae.. so mani things had happened tis few daes, and i have no idea wad to type!! anyway, to all ppl, pls dun SABO me anymore.. even if u din do anything, jus get tis in mind.. haix.. been sabo by nat lorx, sae i scared of cats, den 'cher gona dare me carry cat le.. den my bro oso.. wana buy thing fer himself, go tell my mum i wan, make me get scolded by her.. i am sure going crazy le.. haix.. sure hope things worked out well in the end..

Thursday, November 24, 2005

kkx.. i am finally persuaded by nat to go todae.. watched 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', she wana treat me watch the movie lorx.. lorx.. anything lahx.. actually, i not really interested in watching, but nat was like so DESPERATE fer me to go lorx.. lata if i nvr go, she go sae i bully her.. den i DIE arhx.. hahx.. no lahx, she not so cunning de lahx.. i good lorx, <--NAT,PLS READ TIS HORX.. pls noe tat i very good le.. accompanied u and yili to go watch horx.. den i treated fer the popcorn lorx.. the show okae lahx, jus tat so long, i sat until i so my legs were like numb liaox.. i cried wen some guy died lorx.. the tears jus came.. he's so shuai lorx, den still died, such a pity.. finally aft two hrs sth, i can get out of the place.. i was so cold lorx.. den nat and yili was like trying to get warmth frm me lorx.. ltr ppl tot i les arhx.. *BISH*

did normal things lorx.. aft the movie.. went to buy clothes cos tink i gt very little.. gt myself a shorts and nat gt a shirt.. actually i wana buy more de, budden i wana save money mahx, so nvr buy lorx.. nvm, nxt time go out ask my mum buy fer me.. yeah.. hahx.. saw li ying's sista thr with her fren but she duno us.. haix.. den went to 'More Than Words' cos nat wana buy sth fer her sis.. she was like finding cute things lorx.. in the end, i found a ruler and an eraser fer her sis.. i sure hoped her sis like it, if not ltr kena killed by nat.. wait, i go ask nat how her sis tink of the things.. BRB..

i am back.. guess wad's her sis comments??! Okae lahx~ arghx.. me so sad.. *sniff* wana cry.. nvm.. mus be 'strong'.. haix.. i duno wad to type le.. cham.. mus make tis post 'interesting'.. noe why, cos someone horx, tat someone went to sae tat my blog posts very 'interesting' lehx, cannot DISAPPOINT him.. hahx.. hmm.. lemme tink first..

kkx.. aft, we went to The Bluez cos yili wana buy necklace.. she bought a Libra sign de, cos she Libra wad, duh~ den went to Ice Lemon Tee cos i wana buy badges.. got three nice ones.. last year, i bought three too, used fer 1 year liaox, needa chge if not very sianx de.. lolx.. yili was like looking around fer skirts lorx.. cos she said she gt very little skirt.. i envied her lorx.. gt alot of pants.. me lehx? gt dozen of skirts but oni a number of pants oni.. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C horx?!! haix.. gona buy lots and lots of pants nxt time i go out.. mus save alot alot of MONEY first.. planning to buy a converse jacket oso mahx.. haix..

we shopped shopped shopped until no shop to shop le.. except fer those adults de lorx.. and Kiddy Palace tis type lahx.. even if we see things we like inside, i dun tink gt our sizes lorx.. like duh.. i jealous lorx.. tis daes, little children de clothes nicer than we teens de lorx.. how i wish i was younger.. ~those were the days~ hahx.. anyway, my cousin said tat i becoming more and more feminine le.. cham le!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

yest my cousins went out but i din go.. cos they all wana watch 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'.. i was invited by them but i wasnt exactly a fan of his so i turned down the invitation instead.. i rather stay at hme and use the com.. which is wad i jus did.. quite bored lahx, if u wana noe the truth.. ltr in the nite, they all came back with shimin to our hse, den we sorta chatted lorx.. all of us has grown up le, becoming more mature liaox, so it wuld be odd if u see us playing hide-and-seek ritex? talked abt skool and teased a cous of mine.. i was the one who started it first.. naughty gal.. hahx.. noe how the teasing start? it was like tis..

tat time, we went to the beach mahx, den she said she wana be back hme before 7 cos she wana watch the channel u 7 o'clock show.. she said it's very interesting.. den i went to sae she cant miss it cos thr's her Dang-ou (a character inside) too bad she too tanned le, cant see whether she blushing anot.. haix.. den tis wed last episode le mahx, so i said to her yest she MUST watch it if not she cant see her DEAR Dang-ou anymore.. hahx.. aft talking, three of my cous began playing dai dee while the one kena BADLY teased by me de took a foto of herself using the other cous's fone.. not she ego huh, is jus tat my cous wana save her foto on the caller id de ting mahx.. i was oso asked to take a foto of myself but i found it odd cos it's like so 'zi lian' lidat.. so in the end, my cous took it fer me.. den we took alot of fotos with each other.. one of them kept laughing so we had to wait so long to get a foto taken.. haix.. i am the most 'guai' de.. nvr anyhow move or laugh.. heh heh.. they all left abt 8 sth lidat.. *BISH* so early lorx.. nvm..

Sunday, November 20, 2005

if u have been blog-hopping and reading ppl's taggie, u will notice tat a person called 'Dun Tell U' exists.. he's a 'cher in KSS if i'm not rong.. been to my blog and tagged before.. tagged CRAP.. *NO OFFENCE* he's still not revealing his real identity lorx.. punch him.. *BISH* our klas mentor, Mr Teo aka Mai Dou Dou tagged tat on the dae of the bbq which is 2 dec, we. as a whole klas, has to shoout 'Dun Tell U' so he can 'come out' and reveal his identity.. diao lorx.. wen i first found this out frm nat, i was like, hello, are we suppose to call 'names' and summon a spirit? hey........ hey........ may.. maybe, 'Dun Tell U' is...... is...... is a GHOST!! ARGHX.. *spooky*

oops! letting my imagination run wild agen.. alwys imagining things.. budden if i imagine things alot, tat means i am kinda creative, oh, i am CREATIVE? oh wow, oh great, I AM C-R-E-A-T-I-V-E!!!!! woo hoo..

... <- tis mus be the response frm you at tis moment reading tis post.. jus now, i am known as lame and crazy shufen.. now i am SERIOUS shufen.. close this window immediately aft reading tis cos aft 10 secs, there will be a bomb going off.. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!!
oh, wad a blast!
btw, jus now that gal is lame and crazy shufen imposting as the SERIOUS shufen.. tis is the REAL SERIOUS shufen.. confused now?! hahx.. can oni sae sry.. buh-bye..

Friday, November 18, 2005

went out with nat yest agen.. we so DESPERATE lorx.. at hme nth to do de.. we planned to go to Westmall.. met at the bus-stop downstairs and nat had to jay-walk cos ppl were constructing at the traffic light there.. mins ltr, the bus arrived.. we saw 4 regents de students, galx, in it and one of them was behaving like a les lorx.. *NO OFFENCE* she was lying on another gal's shoulder and was like rumaging her hair with her hand like a model.. like hello? isnt she sorta feeling embarrassed over it? nahx..

reached lot 1 and ant and i were like uncertain of where to go.. so we went to SEIYU first cos nat need to help her mum exchange a pair of shorts.. we were supposed to find a person called 'Sunny' but were told that 'Sunny' hasnt arrived yet.. told to come agen ltr.. sigh.. we went to the library first to borrow books.. act 'guai'.. hahx.. went to Popular to buy sec 2 assessment.. so hardworking.. i bought a maths de and nat bought the same and oso an english de.. i din buy english de cos the previous time, i've got myself one le.. aft tat, we went to take neox if i am not wrong.. short term memory, cant help it.. we were like fighting over which neo to choose lorx.. den in the end when we were supposed to choose 6, we've got oni 5.. no time to choose le.. haix.. we took our time decorating cos no time limit.. finally, aft we were pleased with the decoration, the neox were developed.. like duh.. lolx.. we went to have lunch.. nat treated me cos she owe me one.. heex.. nat was like so siao agen.. *NO OFFENCE* she did crazy stuff.. i asked her why and her answer was that she felt high.. mus have taken estascy.. hahx.. i was like so clumsy lorx.. nearly dropped my fork, spilled my coke and nat cursed me.. said that my burger will drop ltr.. in the end, my burger din drop but the filling dropped put instead.. haix.. finally finished lunch le and i was like so full.. nat din finish her fries lorx..

saw yuling and fren while we were heading to the MRT station to go to westmall.. went to the M1 shop first cos nat need to do sth to her pre-paid card.. we waited fer quite a while and were finally 'attended' to.. in the end, nat was said to be under-aged cos oni 15 and above considered of age.. she still had to ask her parents to come lorx.. FREAKO lahx.. so diaox lorx.. went to the arcade ltr.. had a shooting game first and nat was 'dead' first.. cos she kept shooting while i kept hiding.. heex.. den ltr we had racing.. nat's 'car' wasnt working and she said tat it oni travelled at 57km/hr.. i gt first in the end, duh.. played some more den aft tat shopped a while.. so bored lorx.. can DIE.. decided to go back to Lot 1.. went to find tat 'Sunny' person and it turned out tat sunny is a guy!! surprise, surprise!! i was trying to control my laughter lorx.. so funny, but no offence lahx.. went to arcade ltr, jus to see ppl enjoy themselves.. there was a guy dancing para-para and he looked so funny.. but he's a pro man.. shiok lorx.. jaws dropped liaox arhx.. left arcade to go Sweetalk cos thirsty.. bought strawberry milktea while nat gt green apple de.. sat at Food Junction to consume them.. nat took out her library book to read while i looked at our neox.. quite nice lahx, tis time.. *BISH* becoming more and more bhb le.. Cham..

aft tat, we bagen talking, not crap tis time.. talked abt how unfair our mums are, alwys asking us to give in to our younger siblings, how they nagged at us fer our good, blah de.. found out tat both our mums said similar things.. nat said tat if our mums, were to meet and talk, sure gt alot to talk abt de.. yah lorx.. hmm.. anyway, 'tian xia de ma ma dou shi yi yang de', translated in english, 'all mothers in the world are the same'.. haix.. we took the bus hme.. THE END..

Thursday, November 17, 2005

woahx.. finally completed folding all the starx yest night.. *CLAP CLAP* hahx.. so happy.. there were 280 starx lorx.. felt as though i accomplished sth big.. my brother helped me in making a few though.. shimin taught me how to make starx out of straws yest too.. mine wasnt tat perfect but cant blame me.. first try wad.. i'll improve de.. altogether i've gt 377 starx counting last time de.. so happy.. =P anywae, i din typed 103 entries.. it's actually 119.. cos one time, i used a tatty teddy skin, i had to type in the template and i forgt to count them.. hehex.. btw, anybody who want me to link u can type ur URL at my taggie le cos i've enabled the posting of it.. thkx.. =)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

chged my skin le.. yeah.. hahx.. is the 12th skin le.. woo.. tis skin is kinda simple, quite plain but i took a liking to it the first time i saw it.. i din save it at first and i searched and searched and i found it le.. so happy, lolx..

been to nat's blog and found out how to check how many posts i have typed.. i've gt 103 counting my last time acc de.. yeah! dun even noe i posted so much lorx.. kkx.. gona stop talking so much *JUNK* le.. talk abt serious things.. hmm..

nat and i went to KSS to buy books and uni todae.. actually, we planned to leave our house at 8.30 but in the end, left at 8.45 cos the bookshop opened at 9.00 mahx.. haix.. today's weather so 'guai' lorx.. it was bright and sunny at first den slowly become so dark.. the sky has gt mood swings.. hahx.. while we were walking to skool, we saw Mr Yeo, Mr Seah and another teacher.. luckily we werent in skool uni.. heex.. there were nt many ppl in skool lorx.. jus students like us buying books.. nat was like so siao suddenly.. *NO OFFENCE* she saw a kid there and shook her finger at him saying 'NO, NO'.. diaox lorx.. we bought the books and were given a receipt cos two books were out of stock and we are to collect nxt year.. den i asked nat how much she paid cos we bought the same things.. mus check to make sure.. she paid $108.30 and yet i paid $104.40.. den we put our things aside and counted agen.. i brought my calculator along.. hehex.. count, count, count.. fer i-duno-how-many-times, i finally realised tat the person forgot to charge me $3.90 fer a History WB.. so i went back with the book to pay the money.. i so honest.. hahx.. the person checked agen, said thks and we took the books and went to buy PE shirts cos we need 4 of them fer camp nxt year.. my 'hse' was actually Kestrel which is yellow in colour de but i bought two Nighthawk's which is grey.. bleahx.. nat bought the same as me and oso a pair of PE shorts.. the person charged us $1 more lorx cos she counted wrongly.. den i went to tell her abt it and she realised her mistake.. so $1 less lorx.. =)

finally completed buying everything.. saw miss tang.. looked so kool wearing the shades.. saw simon and yu liang too.. went ot Mac fer breakfast.. den aft tat i bought two packets of star stripes so i can fold starx.. stay at hme everyday so sianx.. nat bought one packet and a Baby Pooh handphone accessory.. went to 7-eleven to buy Teenage magazine.. rain's on the cover so huai! mus buy.. arghx.. Teens not out yey budden.. sigh.. nvm.. walked hme with all the books and nat was like complaining how heavy the books are.. she looked as though she was dying.. true.. if she couldnt carry these, lest can she carry a 5kg sack of rice.. mus eat more huh, nat.. hahx..

Monday, November 14, 2005

k.. i duno why i am posting todae.. tot i wuld jus post abt my personal thoughts abt life.. up to u guys to read lorx..

so here i am, a gal who lived on earth fer 12 years le, 12 years may seem long to you but to me, it is quite short le.. to know and learn abt many, many things around the world, we need more than 12 years to accumulate all these knowledge.. i always wonder why ppl die? etc.. there are always many questions 'swimming' in my head.. i need to know the answers, whether i should clear my doubts and whom i shall ask.. sometimes i wonder what ppl are thinking about, how they feel and everything.. all these we will never know.. they are like mysteries, never to be solved.. life is unfair.. sometimes, you see one with something you always wanted but can never have, you will be thinking.. why cant i have that? UNFAIR.. although some ppl say that money can buy happiness, i do not think so.. say like in some poorer countries, the ppl there might not be rich but they are already contented with what they have.. they are happy.. money isnt 'important' to them.. some of you might think that all the things that happened are because of fate and thus make life meaningless, no.. think again.. yes, some things that happened could be because of fate but you can control your life.. take the correct path and you'll never be wrong.. you will never think life is meaningless anymore.. i was once depressed but i never thought of dying.. i cried everyday, sometimes fer no reason.. i couldnt explain why.. everything seems so 'DARK' to me.. i've never mentioned this to many ppl cos i dun wan ppl to worry much fer me.. i dun like seeing ppl sad.. anyway, like i've mentioned earlier, i've never tot of dying cos i tink life's very meaningful.. i still wana learn abt the many wonders out there.. you CAN control your life.. live life the way you want it and stay happy always..

k.. i have finished posting.. feel free to give your comments at my tag-board.. thkx..

Saturday, November 12, 2005

attended a STOOPID prize-giving ceremony todae in Kranji Primary tis morning.. My bro gt first in klas wad.. din noe why it has to be in the morning lorx.. i had to attend with my grandfather as both of my parents are working.. *Yawn*.. so tired lorx.. wake up at 8 plus specially fer todae wen normally i wuld slp till near 10 de.. last time de prize-giving all in the evening de, tis year so early.. haix..

i met with nat, she went too cos her sista gt 'Best in Conduct' in her klas, and together with my grandfather, we headed to the school.. below is the ceremony's schedule..

9.45: To be seated
10 am : Arrival of Guest-of-Honour
Mdm Lee Wee Lin Maureen
Kranji Secondary School
Handbell Ensembles - German Folk Tale
- Bring A Torch, Jeanette, Isabella
Harmonica - When The Saint Goes Marching In
- Red River Valley
Choir - Sing
Guitar Club - Child
- La Bamba
Prize Presentation - P1 to P4
Malay Dance - Terendak Kasih
Chinese Dance - Dance of Peace
Indian Dance - Jumbo Mumbo
Prize Presentation - P5 to P6
Dikir Barat - Bunga Sayang
Grand Finale
12.30pm : Lunch Reception
had to listen to both the KSS and KPS principals long speeches lorx.. haix.. Zzz.. den the handbells members had their performance.. quite nice lahx, but their uniforms sux lorx.. blue colour dresses fer gals, yellow top and blue shorts fer guys.. ugh.. every year keep chging de.. as fer the harmonica, they played the same old pieces every year and the uniform still remain the same, PURPLE in colour.. choir lehx.. erm.. realised tat there were less ppl le.. maybe they quit bahx.. instructor oso chged le.. nt really tat gd lorx.. sang a song on 'Glorious Food' but they din sing in harmony and were alwys out of tune.. ~Zou Yin~ so disappointing, last year's batch was better.. finally the prize presentation fer P1 to P4.. all the P1 so cute lorx.. chubby de.. arghx.. i wana hug them.. goiing gaga le.. helped nat take fotos of her sis cos she din wana stand up.. scared she blk other ppl.. me gd ger.. lolx.. prob is tat her digital cam cant zoom in so her sis couldnt be seen clearly in the fotos taken.. saw my bro take his prize le.. den blah.. presentation fer P1 - P4 finish.. den the guitar club performed.. the members jus kept strumming the same tune while a guy, i tink their instructor bahx, sang 'Child'.. it was an old song.. den he sang another song fast rhythm de.. i was like wen is all tis gona end.. den ltr there was the malay dance.. malay dancers din coordinate well and the actions were not done together.. chinese de nt bad, but those thing they hold in their hands look like wreaths to me.. (touch wood) true lorx.. indian de okay lahx.. there were mani P1 dressed in i-duno-wad costumes dancing here and there.. halfwae during the presentation fer P5 and P6, we left fer hme..

Friday, November 11, 2005

finally, FINALLY.. i went out with my buddies yest.. din have to convince my mum to lemme go like i wad i said in my previous post.. exaggerate, hahx.. i went downstairs with a FAT bag and a plastic full of library bks looking like an idiot lorx.. still had to wait fer Nat so tat we can take the bus together.. ppl were staring at me lorx.. *bish* nat arrived.. ooh.. gd.. hahx.. we waited fer a while wen a bus finally arrived.. had to ask Nat to help me scan my card lorx, oso to explain to the bus-driver in case he tot i wana hitch a free ride.. gt off the bus wen we reached Lot 1.. i was like in a rush to go to the library.. *vroom vroom* hahx.. had to return the books wad.. i was so relieved to 'get rid' of the books lorx.. so heavy.. my mum made me bring de cos she said it's 'SHUN BIAN' lahx.. wadeva lahx, return le anyway.. heex..

Nat and i den took the escalator down to the first storey.. we were heading to the direction where Northvale is cos tat's where we guys were supposed to meet wen a fat indian lady, oops, i mean fat indian man approached us.. we were so startled to see him.. he looked as though he appeared out of nowhere, tat's why.. he requested fer our names and even held out his hand fer us to shake.. i was so hestitant to shake his hand lorx.. he's a man, and i'm a ger, mind you.. while shaking his hand, my brain was like thinking wad i should have said jus now.. Eg: " Er.. i'm sorry, but i'm left-handed.. " OR how abt " My mum says i cant talk strangers or touch them.. " haix.. regrets now lahx.. arghx.. he appeared to have a glib tongue, said loads of CRAP which i dun tink u guys wanted to know abt.. and oso, he sounded like a machine gun firing out words so fast.. aiyah, his main purpose was to get a $10 donation frm us.. i was like 'hello, do i look rich to you? get someone else to help u instead..' it was all silence until Nat broke it by saying tat we were supposed to meet our frenx and we WILL donate together ltr.. he din look at all convinced at first but in the end he 'LET US GO'.. guess he din wana look like a big bad wolf trying to eat us up.. hahx.. both of us were like heaving sighs of relief wen we finally 'BROKE FREE'.. the man quite WILD though.. hehex..

Nat and i were the first there cos it was still early.. we waited fer quite a long while and i felt tat Nat and i were like two lost kids stranded or left there by our heartless parents.. *sniff* finally, raine arrived.. she walked down the path like a MODEL lorx.. looked so COOL.. *FLASH* Camera's sounds.. hahx.. she had to jay-walk but took such a long time cos she was waiting fer a bus which was still miles away and she could get across if she dun wait lorx.. haix.. up to her lahx.. den nicole and elena arrived.. woahx.. nicole looked so hip and SEXY with a short top, mini-skirt and high-cut shoes.. chio bu wad.. so all of us stood there waiting fer afiqah to 'emerge'.. we decided to walk to the MRT station there to wait.. Nat and i were like looking around jus in case the indian man suddenly appeared again.. he was somewhere else bahx, i guess.. cos we din see him..

all four of us were waiting in a corner lorx, while raine was like moving here and there and sometimes facing a particular old man.. as we were waiting, we were busy cracking jokes abt raine and the old man, as the old man once stood up looking in raine's direction and was clearly striking a pose.. hahx.. we were so LAME and RUDE.. we den decided to leave raine and the old man 'ALONE' and visited 'WORLD OF JJ'.. enjoyed the air-con cos it was damned hot outside.. saw a guy tat looked a lot like ming shin oni tat the guy's shorter.. hahx.. elena said ming shin more handsome though.. heex.. we were like exploring the whole store until we decided we enjoyed enough and went out.. we din see raine anywhere wen we stepped outside.. calls were made and afiqah and raine finally managed to find us..

while all six of us were heading towards Lot 1, Nat and i saw the indian man again.. he was busy talking to the other 'victims he caught' and din see us.. phew, but the moment Nat and i saw him, we were like 'you look at me, i look at you, 1, 2, 3, run!' and of course Nat and i were the first to reach Lot 1.. the four were still like parading towards the mall.. wadeva lahx.. we can wait..

the first thing we did was to go to the arcade to view it first.. so called.. it was damned noisy lorx, duh.. Nat and i were not sure whether we should play with the rest in the arcade or go watch the movie 'Sky High' instead.. we chose the movie.. den we tot we had everything settled.. but we still had to decide where to settil our lunch.. we were like a bunch of stranded kids standing outside AJISEN arguing over wad to eat and who had to give the suggestion.. Nat and i were like pekchek le.. i was rolling my eyes here and there.. and guess who we saw wen we were arguing? alice, wan xin and yuit ping.. hope i din get the spelling rong.. alice's skirt was SO short and all of our eyes were bulging le.. nicole was like 'OH.. LOOK AT HER SKIRT!' tat did it.. everyone was looking at her.. arghx.. i wun be caught dead wearing a skirt tat short.. ugh.. anywae, afiqah settled our problem by saying 'LET'S EAT AT LET'S EAT!' DONE.. hmm.. someone could have suggested tis in the first place right.. nvm.. all of us den headed down to the restaurant and we saw Kenneth entering Food Culture with hsi frenx.. raine and i-duno-who were shouting like siaox, and raine appeared to be waving her arms frantically as if she wanted Kenneth to notice her.. no offence though.. yeah.. we gt a place in Let's Eat and the number of seats were jus right fer us.. at first, raine din seem happy with our sitting arrangement and had oso tried to get us sit in a table fer 10.. oh please..

once we were all sitted, we were busy looking thru the menu.. we were den 'fighting' over the student's menu.. Nat and i got the menu last but we gt to order first.. nehx nehx.. too bad we cant choose the dessert.. haix.. *sniff* so sad.. all of us were talking abt skool stuff while waiting fer our food.. we saw yen teng with her netballs pals.. guess they mus have jus ended their practices bahx.. the foof finally arrived and all of us were eating so slowly cos we kept talking at the same time.. no TABLE MANNERS.. hahx.. our desserts arrived later and it was some kind of 'kueh'.. i din touch it cos i hate the look of it and oso the expressions on raine and afiqah's faces sure weird aft their first bite on it.. ugh.. den while waiting fer them to finish their desserts, nicole and elena cracked dirty jokes and we were all laughing like siaox.. we seemed to be the loudest in the restaurants.. heex.. bad galx.. bleahx..

the bill came ltr and a service charge of $1.50 was to be given.. in the end, Nat gave cos she had no small chge.. the waitress did not seem to understand wad we were talking abt and so i took Nat's $50 note and waved it in front of her and told her we wanted to pay our bill.. i guessed she finally ubderstood wad i was trying to tell her and she pointed to the cashier counter meaning we had to settle the bill there.. after tat, if i'm not rong, we went to take neox.. or was it we took neox first den eat? aiyah.. nvm.. it was quite difficult fer the six of us to squeeze in a neo.. one time, i had to stand on one leg and nearly lost my balance.. screams were heard.. haix.. we were all so noisy.. but quite nice lahx, the neox we took.. din show them to u guys.. bleahx.. oni one of the pen was kinda spoilt and it couldnt be used correctly.. elena's hair was covered in one of the neox lorx.. i had to draw in her hair lorx, with yellow INK and raine went to put a heart with the werd LOVE inside on her forehead.. lame ritex?

den, aft tat, we went to the arcade.. cos Nat and i dun wana watch the movie liaox.. each of us contributed $5 to raine's TAPZ card so we could play.. first we had a round of games and i paired with Raine, Nat with Nicole, and Elena with Afiqah.. our GREEN button wasnt working lorx, so we lost in the end.. and if i'm not rong, afiqah and elena were the winners.. Nat and i had two rounds of a shooting game ltr and raine and i had a racing one.. i was the one leading until the last part.. *bish* den while elena and afiqah danced the para-para, nicole, raine, nat and i were wasting money by spending them to get plushies.. no use de, but quite fun lahx..

while raine and nicole were still playing, nat and i went to take neox agen.. i kept all the neos first cos there wasnt any scissors or cutter fer us to cut the neox lorx.. we couldnt possibly go to 'Pretty in Pink' cos the uncle might scold us.. haix.. aft tat, Nat and i went to look fer the rest of dem.. all of them were holding a similar toy cat plushie they gt frm the machine.. they had requested fer the chge of positions of the plushies.. the last two plushies they've gt were two cute pups and Nat and i gt one fer FREE.. woo hoo.. not a single cent spent.. i'm so CHILDISH.. *bish* hahx.. all of us were like 'playing' with the plushies while we headed fer SWEETALK.. all of us gt drinks and we decided to go to Northvale and chat.. we talked abt skool stuff, latest gossip and blah.. wasted half an hour into asking elena or u could sae pleading to let us go her hse to 'play'.. she said tat if we could ask raine to go to the public study room, and by using the reason tat she was returning some chairs, showed her kitty plushie to anybody and asked whether it was cute, we could den go to her hse.. as expected, raine din wan to do it.. afiqah helped her do it in the end.. so brave, three cheers fer her.. hahx..

we locked ourselves in her study ltr wen we reached her hse.. we played 'SmartMouth'.. a game where u are given two letters eg. S, L.. and u have to form a word of at least five letters starting with S and ending with L like eg . STEAL.. quite fun lahx.. it gt us laughing bcos there was a time where we've gt B and another B and raine tot of BOOB.. hahx.. dirty-minded us.. whoosh.. played PICTIONARY ltr.. i paired up with afiqah, nat with elena and nicole with raine.. all of our drawings were so hilarious lorx.. den we decided to head to the playground downstairs to play 'ICE and WATER'.. tat was wad we did in the old daes.. kinda miss it.. oni played fer 5 min and all of us were panting like siaox le.. OLD le mahx.. hahx.. left fer hme and Nat, Raine and i gt on the same bus.. it was drizzling but all of us were wet and sticky with sweat,, reached hme at abt six plus.. =)

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

haix.. so stupid lorx.. i tot i was getting beta but i was rong! well, one gd ting is tat my fever's gone (fer good i SURE hope ) but i developed a STOOPID cough instead.. been coughing like siaox, fer like sae, abt the last 5 min.. and my sore throat still hasnt gone yet.. why cant it jus disappear? now i jus hope i will be beta by tml cos i will be going out with my bez buddies.. i dun wana miss going out with dem.. hmm,, will have to find a wae to convince my mum to let me go.. sigh.. =(

Monday, November 7, 2005

kkx.. i am gonna type abt going to pasir ris park todae.. been dragging abt it fer so long.. went to there quite fun lorx.. ate lunch with my cousins at White Sands shopping mall.. had laksa and ice lemon tea.. jus love the wae the drink taste, it reminds me of the OLD daes.. mm.. i'm not really tat old.. hahax.. first we rented bikes, i was the first.. leading my cousins.. my feet were 'hanging' in the mid air cos they hurt.. haix.. my hands too.. all red and sore frm the rough handlebars of the bike.. rode all the wae to Escape and guess who i saw?! my gor, Krez.. hmm.. to tink i would meet him here.. saw aloha loyang chalet btw.. quite shiok lahx.. big but colour too dull le.. i was riding past it and admiring the 'WONDERFUL' view there tinking wad resort was tat.. finally saw a sign there indicating 'Aloha Loyang'.. i was like tinking it was so great tat mr teo booked there but was being told by nat tat it was haunted.. scary..

after riding the bike fer 1hr, all of us were overcome with fatigue.. beads of perspiration dropped down frm our foreheads.. ( starting to write compo le.. hahx.. ) we bought ourselves ice-blended drinks and i gt myself lychee flavour de.. quite nice lahx.. budden i gt brain-freezed after the first sip.. felt so horrible den, four of my cousins went to play the swings while i played badminton with the remaining one.. she kept hitting the shuttlecock to the side and i alwys failed to hit it back.. i realised tat my skills have worsened.. so sad.. lolx.. maybe bcos i becoming old le.. excuse.. excuse.. hahax.. den played the swings lorx.. quite lame and childish i noe.. bleahx.. i was screaming like siao lorx.. cos it became faster and faster.. i even asked my cousins to slow it down fer me lorx.. i am jus so afraid of the swing swinging so fast.. ( OOPS.. let u guys noe my weakness le.. cham.. lata if play Truth or Dare, den dare me play swing how?! mus delete away but i lazy.. ) P.S : all the bracketed ones are CRAP, dun have to waste ur precious time reading..

read le den too bad lorx.. bleahx.. now, back to where i was.. after swinging, we went to sit somewhere in a playground to talk.. talk wad? CRAP.. cant help it.. hahax.. ltr, we went to play i-duno-wad's-the-name.. den i hurt my toe lorx causing a blood clot to form.. till now, it still hasnt disappear.. pain.. went to the Mao Che aka toilet to wash ourselves.. den my cousin's mum nearly entered the Gents! before tat, she hadgone there herself and she entered the Gents lorx.. said tat she din noe and no one was inside.. we all had a good laugh although it was quite rude.. den while i was busy cleaning up, my cousins went to scare me lorx.. told me there was a dog outside.. i was screaming fer my aunt like siao.. so bad.. there was NO DOG actually.. hmpf.. bully me..

after tat we went to have dinner and the sauses got onto my clothes and pants.. sigh.. waited while the adults went to buy i-duno-wad.. we were all standing like a brick wall, waiting wen a toddler was like running around us lorx.. he even talked to us but i've gt no idea wad wad he blabbering abt.. *bish* he seemed to fancy one of my cousins lorx, follow ger like siao.. i got so scared tat i was the forst to run away.. went hme ltr.. my legs were like so numb le, sitting on the bus fer so long.. hahax..

Saturday, November 5, 2005

haix.. sick lorx.. gt flu.. inclusive of symtoms like fever, cough, running nose, sore throat and headache.. dun wana type about Pasir Ris Park trip todae cos too much to type, and i too tired liaox..

been sick since yest aft the trip to PRP.. actually it was jus a slight fever of 37.55 degree celsius den i slept feeling cold over.. i used two blankets lorx.. the feeling was so horrible.. cant describe it.. den at abt 4 am, my temperature dropped to normal le.. i kicked the blankets away cos so hot.. hahax.. wen i woke up in the morning, i felt cold all over.. i touched my forehead and it was like burning.. my temperature was 38.09.. went to see a doctor.. prescribed me five types of medicine.. temperature measured in the clinic was 39.. below are my list of temperatures aft tat till the aftnoon..
i am actually getting better.. yeah.. my bro said tat it's probably bcos my immune system is stronger.. tyty.. hahax..

Thursday, November 3, 2005

whoa.. one dae nv post liaox.. feeling kinda weird lorx.. went out yest so nv post.. gt myself a necklace and my bro gt a stuff dog.. nt tat i care.. had a weird encounter yest.. sorta.. i helped my bro buy a Flavor Burst cos i wana earn pts.. the person-in-charge shuld be new de bahx.. he's so slow.. den i gt the Flavor Burst and forgot to pay.. the person was attending to another customer le lorx.. i bet if i din give him, he wun even noe.. but i mus have INTEGRITY.. i paid him.. hahax.. den i went to buy fries cos hungry le.. wen i wana scan my card, there was an error so i had to scan agen.. wen i was abt to scan the second time, the person snatched my card awae and was trying to scan fer me lorx.. i was like... i tried to take the card back but she pushed my hand awae.. like hello? tis is my card, madam, not yours.. den wen the scanning was done, finally, she gave me back.. wad the lorx..

so bored todae.. actually supposed to go out with cous de, but one couldnt make it so chge to nxt thurs lorx.. haix.. anyway, tml's gonna be so GREAT cos a big bunch of us will be going to Pasir Ris Park.. woo hoo.. i jus cant wait.. too bad my bro cant go cos he've gt a fever.. neh nehx.. hahx.. bad sista.. bleahx.. =p