Saturday, December 29, 2012

#584 - Updates on my Wisdom Teeth Surgery/Removing of stitches

Blogger is still giving me problems uploading photos to blog directly so I had to go the extra mile to upload the photos directly to Picasa web albums and then select them from there to upload here.

But anyway, photos are up and I can continue my story! :)

First meal of the day was at night when I woke up from my long nap.

 Very very 清淡 but I love kwayteow so it's still (Y)!

Really couldn't open my mouth wide at all, so basically I am slurping them slowly. Could only afford a few mouthfuls of each.

Oh and the nurse told me I could eat anything as long as it's soft, not hot and spicy.
And I could eat ice-cream and yogurt!

So I had rock melon icecream right after the kwayteow and meesua, HEHE. :D

2 days later, the right side of my face started swelling up a little, till my dimple completely disappeared.
Thought it would balloon like what I see from most people who had wisdom teeth surgery but I was wrong.
Guess I was lucky uhh? :X
So I was half a puffer fish and seriously I thought I looked as though I am trying to act cute or something. :/

Oh and please don't laugh at me, but I once had this crazy thought that since my swelling is gonna last a few days, my dimple might just be used to the expansion and then disappear completely when the swelling resides.
HAHA crazy thought lahh, but as of now I am typing this, my swelling has kind of resided and the dimple is prominent again. YAY. :)

LMZ and bro contributed to this lunch of mine when I went back to school the other day!
Broccoli, carrots and egg.
Wanted to go healthy plus I can only consume soft food so yeahhh.
But it's nice okayy! :)
Took me like an hour or so to finish this because I could only bite with the left side (only 1 wisdom tooth extracted from that side)!

And I couldn't really laugh out loud much because of the stitches and it was really a torture watching the rest play Wii!! Can only laugh 敷衍ish-ly and they all laughed at my 敷衍ish laugh. :(
Watching RM was also horrible, laughed too loudly and I'd go AHH or OUCH later.

Another crazy but kind of logical thought I had was that I was afraid one side of my face will be larger than the other when the swelling thoroughly resides.
Because all these while, I have been chewing with only the left side of my teeth and the right was totally neglected. It might cause some imbalance in the size of my facial muscles???
HAHA I don't know why, but I worry lahh, but so far it seems okay although my right cheek seems to be slightly more erm... pinch-able?


And I just removed my stitches yesterday! The dentist said all the wounds are healing well!!
But she was quite unskilful (I feel) in removing my stitches. I swore she accidentally cut my gums when she snipped off the stitches. I felt a tiny ant bite kind of pain and then during the process, I could feel blood trickling down my throat and it was super salty. :(

No more stitches and I can finally smile widely again.
Looks a little weird to me though, guess I forget what it is like to be able to smile.... o.O

Thursday, December 27, 2012

#583 - Updates on my Wisdom Teeth Surgery

After many entries of my sinful indulgences, I have disappeared from the blogosphere.
Partly because my life ain't that happening already, as I had my surgery on the 19th this month.

Gonna type out whatever I remember about the surgery because it was my first time experiencing such a thing aka General Anaesthesia and hopefully *touches wood* my last time too!
A very wordy entry I must say.

On the day of the surgery:
I was nervous yet excited because I wanted to get those darn wisdom teeth and my canine out as soon as possible but I am quite scared of pain. :/

Was informed to come by NDC (National Dental Centre) at 10am. 

Had to change into this surgical outfit with this laoahpek shoes before that!

And I actually waited till 12pm before I walked into the surgery room.
Ya walked, not like those drama kind where they push you in on your hospital bed.

Then I was told to climb on the surgical bed which was a little too high for me HAHA.
Put to lie on this donut shaped pillow which I highly suspected is the cause of my aching neck which lasted a few days and then I was injected on the back of my left palm which bruised up and still hurts a little when I pressed it now.

Then one of the nurses made me breath in this super cooling gas called Nitrous Oxide aka Laughing Gas (I went to Google, all the while I thought it was Oxygen), it didn't make me laugh though, I coughed crazily instead. Then the doctor started pouring (?) some liquid into the hole she injected or something, and after a while, my vision started to blur (like those scenes in dramas of people who were about to faint) and I KO-ed.

Next thing I know, the nurse was shaking me gently to wake me up.
It felt super fast but my LMZ told me it took around 1 hour?
I had a good sleep and even dreamt of stuff which made me wake up tearing. -_-
The nurse wiped my tears and told me I was done.
My mouth was stuffed with thick gauzes and I couldn't talk much and my throat was freaking dry I requested water which was then dripped down into my mouth pathetically...

Shortly later, I was pushed to my ward (now is more drama-like HAHA) where I could rest before my 'senses' all woke up.
I couldn't even sleep at all lahh, like with the babies crying and nurses talking loudly.
I can only lie down and swallow saliva weirdly because of the gauze and I have no idea why up till then, tears were still slowly flowing out of my eyes. DOH.

So I sort of like lay there for probably 2 hours and then the nurse changed my gauzes (what a bloody mess, even my pillow case and blanket were stained with blood) fed me glucose water with meds and then I had to wait for the dentist/doctor to arrive and check if I am alright to go home.

The moment I reach home, slept straight away! (Y)

Shall continue this entry soon I guess, Google's Picasa is being a bitch and refused to let me upload any photos! :(

Saturday, December 22, 2012

#582 - Shopping / Food As Motivation #19 - The Marmalade Pantry

Shopping at town plus F.A.M. Trip at The Marmalade Pantry! :)
My last day of enjoyment before my surgery!

 There's currently this 1-for-1 promotion now every Monday from 6pm - 11pm so it's much more worth it!
If not, I wouldn't want to come here because the mains are like SGD24 each! :O

Queue's really long though, so better drop by early!
We waited for nearly an hour!!

Spaghetti Carbonara (SGD24)
Look at the poached egg!! *.*
Yummy dish, salty/creamy enough for my liking! (Y)

 Crabmeat Linguini (SGD24)
This dish was highly raved, but it was such a disappointment.
There's this weird taste I really can't describe.
They were generous with the crab's meat though!

And since we are here, we have to try the highly raved desserts too! :)

 Red Velvet (SGD4.50)
Moist enough, preferred it with more cream cheese and none of the shredded coconut bits though!

 Sticky Date and Toffee Pudding (SGD14)
A little steep but this was DOPE!
The warm pudding with vanilla icecream. PERFECT!!! :D

Bill came up to an exact amount of SGD50.

Details if you're interested (click the name for link)
2 Orchard Turn
ION Orchard #03-22 
Singapore 238801
Tel 67342700

Girls do what they do best in the toilet...
Other than touching up of makeup, adjusting their clothes or arranging their hair...

Took loads of photos wanting to make gifs out of them, but they were too unglam.
Selected a special few out of them though! ;)

HAHAHA we are both crazy!
And I don't know how my eyes can look to the left and up at the same time omg I am a freak. D:

Some normal looking photos to redeem ourselves!
Yes I is demuregurl92 in my long skirt that day! :D

Ended the day happily with some loots and a contented stomach!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

#581 - Out with the girls

Went out with these girls last Friday! :)

Met with Zann to have lunch first!
Hot Tomato!
Known for their cheap steak, for as low as $9.50 nett for a huge piece of steak with spaghetti and drink!

We had loads loads of fun at E2Max playing Dance Central, 这里扭扭, 那里扭扭!
Shake shake dance dance so fun, very good workout!
Until next day, I got kinda bedridden, couldn't really walk, had to drag my feet and spammed salonpas.

Took videos too but too *coughs* sexy *coughs* to upload here hahahaha.

Dinner at Seoul Garden HotPot, we had student meals!
Okayy only!

Don't ever order the Seafood Pancake (above) man.
Costs us SGD6.90 without including GST and the only seafood I tasted was like 1cm sized prawn.
Super floury too! (N)

Went to Wheelock Place to get stuff!
And we saw pretty pretty lights!! :D
Starstruck. *.*

And then we stopped outside Ion to take photos!

Shu Lian got a new instax from Qoo10's lucky draw so it was put to good use!

Well sorta lahh, since I only uploaded the successful shots!

Tried dozens of shoes at New Look before we took the train home!
Happy day spent! :)