Saturday, December 29, 2012

#584 - Updates on my Wisdom Teeth Surgery/Removing of stitches

Blogger is still giving me problems uploading photos to blog directly so I had to go the extra mile to upload the photos directly to Picasa web albums and then select them from there to upload here.

But anyway, photos are up and I can continue my story! :)

First meal of the day was at night when I woke up from my long nap.

 Very very 清淡 but I love kwayteow so it's still (Y)!

Really couldn't open my mouth wide at all, so basically I am slurping them slowly. Could only afford a few mouthfuls of each.

Oh and the nurse told me I could eat anything as long as it's soft, not hot and spicy.
And I could eat ice-cream and yogurt!

So I had rock melon icecream right after the kwayteow and meesua, HEHE. :D

2 days later, the right side of my face started swelling up a little, till my dimple completely disappeared.
Thought it would balloon like what I see from most people who had wisdom teeth surgery but I was wrong.
Guess I was lucky uhh? :X
So I was half a puffer fish and seriously I thought I looked as though I am trying to act cute or something. :/

Oh and please don't laugh at me, but I once had this crazy thought that since my swelling is gonna last a few days, my dimple might just be used to the expansion and then disappear completely when the swelling resides.
HAHA crazy thought lahh, but as of now I am typing this, my swelling has kind of resided and the dimple is prominent again. YAY. :)

LMZ and bro contributed to this lunch of mine when I went back to school the other day!
Broccoli, carrots and egg.
Wanted to go healthy plus I can only consume soft food so yeahhh.
But it's nice okayy! :)
Took me like an hour or so to finish this because I could only bite with the left side (only 1 wisdom tooth extracted from that side)!

And I couldn't really laugh out loud much because of the stitches and it was really a torture watching the rest play Wii!! Can only laugh 敷衍ish-ly and they all laughed at my 敷衍ish laugh. :(
Watching RM was also horrible, laughed too loudly and I'd go AHH or OUCH later.

Another crazy but kind of logical thought I had was that I was afraid one side of my face will be larger than the other when the swelling thoroughly resides.
Because all these while, I have been chewing with only the left side of my teeth and the right was totally neglected. It might cause some imbalance in the size of my facial muscles???
HAHA I don't know why, but I worry lahh, but so far it seems okay although my right cheek seems to be slightly more erm... pinch-able?


And I just removed my stitches yesterday! The dentist said all the wounds are healing well!!
But she was quite unskilful (I feel) in removing my stitches. I swore she accidentally cut my gums when she snipped off the stitches. I felt a tiny ant bite kind of pain and then during the process, I could feel blood trickling down my throat and it was super salty. :(

No more stitches and I can finally smile widely again.
Looks a little weird to me though, guess I forget what it is like to be able to smile.... o.O

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